temperature of cooked meat

Know The Temperature of Cooked Meat And Some Health Risks

You are beside any restaurant and smelling very tasty flavor from the steam of cooking meat and those foods are being processed to make sure taste and flavor. These type of foods are taking a strong place around the world.  In the US, there are some popular foods processed with meat and people are massivelyRead More

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risk factor of artificially processed fruit juice for human body

Risk Factor of Artificially Processed Fruit Juice For Human Body

Fruits are always in the top list as important and so many vitamins and minerals providers for human health. Doctors and health expert also suggest to take fruits as much as possible as better treatment for all kinds of health complications. Fruit juice is one of the important drinks now for, older, young as wellRead More

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Non Organic Food Health Risks

Know Some Non Organic Food Health Risks & Facts

Now it is one of the most talked topics that what we are eating to take nutrition for our human body. Recent news and research have shown that most of the people are suffering from different complicated health problems due to harmful foods like non organic foods. According to World Health Organization, about 30,00,000 peopleRead More

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Health Risks of Eating Ice Cream

Know Why Ice Cream is Harmful & Health Risks of Eating Ice Cream

In hot summer season, everyone has a passion to eat ice cream to satisfy thirst. When one is consumed, there is need to consume one more. But the risk factor of eating ice cream does have for human health. Ice cream contains high fat, calories, sodium, sugar and dairy components which have adverse effect onRead More

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harmful foods for kidney

Avoid Some Harmful Foods For Kidney Disease & Save Your Life

Kidney is one of the important organ in the excretory system and there are some harmful foods for kidney which damage our kidney seriously. In the recent years, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is on the rise in the US and about 6, 70, 000 people suffer from kidney complication in this country. This is commonRead More

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Health risks of table salt

Know Some Harmful Effects & Health Risks of Table Salt

Table salt is one of the most important part in every meal for those who like to eat salty foods. Their meals may be incomplete due to lack of table salt or they may feel to have meals as so distasteful without table salt. Salt is needed for human body for good health but intakeRead More

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alcohol and dementia

Reduce Alcohol And Dementia to Live Better From Now.

Throughout the first 1,800 years, use of alcohol in daily life was common and alcoholic beverages were very popular. From the history and tradition, alcohol or alcoholic beverages are considered as joyous foods in The Christian tradition because moderate consumption of these alcoholic foods make life more joyous and enjoyable. Since then alcohol is soRead More

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Childhood Obesity

Some Tasty Foods For Children But Cause To Childhood Obesity Also

Childhood obesity is one of the serious public health concern in the 21st century. Childhood obesity may be whole life’s expenditure as it is a major contributor to more health complications like hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, fatty liver and psychosocial complications. Obesity: Obesity is characterized by an excess of body fat. Obesity is most oftenRead More

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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Here Are 16 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Time.

After the birth of a baby, it is often seen that the baby is not matured, has lots of birth defects or has critical health problems due to taking avoiding foods or be alive for some days and then die. According to WHO report about 3.3 million new born babies die in the first fourRead More

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high cholesterol

Avoid Some Foods That Generate High Cholesterol in The Human Body

Cholesterol, a waxy fat-like substance, is an essential element of the human body. There are two types of cholesterol- good and bad. HDL is the good kind and LDL is the bad kind of cholesterol, the first one helps the body to produce hormones, Vitamin D, and some elements helpful to digest food. The LiverRead More

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