Winter Skin Problems And Essential Fruits For Prevention

Winter is coming and temperature is going down. This change of season has significant impact on your health especially on skin. What is mostly seen in the air is dryness which takes away moisture from our skin. In this season we can see a change on our skin like, itchy, parched, chapped, white layers, shrinkage and cracks in cold weather and we feel discomfort and lose beauty of our face. To protect these problems and also to ensure healthy and soft skin, you may need different kinds of Vaseline and skin protector cream. In winter skin problems has both environmental and vitamin deficiency factors. As the weather absorbs moisture from skin, so it is highly needed to drink water and take foods that can refill absorbed water for dry air. But do you know that there are some fruits available in winter that can make your skin healthy and glowing?

Pomegranate: Pomegranate is one of the micronutrients fruits and it looks like so red and tastes sweet. This fruits is also available in winter season. It has anti oxidants that combats skin related complications like free radicals, skin damage and fracture of cell and supply needed moisture in your skin when it is applied on skin. This fruits is called the king of the anti oxidants and you need to take every day. The seed peel and fleshy part of this fruits is also edible, full of nutrition and you can also eat this fruit by preparing juice.

Winter Skin Problems And Essential Fruits For PreventionBanana: it is one of the favorite fruits all over the world. This fruits has lots of micronutrients that have so many health benefits. Of them, it benefits in skin complications as it has potassium that works in moisturizing skin and hydrating to ensure elasticity, prevent damage or wrinkles and make our skin youthful. It has also vitamins like A, B and E which are needed for skin nourishment. Every morning one piece of banana in your diet can bring a significant change when you are suffering from acne, itchy and wrinkle in your skin.

Citrus fruits: Different studies have shown that those who take vitamin-C related foods like fruits and vegetables five times a day are happy to get healthy and glowing skin. The essential source of Vitamin-C is citrus fruits which are strawberries, blackberries, grapes, oranges, lemons and so on

Oranges: Oranges is the king of citrus fruits. It contains high vitamin-C and also great sources of water. In winter, your skin may have cell damage and rigid and this fruit has the natural power to soften and prevent seasonal cell damage. Every day one can take oranges and quickly get benefit of healthy skin. Peel of oranges is useful for winter damaged skin and you may use the grinded peel on skin and you will feel a soft skin and moisturized skin.

Pink grapefruits: Citrus fruits are the most needed foods in winter season if you are serious about your skin problem. It also provides lycopene, an antioxidant that helps skin stay resilient and smooth. As it is citrus fruit that contains vitamin-C, it increases elasticity in skin and reduces pigmentation. According to a study published in 2008 in the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, researchers found that of the 20 individuals studied, those who had higher skin concentrations of taking lycopene had smoother skin.

Strawberries: in absence of vitamin-c, your skin will be dry and look so ugly. It generates vitamin-c to keep your skin healthy. Strawberries contain huge vitamin c which is needed to expose your healthy skin. It also produces tissue on your skin to show a good look appearance. The most important scientific fact to take vitamin c is you make sure as raw. It also has ellagic acid that prevents the destruction of collagen that causes wrinkle formation.

Lemons: Lemon has lots of health benefit especially for skin care. It is one of the essential fruits if you have vitamin-C shortage. It is strong antioxidants that protect free radicals and this free radical is one of the reasons for cell damage. Cell damage causes rigidity, acne and itchy of skin. One of the good forms of lemon is juice and if you drink lemon juice, you are increasing bacteria killer that causes acne. The effective vitamin properties of this fruit clean harmful substances in your skin.

Guava: It is one of the green fruits. Most of the studies have considered that Guava is one kind of fruits that has best form of antioxidants. It helps you to consume a big portion of vitamin c which is one of the skin complication killers. These antioxidants remove skin irritation and wrinkles. Taking green fruits is supplying huge portion of vitamin c which will make you tension free in case of skin problem.

Papaya: Sometimes your skin problem may be for the reason of constipation. Consuming papaya especially in the breakfast can remove constipation problem and make human skin damaged by free radical. It has also antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which are so essential to protect your skin in winter. Papaya also contains potassium, magnesium and copper which hydrate skin and keep needed portion of moisture in skin.

Avocados: Avocados is rich in lots of nutrition. It contains protein and omega-9 fatty acid which fight against winter dryness. Vitamin-E is found in avocados that are the main source of natural oil and it increases oil level in your skin naturally. This vitamin-E works to protect wrinkle in skin.

Custard Apple: Custard apple has Vitamin-B that protects skin damaged from winter dryness. It kills sebum production in skin and makes skin healthy and soft. Every day, consumption of this fruit will make sure that your skin has no damage from free radical. Most of the time, our blood cell absorbs different toxic and waste in winter that makes our skin damaged. The high level of fiber makes our skin get rid of those toxic and waste.

Tomato: Tomato is one of the winter vegetables which may be used in your daily meals as salad. It contains antioxidants and protects skin problem and also has anti aging substances to keep skin healthy. Cell damage is one of the reasons for skin complication in winter. It is full of protein that builds cell as well as protects from cell damage. Even in winter skin loses oxygen and this vegetable helps skin absorb oxygen that protects agers and ensures a healthy and youthful skin. It is also available in winter season that you can take it in your daily diet to remove skin problem.

Water: In winter, Dry air absorbs moisture from our skin and our skin gets itchy and crack that seems to you as painful face. One needs to drink water as much as possible to refill moisture in skin. None wants to use Vaseline or artificial means to make our skin oily but Natural layer of oil is expected by all. So drinking water 8-10 glasses can make your skin soft and protect from winter dryness.

These fruits are available in winter. If someone wants a healthy and soft skin, he/she must be careful in taking fruits that can save your skin damage due to winter dry air. The most important note is that you should know the nutritional fact in caring your skin. What’s happening in skin and what do you need to take in this winter instead of going to doctor and spending an amount of money? If somebody has proper balanced diet in daily foods, they don’t have to seek for any help from doctors or specialist.