Know About How To Lighten Skin Naturally And Permanently

Everyone wants a glowing, brighter and whiter skin. But skin may be damaged or blackish due to numerous reasons like lack of nutrition, pollutions, and lifestyles. Additionally, Genetics factor may also cause to skin complication. You can lighten your skin by following some natural ways. Here we are going to discuss how to lighten skin naturally and permanently. Before that, we need to know our skin nature and skin complication .

About Our Skin

The skin weighs about an average of 8.8 lb. that may cover 22 square feet and may vary for person to person in relation to weight and length. There are three distinct layers of skin.

These include epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.  The epidermis is the most important superficial layer of skin. About four cells form skin and nourishment is required through diffusion from dermis.

The dermis is the layer of skin between epidermis and subcutaneous tissue that form tow section like papillary dermis and reticular dermis. These two sections significantly form the basement of skin like membranes zone.

The last layer of skin is subcutaneous tissue which is a layer of fat between the dermis and underlying fascia.

Some Skin Disease

Skin diseases are skin infection and skin neoplasms which drive to ultimately skin cancer. Additionally, there are more unexpected skin changes on skin layer that may make you worried. These include macule, patch, papule, plaque, nodule, tumor, vesicle, bulla, and pustule.

How To Lighten Skin Naturally And Permanently

Taking care of your skin on daily basis and being careful is the prevention to those skin complications. Natural way to any health complication has long lasting effect on our health. So nutrition from food source can be best way to lighten your skin naturally and permanently.

How To Lighten Skin Naturally And Permanently

Vitamin C is one of the most influential and effective vitamins for healthy skin but also for human health. This vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which works to prevent inflammation, oxidation which may dysfunction the normal growth of human skin.

Synthesis of collagen makes our skin supple, firm, bright, more plump skin and the collagen production is significantly noticeable after taking vitamin C according to study. The importance of vitamin c in terms of skin health is many more.

It also helps fight free radicals that may be caused by UV radiation. In many cases, UV radiation causes wrinkles fine lines that make skin blackish. Sun burn is also another reason for damaging your skin, Vitamin C repairs damaged skin by producing enough collagen that works to ward off free radicals.

You may be so careful of your skin and you may find some dark spots. Luckily the vitamin C has anti-aging properties that rejuvenate your skin and remove dark spot when you are taking vitamin C on daily basis.

For the adults, health expert recommends to take vitamin C 65 to 90 milligrams on daily basis to make sure you have no shortage of taking this vitamin. But overdose may have adverse effect on health like causing diarrhea or nausea. So vitamin C can be your important health partner to take care your skin.

The best source of vitamin C are oranges, lemon, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and citrus fruit. These fruits are available in the market in all season. Every day you may choose any and consume according to your taste. Intake of these foods have so powerful role in treating our skin.

Selenium is also another component for skin health as well as lightening skin. Vitamin C and selenium both are antioxidant that protects skin cells from damage. Our skin needs vitamin C as well as selenium for lightening our skin significantly.

But Selenium also protects free radicals and other aging effects for skin. Most of us want to lighten our skin and seek help from dermatologist to find out the skin complication.

According to study, it is found that this selenium promotes absorption of vitamin E and enhances the activities of Vitamin E. the activities of vitamin E is so important for lightening skin as it removes dark spot, wrinkles and shrinkage on skin by smoothing skin.

However, dermatologist recommends this vitamin as well as review diet plan to ensure your skin health. Diet plan is to follow some foods which are full of selenium. The foods that provide high amount of selenium are Brazil nuts, walnuts, tuna, liver and wheat germ.

Most adult people can get these great minerals from food source. 400 grams on daily basis can be best for supplying required level of selenium for your skin. Above 400 grams may be considered as overdose. Overdose may have reaction to human body like balding, brittle nails, intestinal distress and slowed mental functioning.

Vitamin E is full nourishment in human health in the event of sun exposure, pollution and consuming processed foods. It is also one of the key vitamins for skin health. Vitamin E with Vitamin A is so effective in preventing various kinds of skin disease.

Your skin may not be glowing in spite of using so many skins lightening products, skin lightening cream or any form of liquid supplements from the market.

In this case, one should need to understand the inner disease of skin. Inner disease may be skin cancer and cell damage of skin. This disease may make skin ugly and blackish.

Additionally, one may experience dark spot, reddish or blackish color on skin. So you need to understand this case and try to go some foods which can be natural treatment on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

If you follow and consume some foods which are full of vitamin E, it may work for you to get a glowing skin. These foods are almonds, eggs, walnuts, avocados, asparagus, sunflower seeds, pine nus, spinach, oatmeal and olives.

Now the question is how much you may consume vitamin E per day, it is going to be 15 milligrams a day. But excess vitamin E may have adverse effect on our health.

Some researches have identified that excess amount of vitamin E may cause to prostate cancer in mostly men. Excess of any food can’t be best deal always. Excess intake of vitamin E also has some symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue etc.

In the market, you may also find some type of vitamin E. With the recommendation from health expert, you may consume vitamin E supplements.

Fatty Acid plays an effective role in warding off inflammatory agents on skin. Eczema may darken your skin continuously and your skin may look blackish.

Dermatologist finds it as skin disease and recommends omega 3 fatty acid. Obviously omega 3 fatty acid is one of the important components. This lightens your skin when you start consuming these great minerals.

According to study, it has been found that this fatty acid soothes skin condition by repairing skin, sustaining moisture and increasing flexibility. It also prevents overexposure of cortisol formation. Additionally, it wards off wrinkle formation which may make skin blackish.

If you consider it most importantly to lighten your skin naturally, you need to go fatty acid from now. Fatty acid rich foods are walnuts, salmon, mackerel, sardines, and flaxseed and chia seeds.

According to research, every adult human may consume 250-500 milligrams fatty acid to supply required level of nutrition for skin.

You may follow and consume those foods when you feel better after consumption. Instead of food source, there are various types of fatty acid supplements like fish oil pill available in the market.

But you should discuss the consumption of this fatty acid with your health expert to avoid any health complication or side effects.

Vitamin A has a very significant role for not only lightening our skin but also has so many roles in repairing skin and maintaining a glowing skin. Most of the people suffer from flaky or dry skin that make skin blackish. This condition is caused by deficiency of vitamin A.

Vitamin A also known as a beta carotene is one of the great vitamins that work as antioxidant. Antioxidant wards off free radicals or radical damage which is responsible to lead a blackish color on skin.

Sun exposure is also another enemy to darken our skin. In spite of washing our skin over and over again, one should go with some food sources.

These foods include liver, collard greens, asparagus, peaches, beet greens, kale, spinach, eggs, sweet potato, cantaloupe and red peppers.

An adult may consume vitamin A to 700 milligrams and overdose may cross over 900 grams.

On the other hand, women need more vitamin A than men. This amount goes up to 1200 milligrams per day. Per day this amount plays reproductive health especially for skin health as well as lightening skin naturally.

Overdose may also have critical results in our health. If overdose is taken, toxicity may happen in health. So you may consume those foods not too much.

Zinc is another mineral that is highly required by your skin. Skin tissue damage or wounds may blacken your skin at any moment.

To lighten your skin naturally is not difficult task at all. Zinc works as guard to protect sun exposure which makes harmful ultraviolet rays. Skin dry, scaly and acne may damage your glowing skin.

Luckily, this mineral solely works to protect those complications and best ways on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

The food sources may be pecans, poultry, whole grains, ginger, seafood, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds. These foods are rich in zinc. You may consume these foods on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Only a little amount of zinc is effective to reap health benefits not only for skin but also has more significant result for our health.

Women need 8 milligrams zinc per day and men need 12 milligrams zinc. There are different kinds of zinc supplement in the market and you may consume zinc which is approved by FDA.

Some Foods You May Know And Consume From Now

How To Lighten Skin Naturally And Permanently

Green tea
To keep your skin elastic and glossy, take green tea regularly. It accelerates the normal rate of blood circulation and ensures the sufficient amount of oxygen supply into it.

With the high concentration level of antioxidants EGCG, green tea fights against redness in skin and inflammation. If you have already skin problem, try to avoid taking tea with milk and excessive sugar.

In most cases, dairy milk is the right choice for health, but in some cases dairy milk is inflammatory and causes acne rashes. In these cases, unsweetened almond milk would be a solution. It ensures sufficient Vitamin E, a very essential vitamin for keeping the skin healthy and also protects skin from sunburn and damage.

Coffee helps caring skin both directly and indirectly. In direct way- taking coffee regularly as drink reduces the appearance of cellulite. Some research reports say in taking coffee regularly keeps women from non-melanoma type of skin cancer.

In indirect way- skin care products made of caffeine are good for skin health. Regular physical exercise is good for the health of skin and caffeine found in coffee increases the stamina level to exercise more. Keep your coffee intake level less than 4 cups in a single day as researchers suggested.

For healthy looking and glowing skin you can intake carrot juice as it increases the yellow tone of the skin. Carotene found in carrot is the element to do so.

Carrot juice also helps boost up the energy level, keeps the digestion system well to do which help keep the whole body as well as toxicant free, soft and supple skin and delayed the rate of ageing.

Olive Oil
With the high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids in it, olive oil has a strong anti-aging ability better than peanuts and sunflowers. Monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil fight against the aging matter produced in human body keeping skin healthy.

Polyphones forum, antiaging antioxidants available in olive oil also diminish free radical keeping skin less wrinkled. The superficial usages of olive oil are also good for skin health.

Protein is very much essential for reconstruction of tissues of the different part of the human body and also helps rebuild the decay of skin tissues. Beef is a vital source of protein, omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Beef helps keeping skin elastic and less wrinkled.

The nutrition of beef is greatly dependent on the way the meat is prepared. If you remove the visible fat on red meat, it would be more beneficial for your health.

Lycopene, a natural antioxidant, works as an organic sun-cream helps protect skin from sunburn and help repair the skin damage caused by sunburn. To get this fantastic nature cure Lycopene, intake fresh tomato as your daily diet. As a daily diet, tomato helps you keep young with enough strength and cheerfulness at your middle age and even after your post middle age.

As a citrus takes orange daily because it is good for the skin. Its higher concentration of vitamin C and some other anti-oxidants fight against skin diseases like scurvy, free radicals and delayed aging progressed in the human body. Beside these, orange peel is also beneficial for skin because limonene, a compound good for UV-protective benefits.

A lot of skin diseases caused by the lack of omega-3, and beside this the lack of omega -3 may also resulting dry and scaly skin. Intake red meat and oily fish may fulfill this kind of lacking of omega-3, beside this walnut may be an alternative good choice because it contains a good deal of omega-3 fatty acids essential to keep veg people or who are not loving to take meat or fish away from such kind of skin disease.

To lighten your skin naturally and permanently, water has a significant role. Every adult person should drink 8-10 glass water per day. Water helps hydration in skin. It is so exciting to know that those who drink much water have a very glowing skin. Dark layers or spot is removed when someone drinks enough water. Of course, your skin will look brighter and glowing when you have this habit of drinking much water.

Skin Lightening Supplements

Nutrition from food source plays significant role for lightening skin naturally and permanently. In addition to this, one may also use skin lightening supplements which are also another way on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Glutathione Supplement: A potent glutathione pill is combined with extra strength from milk thistle extract that supports better health of skin. This herbal pill is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that have excellent benefit of whitening or lightening skin naturally and permanently. This pill rich in food source protects ant-aging properties and improves skin health. For this, it is also one of the skin whitening products in the market that has natural ways on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently

Retinoid Cream: Retinoid cream is another natural remedy to lighten skin naturally and permanently. It is one of the skin lightening cream in the market that you may use. This cream is from vitamin A that works to speed up cell turnover. Retinoid cream works very significantly to treat acne that causes dark spot, wrinkles and shrinkage on skin.

During cloudy days, use of this cream has better result. In the night, you can use this cream. After getting up from bed, you are surely going to experience a very lighter skin.

There are more supplements in the market. The most important fact to know this supplement if they are from food extract. Nutrition from food has natural solution to every health problem on long term basis. At present, all kinds of supplement are using different vitamins from food source to treat your health problem naturally.

Warning To Use These Supplements!

When you are planning to use this cream or any kind of supplement, you need to discuss with your dermatologist.

Dermatologist knows better which supplement is best for your skin after clinical test on your skin. There may be different condition of skin and you may feel sensitivity after using this herbal cream or supplement.

Treating Your Skin at Home

Food consumption or using supplement is best to lighten skin naturally and permanently. But there are also some tricks on this problem at home.

Lemon Juice: The citric acid from lemon juice has a natural remedy at homemade. Intake of high amount of vitamin C rejuvenates new cells and growth. It is needless to say that lemon juice has super antioxidant properties which may work to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Directly one can pour this juice on face and this juice may last for one hour. Then one should wash their face and may see a whitening nature on face. This home remedy is used by most the women at home and it is called natural way to lighten skin.

Lemon juice with turmeric powder also works best to lighten skin. Additionally, lemon juice with powdered milk and honey can be another way to lighten skin naturally.

Yoghurt:  Yoghurt is full of lactic acid and many nutrients as well. This can be used to lightening your skin naturally and permanently.

You may use this on your skin directly as it has bleaching properties that cleans all pollutants particles. You keep yoghurt on your skin for sometimes or a few minutes and wash it fresh water. This practice for 6-8 weeks can make a big difference on your skin as lighter and brighter result.

Oranges: It is needless to say that orange is full of antioxidant. You may use this orange as juice or powder on your skin. You keep juice or a mixture of powder with water for 20 minutes and wash away. You look brighter and lighter than before.

You may not use this every week. You may use this practice for 2 times in week. A few months later, you must have a brighter and lighter skin indeed.

Honey: Honey is one of the excellent herbal remedy. Honey is mainly familiar with moisturizing agent in skin treatment. You may apply this honey on your skin and keep for a few minutes.

This honey has bleaching properties that cleans bacterial and uneven skin tone. Anyway, after a few minutes, you need to wash away and see brighter and lighter skin than before.

Cucumber: The health benefits of cucumber is needless to say. Cucumber is full of natural water that has tremendous role in detoxification. You just make cucumber slice and keep on dark skin. It will absorb pollutant particles and make sure a glowing skin.

It has also an effective role in binding collagen that improves elasticity of skin. This is really excellent home remedy on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently.

Avoid Smoking Forever

Smoking causes lots of health problems. It is also urgent to give up this habit. This habit gradually inhibits the normal blood flow in the human body. Every cell in our body needs a normal blood flow and skin also needs it as well.

Smoking is a really reason to blackish skin. Some people smoke continuously that makes change on skin. Smoking causes aging on our skin radically. This aging causes wrinkles and slows down the function of skin cells.

So it may be also a better way to stop smoking not only for how to lighten skin naturally and permanently it also has so many health benefits for our health.

Final Thought

In conclusion, every health problem should have a natural solution. Natural solution has long lasting effect on our health. Dark skin or blackish skin may be your health problem that has natural solution on how to lighten skin naturally and permanently. So information from this article is going to be a big difference in your life for whiter and glowing skin.