Is Seafood Healthy ? Learn The Benefits of Eating Seafood

Is Seafood Healthy ? : Seafood is a good source of such kind of protein, vitamins, minerals, and the valuable fatty acids such as omega-3 that is essential for the prevention of some common chronic disease. Scientists from government entities, universities; and healthcare professional are now giving the advice to take seafood meals at least twice a week. Why they are doing so and in which way sea foods do benefit the human health? We discuss here some of the positive sides of taking sea fishes as a dietary choice in brief. Is Seafood Healthy

Sea fish is helpful for the brain. Various surveys find that people who are habituated to eating seafood suffer less from memory loss and dementia in their old age because omega-3 factor plays a vital role here as 60% of human brain matter is made of fat and among this fat part, much of it is omega-3. Seafood also helps to improve the reading skill, learning skills of the children and help to prevent the Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders as well.

Seafish is a good fighter against blood clots and inflammation. Blood clots and inflammation are a common physical disorder which increases the rate premature death every year around the globe. The EPA and DHA- omega-3 oils available in sea food help producing the harmful entities in the human body at a very small rate which is responsible for blood clots and inflammation. In this way, seafood helps to improve the blood circulation in the human body, not only that, but also seafood help reduce the risk of thrombosis by cleaning vessels.

Unlike some veggie food, sea fishes are a very good dietary choice for the benefits of heart health also. People living in the Arctic rarely suffer from heart disease as they are habituated to take their regular food as sea fish, but not taking single pieces of vegetables in their diet. With the experience of Inuit people, now healthcare professionals found that omega-3 three available in sea fish at high scale and saturated fat at low scale helps diminish the rate of the amount of cholesterol in the blood and half the risk of heart disease.

Eating Seafood is beneficial for lung health. Good numbers of surveys show that the lungs of Seafish eating people are stronger than that of non-eaters. Sea fish can cure the symptom of asthma and help prevent asthma as well.

Seafish is also good for some age related eye disorder. To keep your eyes bright and healthy you should eat oily sea fish regularly because various studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acid help protecting some age related eye diseases. Retinol- a kind of vitamin A that is helpful to increase night vision is also available in sea fishes.

Seafood, a good source of organic nutrients. Nutrients essential for human body such as potassium, zinc, iodine, selenium, etc. and vitamin A & D are found in plenty in seafood, that are essential for the betterment of thyroid gland, having protection from various types of cancer and fulfill the want of vitamins and minerals as well. On the other hand, seafood also helps people keep away from depression and help to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Seafood is also beneficial for skin health. Those who eat lots of sea fishes can keep their skin firm and flexible and youth looking and keep their skin from the infection like eczema and psoriasis. The omega-3 factor also helps to keep the skin free from harmful UV damage.

There are also some other benefits of eating seafood , but it is not an unmixed blessing of nature because microorganisms or naturally occurring toxins, environmental contaminants, environmental pollutants may contaminate your sea food that can be harmful to your health. Farmed sea fish can be injurious to health. Before starting consuming seafood, be it sure that the served seafood to you is collected from wild and organic sources. Farmed sea fishes can be disastrous because it may contain mercury and other chemicals bad for the human health as well as the physical and mental development of the fetus and newborn.

So not necessary we only found benefits of eating seafood there is also have some disadvantage of eating seafish.