Soy Protein And Organic Protein Powder Facts , Source & Health Benefits

Animal product is believed to be a great source of protein and part of this fact, we seek for meat, dairy product and many more. Most of the people don’t want to go with animal source due to many reasons like craving to veggie, allergic reaction and fat content and also seek soy supplement as protein intake. Soy protein and soy milk are really great in relation to supplying significant amount of protein and vitamin as soy based protein is healthy product for human health. So you should need to read this article to know soy protein and organic protein powder facts, Source And Health Benefits .

Soy protein : Soy protein is healthy foods and comes from soybeans or isolated from soybean. It is made from the meal of soybean. Soy protein may be source from three kinds of product like soy protein powder, concentrates and isolated. This soy protein has been taken long time ago and research is showing some amazing health benefits of soy protein. Soy bean protein or soy protein is a kind of complete protein as liquid protein and this important component is giving significant amount of amino acid for human requirement of nutrition.

Soy Protein and Organic Protein Powder

Isolates : There is varied way to process foods and part of this fact is soy protein can be refined and purified from soy foods that contains minimum content of 90% on the basis of moisture free. It comes from defatted soy flour that may have lower amount of protein components, essential fats and carbohydrates. Soy isolates may be refined for the improvement to textured soy protein or meat products and this process also has mechanism to enhance protein content in order to retain moisture for soy. Additionally, this type of product can be produced in the industry or can be found in the medical stores as soy protein isolate powder. This soy type may be processed with more food ingredients.

Concentrates: Soy protein concentrate is another type of soy that may contain 70% soy protein and can be defatted soy flour without water soluble carbohydrates. Sometimes carbohydrates may be removed from dehulled and defatted soybeans. This type of soy contains higher amount of fiber and there are lots of variety of soy protein foods like baked foods, breakfast cereals and some type of meat products. There is another fact of soy protein like this type of food has more protein but fat content is lower amount. There are different forms of soy protein like granules, flour and spray dried which are very digestible for human health.

Flour: Soy flour is common type of food which is processed by grinding soybeans into powder. There are three types of soy flours like whole, full fat that contains natural oils, defatted where oil may be removed and contain about 50% protein content with higher level of water solubility. It is also called soy protein or organic protein powder.

Nutrition level of soy protein: As its name is soy protein, so it is a source of protein and soy flour type contains 50% protein and different study has suggested that soy protein is one of the expensive source of dietary protein. In addition, the digestibility of this food is steamed soybeans about 65.3%, tofu 92.7%, soy milk 92.6% and soy protein isolate about 93-97%. Soy protein has been considered as important biological value for the soy protein isolates comparable to animal protein.

There are numerous soy protein benefits for human health and they are discussed here.

During Pregnancy: Soy protein is one of the best food for pregnant women or who are expectant pregnant. The trusted source of vitamin D can be available from soy protein. On the other hand, dairy product may have allergic reaction or has lower level of vitamin D. Sunlight is also source of vitamin D but most of the women may not go outside to take this vitamin. Soy protein is going to be a great alternative way to supply vitamin D for human health. During pregnancy, Vitamin D plays significant role in fetal development and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Cardiovascular disease: Cardiovascular disease is common when high blood cholesterol increases. Animal protein has significant amount of protein but also contains fat content. Instead of animal source, soy protein is surely going to be alternative and natural source of protein. Consumption of soy protein reduces serum concentration of total cholesterol and low density lipoproteins (LDL). Additionally, soy rich foods have high amount of phytoestrogens which are beneficial for heart health.

Cancer treatment: Cancer is the leading cause of death and this disease takes huge death toll around the world. Soy food has higher amount of phytochemicals which is known as plant based chemicals that ward off tumor growth as well as normalize blood vessels. According to research and study, those who have a habit of taking soy protein has lower risk of cancer. So you should consume protein from natural source to make sure you are going to lead a healthy and longer life.

Soy Protein and Organic Protein PowderWhat is Soy milk: There are different forms of food that can be consumed according to the food intake nature of people. There is a common question like is soy milk good for you? Soy milk is a natural form of drinks from plant based foods by grinding or soaking or boiling the mixture or filtering out the rest of the particulates. It is soft and watery in nature which is considered as a great source of high quality of protein from natural source which is getting much popularity as per suggested by so many health experts. This drink comes naturally from the food of tofu. According to study and research it has most powerful protein components compared to other milk like almond, rice milk or dairy milk which may be substitute of dairy milk. This type of drink is so significant for the people who are totally vegan lover. The nutrition components of soymilk is to gain 80 calories, 4 g carbohydrates, and 4 g of fat and 7 g of protein. Additionally, it also contains high amount of Vitamin A, B Vitamins and Vitamin D. there are also some minerals in soymilk like calcium and magnesium. But the protein content from soymilk is appreciable for human health.

High Quality of Protein: If you drink soy milk as regular part of your daily diet, you are taking appreciable level of protein from only natural sources. Luckily, most of the protein from natural source contain amino acid which helps produce new protein as required by the human body. This type of protein assembled in human body has significant role in empowering immune system, binding tissue together and help some enzymes which work to help cells produce significant amount of protein. A cup of soy milk is giving you 7 grams of protein which is so effective for human health.

Calcium and Iron: Naturally if you want to calcium and iron, you need to drink soy milk which can be so powerful in bone health. A cup of soy milk can be a good source of 299 milligrams of calcium that refills about 30% your daily value of calcium intake. Additionally, soy milk is a great source of iron which is important for women who lose significant amount of blood during menstruation. It also helps red blood vessel function effectively with this iron content.

Riboflavin and Vitamin B-12: Soymilk is a good source of significant amount of B complex vitamin and there are some important role of Vitamin B-12 and Riboflavin for human health as it helps every cell generate DNA and helps the effective function of red blood cells. Every day your intake of a cup of soy milk can be a good treatment of your health. A cup of soy milk is giving you 2.4 mg riboflavin per day and 3 mg vitamin B-12.

These are important vitamins and minerals that can be available from soy milk and everyone should know how soy milk benefits people and can play the role of maintaining good health.

Lowering cholesterol level: High cholesterol is the reason for cardiovascular disease and the rate of death due to this disease is increasing. To be healthy in relation to reducing cholesterol level, soy milk can be better and natural way to treat cholesterol level low. Soy milk is from natural source which is why it contains no cholesterol and saturated fat. On the other hand, it has polysaturated and monosaturated acid that prevent cholesterol increase in the bloodstream. One does not have any risk to increase cholesterol level even if someone has been already diagnosed with high cholesterol and have higher risk of coronary heart disease.

Weight management: Unlike other drinks as weight management, soy milk can be wonderfully natural way for your weight loss. Those who are so worried to lose weight can go with soy milk as natural way to lose weight. A cup of soy milk is giving only 80 calories and it is clear that there is no risk of enhancement of calories and this type of drink has lower amount of sugar compared to dairy product. Being natural source and loaded with fiber content, if someone drinks soy milk, they are taking high amount of fiber which is wonderful way to treat weight gain. This fiber makes our stomach full and inhibits our hunger to take more foods.

Functioning Blood vessel: When you have a habit of unhealthy foods or unhealthy lifestyles, free radicals can cause to numerous health complication.  Function of blood vessel is also hampered by free radicals and phytochemicals like plant based antioxidant is highly important to ward off free radicals. Luckily, soy milk is a great source of phytochemicals that help function blood vessel effectively. This plant based chemical makes blood vessel flexible and supplies enough oxygen. In addition, it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acid that can boost the function of brain also.

Treatment of Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is one of the common health complication in the USA ( United States of America ) and the risk of facing prostate cancer can be reduced by significant percentage if plant based drink is taken to gain phytoestrogen. Soy milk on daily basis can be a natural treatment to treat prostate cancer as this drink contains phytoestrogen which wards off the formation of testosterone in men.  According to research, it has been found that soy rich foods especially like soy milk has powerful role in ensuring prostate health as well as reduction of prostate cancer. So it is going to be a good and natural treatment as soy and prostate cancer for those who want to have a good prostate health by drinking soy milk.

Prevention of Osteoporosis: Lack of calcium from food source can cause to osteoporosis and some common symptom may be joint pain, knee fracture and these complication are commonly found when we get old. Soy rich foods like soy milk can be effective treatment for warding off aging that can cause osteoporosis in human body. Soy milk is a source of calcium and phytoestrogens. Drinking soy milk can refill your calcium deficiency and in the same way, phytoestrogens can inhibit the effect of aging. So going with soy rich foods means loss of bone that is going to be prevented. Additionally, it is also a good source of Vitamin D, calcium and vitamin both are so important for bone health.

Postmenopausal Symptoms: In some cases, women suddenly lose their estrogens level that lead to long term health complications like diabetes, weight gain and heart attack. It is so important to note that some women have very angry mood, depression or psychological breakdown and lack of sound sleep when estrogen level is dropped suddenly. Luckily, soy rich foods can be women’s wonderful solution to supply high amount of phytoestrogen that can be long term health solutions to those health problems. Drinking soy milk on daily basis can reshape a healthy women day after day and lead a very colorful life by taking much plant based estrogens which beat these postmenopausal symptoms.

Prevention of kidney disease: Kidney is one of the most important organ of human body and this kidney has complication due to lots of reasons. When processed foods, non-organic foods are your daily part of your diet, you are also damaging your kidney because processed foods contain high amount of artificial sugar as well as non-organic foods contain chemical that cause to complication to kidney. Luckily, you have a natural solution to your kidney health and soy milk is a good source of fiber that prevents sugar contents stored in the kidney. Additionally, it is also good food for diabetes treatment because soy milk has lower amount of glycemic that does not induce diabetes.

Soy and Breast cancer: Breast cancer is also another cause to death and millions of women have this dangerous health complication. According to study, soy milk is a best and natural treatment for breast cancer. Those women who have a habit of drinking soy milk on regular basis have less risk of breast cancer. So it is so important to go with soy breast cancer.

Note : If you are suffering breast cancer then you may read our another topic ” breast cancer fighting foods & prevention “.

Improve Immunity: For the people who smoke have complications in immunity system. Immune system works hard in case of smoking tobacco. It is essential to avoid smoking tobacco for leading a healthier and happier life. Soy milk can be very powerful booster to the function of immunity system. If you want to improve your immune system, you need to seek for natural ways like drinking soy milk on regular basis will define your overall health by boosting your immunity.

Energy Booster: In the mid-day of your office, you may feel very sluggish and lose your energy. It is because you are under pressure for your official works or any hard work. Soy milk is proved as energy booster as this drink is very low in calorie as well as fats. Soy milk high amount of riboflavin and some very important enzymes that accelerate the level of energy for human body. So you should go with this powerful nutrient to get back you on track by drinking soy milk on regular basis.

Alternative of Dairy product: Most of the people have common ideas that dairy milk is a good source of protein but this type of dairy product may have side effects like high fat content and allergic reaction. So if the question is about natural source of protein, then, soy milk is the perfect choice as this protein is available only from natural food source. Additionally, if you don’t like meat but you need protein, you may also go with this natural source like soy milk. This soy milk also is low in lactose but contains prebiotic sugar which is effective for overall health like immunity system. If you are vegetarian, this soy milk protein is best source of protein indeed.

Soy milk side effects: In a study, it has been found that preschool children may have peanuts allergic condition after taking soy protein or organic protein powder. It may also cause to sensitization through components of soy food intake.

In conclusion, living well depends on food habit and different people have different food habit. Protein is an important component for human health that has varied role in our health. But this protein is not only from animal or dairy source but also from natural source like soy rich foods. This soy protein or organic protein powder and soy milk can refill our protein requirement if someone does not want to take from those animal or dairy source.