what is vitamin c good for

What Is Vitamin C Good For ? And Best Vitamin C Supplement

What is vitamin C good for ? Vitamin C is one of the most influential and important vitamin for human health. Vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid and it is a vitamin found in the citrus foods. It is also named as powerful antioxidants that defend oxidative stress in the human health. If youRead More

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Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet

Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet Can Save Human Life and The Environment

Western diet is full of red meat or processed foods and you may also have craving to animal food. According to new research, you are recommended to avoid animal food (not entirely) to save the world. This may be ridiculous to you as how avoidance of food may save the world as well as environment.Read More

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adolescent growth and healthy diets for teens

A Healthy Diets For Teens Which Is Good For Adolescent Growth

Adolescence stage or teen of human life is so important for healthy growth and this healthy growth defines later health of human life like adult and older age. Nutrition in this stage makes adolescent boys and girls so strong and healthy for the rest of the life. They need to learn this nutrition and foodsRead More

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Soy Protein and Organic Protein Powder

Soy Protein And Organic Protein Powder Facts , Source & Health Benefits

Animal product is believed to be a great source of protein and part of this fact, we seek for meat, dairy product and many more. Most of the people don’t want to go with animal source due to many reasons like craving to veggie, allergic reaction and fat content and also seek soy supplement asRead More

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how to improve eyesight naturally with food

Know Some Ways On How To Improve Eyesight Naturally With Food

Human eye is an important organ that is used as lens to see the world and this eye may be damaged gradually if we are ignorant. According to NIH (National Institute of Health), Eye disease is one of the human burden that takes heavy economic loss like 139$ billion for vision complication or blindness. InRead More

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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Natural And Homemade Solution on How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Every human being expects beauty of their physical outlook and they want a slim and smart figure as a smart and beauty look can pave the way to success in the society easily. A big tummy compared to physical structure or belly fat is common and terminates beauty of our body. We try heart andRead More

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Foods That Help You Sleep

Natural Ways To Boost Your Sleep And Follow Foods That Help You Sleep

Sound sleep may be so expecting thing on bed for most of the people as they don’t get it in spite of moving from one side to another. Sound sleep is a significant medication for overall health according to different study and research. It ensures overall health and meets up all the requirement to workRead More

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Foods for hair growth

Learn Some Foods For Hair Growth May Be Your Natural Solution

Hair is very important human exposure through which human’s beauty is exposed. Most of the people crave for healthy and attractive hair to show off beauty to dear and near ones. But this can be your psychological breakdown when you face this problem like losing hair every day. Losing hair decreases the level of beautyRead More

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food for sexual health

7 Significant Food For Sexual Health For Both Men And Women.

If you want to add some extra feeling in sex emotionally and physically, you need to change on your diet plan. Yes, it is obviously going to benefit you to have a better sex in the bed as the foods recommended here have varied role in sexual health. Your overall health and satisfaction are totallyRead More

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diets for teenage girls

Most Supportive Diets For Teenage Girls To Live Happily And Beautifully.

Healthy food for healthy growth of human body is the most important matter to consider for longevity of life. The recent study has lots of reports of different kinds of disease like coronary heart disease, cancer, eating disorder, stroke and have long term health problem. Diets for teenage girls are healthy eating habits that contain iron supplement,Read More

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