Some Wonderful Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water For Living Well

Lemon is a wonderful fruit and nutritional powerhouse. It is one of the herbal fruit in different part of the world and this fruit is highly found in south Asian countries. Even now a days, people drink lemon water to treat fatigue or tiredness but there are more exciting health benefits of lemon water. Lemon is powerful in relation to lots of vitamins, minerals like Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Copper. They are so effective for human health. To ensure better living, health benefits of drinking lemon water can’t be discussed in a word.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon WaterMost of the people still have misconception about Lemon and Lime water benefits. Both are same in supplying Vitamin C for the human body. They are different in taste and color.  So you need to know these two fruits and Limes are deep green and Lemons are yellow in color. Even in size limes are smaller than lemons. You may have hesitation to detect which one can be good for nutrition purposes. Lemons are more nutrient than limes. For this we are discussing this great fruit now.

How much nutrition this fruit is supplying in one cup : It is so important to know the nutrition fact of any fruit before you are going to consume it. Human health needs obviously needed amount of nutrition from fruit and vegetables. Scientifically different journals and health experts explain the needed amount of nutrition from any fruit. Here we are going to discuss some nutrition profile of this great fruit at glance.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidant for the human body which ward off oxidation and inflammation that induce to grow different health complication. For human being vitamin C is strongly needed to ensure a better health as it is one of the natural medicine to make sure you are health in your life by warding off different kinds of ailments like scurvy, seasonal cold and flu, effective cancer treatment and many more. However, it is only one cup of lemons water which has exciting amount of vitamin C and it is 111 percent whereas 187 is daily value for your health.

Potassium: Potassium is so important to energize your body. Some people may be so sluggish when they lack of needed amount of potassium. Intake of potassium rich foods can be best tool to treat sluggishness and supply needed energy for your health. There are different kinds of potassium rich fruits and you may pick to supply for your health.  Luckily, this fruit is loaded with potassium which increases the potassium level in the human body. So you can get 303 milligrams that meets up 9 percent of your required daily value.

Copper: Copper is not only so important and needed components for human being but also for all kinds of living beings like human, plants and animals. It provides essential support for health and so effective for metabolic functions. Human health needs this micronutrients for proper growth, bone health, brain, heart and forms a strong connective tissue. Luckily, this lemon water is providing a handsome amount of copper for your health. You can get 0.1 gram of copper per one cup of lemon water.

Magnesium: Bad cholesterol is increasing massively among the people who are more susceptible to different kinds of heart related health complications. Magnesium is so effective components to control blood glucose, decrease blood pressure, and lead central nerve function and protein synthesis. So lemon water is also   a great source of high amount of magnesium that you need for health.  You can get 14.6 milligrams magnesium if you drink one cup of lemon water. Daily drink of lemon water can be so effective tool to beat those heart related complication like heart attack, stroke and controlling blood glucose.

Folate: Folate consumption ensures a better health and a better health is expected by all without following or meeting to doctor. When you are living with natural ways, then lemon water may be a good option to live longer and healthier. Folate is one of the essential vitamins which is also considered as B vitamins. This Vitamin B has diverse role in maintaining a good health and produces DNA and RNA. It also converts carbohydrates into energy and balance between red and white blood cells.  31.7 milligrams folate can be attained for your health when you are drinking only one cup of lemon water.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the most important fat soluble nutrient that ensures a good health. It strongly works as a powerful antioxidants to ensure good health of cells and protects against cell damage. Most of the cases free radicals cause to different displacement in the human body and for that case, Vitamin E is powerful treatment to beat free radicals. So lemon water can be a better way to a good health. 0.4 Milligrams Vitamin is possible to get for your health if you are drinking one cup of fresh lemon water daily.

Fiber: Lemon water is also great source of fiber and fiber is so important component for human health especially for digestive process. It helps function digestive system and removes constipation. In addition to this, fiber is helpful product for weight management as they help maintain good health. Lemon water is a source of fiber and you can get 1 gram of fiber from per one cup of serving.

However, Lemon water is one of the miracle fruit in the world and it has diverse health benefits. There are more nutrition in lemon water like natural sugar, protein and it has only 61 calories which can be best option for taking less calories by drinking lemon water. Lemon water is so powerful in treating many kinds of disease and maintenance of better health. Now we are going to discuss some disease protective role of lemon water.

Lemon Water for Liver health: Liver is an important organ in the human body and it is a large and meaty in nature which filters the blood from the digestive tract. It has diverse works to ensure a good health like synthesizing proteins, generating biochemical which is important for digestion process. There is much words about drinking lemon water as a healthy protection of liver. There is evidence by the clinical study and research that lemon water works as detox agent for liver. Which is why liver can be healthy by cleansing waste material from this important function.

Most of the people may have different ways to take treatment when they fall in sickness but living with natural ways like drinking lemon water may end up your maximum rush to the doctor for treatment in relation to liver health. However, if you drink lemon water on daily basis like at least one cup, your liver will be clean from any kind of waste properties.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon WaterPrevention of Kidney Stones: Of all the disease, kidney stone is one of the painful disease and those who are suffering have nightmare experience. It occurs in the urinary tract and leave the body in the urine flow. When small stone is left with urine stream, it may not be any problem. When stone gets big, then people feel very painful to leave urine. In a report, about 16,100 people have died due to kidney stones. So it is so important to take it into consideration when you are so conscious about this health complication.

Lemon water has exciting role in preventing kidney stones. It is highly citrus fruit and the increasing amount of citrate in the urine can help eliminate kidney stones. Even, different study and research have seen that those who drink lemon water have fewer risk of facing kidney stone. So this can be natural treatment for inhibiting kidney stones.

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Excellent treatment for sore throat: Sore throat is common among the people when cold foods are taken. Even seasonal cold and flu also cause sore throat. For this, effective medicines are taken to prevent this health ailment. If you want to live with natural ways to beat this health complication, you may drink lemon water for relieving sore throat. Swollen throat will be shrinkage and bacteria and virus will be out of the throat. Even, most of the doctors provide suggest that this type of lemon water prevents infection induced by virus and bacteria.

Lemon water for Weight loss: Obesity is one of the big health concern. Can lemon water help lose weigh? This may be common question. The true fact is lemon water can be a best treatment to treat obesity. Different study and research have found that lemon water is one of the powerful way to lose weight as it works as detox agent that cleanse waste products from the human body. Even, most of the website or blog are publishing thousands of articles to show lemon water as better treatment to lose weight. A glass of warm lemon water in the morning with empty stomach is also proved scientifically as good weight loss program. So if you are already obese and want to lose weight very fast, lemon health benefits weight loss is going to be best deal for your health.

Digestion: This can be a good recipe to drink a cup of lemon water in the breakfast to promote your digestion process. Lemon water is rich in fiber that kick starting digestive process. Weight loss and enhancement of digestion process is interrelated. It helps remove waste product from the body and the function of digestive process gets easy. However, most of the health experts have given opinion that lemon water is not perfect for promoting digestion process. Acidity in the stomach cause to indigestion and excess consumption of lemon water may cause to enhancing acidity in the stomach. If you have this problem, you need to avoid it and should take help from your health provider.

Constipation: When you are taking poor diet, can’t have enough sleep, you are more susceptible to constipation. This is a condition which includes fatigue, discomfort in the lower abdomen and inability to pass stool easily. Lemon water or lemon juice has high amount of acid content which is so effective for digestive system and moves everything to make it easy for digestion purposes. So this can be a good antidote for constipation for those who are suffering. Fresh water with lemon content helps soften stool and make evacuation so easy.

Immunity booster: when your antioxidant is not defensive, you are more susceptible to facing health complication over and over again. Even disease lasts in the human body when immunity system in human health is not powerful. So lemon water can be a natural treatment for boosting immunity as it is so high in Vitamin C. this vitamin C is powerful antioxidant which wards off free radical or oxidation which cause to ailments for human being. Seasonal flu and cold is one of the reasons to human ailments and it is because of weaker immunity system. Luckily lemon water is rich in Vitamin C and it is an antioxidant which boosts immunity for the human being. It can be good way to get this health benefits of drinking lemon water every day.

Relieving Rheumatism: Rheumatism is one of the most common physical problem for the American people and about 18 million people are suffering from this ailment. It is also known as arthritis which trigger joint pain, aching, stiff and bone fracture. Lemon water is scientifically proved as the treatment of rheumatism. Different health experts and research have suggested that lemon water has wonderful role in curing this ailment. Lemon water generates acidic condition which helps prompting digestive juices in the body which in turn produces calcium carbonate and bicarbonate. They are highly exciting treatment for the joint pain especially in the knee.  There is another important component which is Vitamin C that works as antioxidant to prevent oxidation in this case.

Scurvy: Scurvy is one of the widely most common disease around the world. Due to lack of enough and needed vitamin C, people often suffer this health complication. When scurvy gets worse, people start feel tiredness, sore arms and legs. There may be different medical treatment for treating scurvy but lemon water may be exceptional way because Lemon water is rich in vitamin c and can refill required vitamin C for the body.

Blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the health concern around the world. Early death due to blood pressure can be prevented if fruit and vegetables are taken as much as possible. Lemon water is one of the great remedy for controlling blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure by making the blood vessels soft and flexible. Lemon is powerful in providing vitamin C that works strongly as antioxidants. Free radicals may cause to complications in the artery of blood and this antioxidant is powerful to beat free radicals.

Detoxification: we may consume different kinds of foods and the waste is common to stay in the body. Lemon water is excellent tool to detoxify our body. Even excess fat in the body can be considered as harmful contents in the body. Luckily, lemon water can be a good way to clean this fat from blood.

Lemons are rich in different kinds of vitamins and minerals. It also contains phytonutrients especially antioxidants, antibiotic and anti-viral agents which work to guard their expansion and prevent them. Additionally, there are more important organs like kidney and liver which flush and eliminate toxins.

Skin care: You want a glowing skin how beautiful you are right now. Everyone wants a glowing and attractive skin to be more beautiful. In this case, you are going to be benefited when you are drinking lemon water every day.

Lemon water is rich in Vitamin C and it is called a powerful antioxidant which fights against free radicals. Additionally, it helps producing enough collagen which is a structural protein that binds tissue in the connective way. It also removes wrinkles and ensures youthful skin. So this is going to be a big difference as natural treatment for your skin when you are going with natural ways to get health benefits of drinking lemon water.

Increasing strength and stamina: You are under huge pressure and feeling so tired or sluggish for continuous work. You may seek for different ways to boost your energy and get back to works. In this case, lemon water is helping you get back to work with full energy as drinking lemon water has significant role in producing energy.

Lemon water is full of fiber, magnesium and potassium which are so important to reduce fatigue and stress level. It also controls central nervous system and makes your minds jolly. So you may have a regular habit like drinking tea or other drinks in the morning. If you start a practice of drinking lemon water every morning to get this health benefits of drinking lemon water, you are going to be energized for the whole day and having a successful day.

Canker sores: Canker sore is very painful as you cannot take foods easily through your mouth. Canker sores are like painful blisters which creates pain and discomfort inside the mouth. Benefits of hot water and Lemon water has diverse health benefits and different sore treatment is one of them. Lemon water or lemon juice does have excellent remedies for sores. But many people have experienced that excess intake of lemon water can worsen the condition of sores. So if you have this experience you may avoid this.

Balance PH: Lemons are significantly health friendly fruit and have exciting health benefits. Lemons are highly known as alkaline foods and they have acidic condition but it does not mean that it can create problem in relation to acidity. According to health research, it ensures good health and alkaline body for living longer and healthier.

Cancer treatment: Cancer is so terrific to hear and it is one of the leading causes of early death. Most of the people may have question about is lemon water a treatment of cancer. The answer is lemon water may be alternative treatment to treat cancer because lemon water is proved to beat different kinds of cancer.

Lemon contains high amount of vitamin c which is considered one of the most powerful antioxidant to cure cancer. This antioxidant is effective to ward off inflammation and oxidation which displaces the function of cells. Extraction of lemon water significantly plays outstanding role in preventing lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer because it protects cell damage and keeps cell in touch. Additionally, it works better than chemotherapy according to different research.

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Heart health: Heart health is so important to take into consideration because stroke and heart attack takes millions of deaths every year. Old or young are facing this serious health complication in the world. So lemon water can be so effective for better treatment of heart health. According of different research, they have shown that lemon water is effective for ensuring heart health.

Lemon contains high amount of vitamin C and it is plant based antioxidant which ensures good health of heart. A medium size of lemon contains 31 milligrams vitamin c which can support for a human by 50% as daily value. So if you are young or old, you should go with natural ways to make sure better health of your heart by drinking lemon water every day. There are more important heart healthy components which are hesperidin and diosmin which help lowering cholesterol in blood. Additionally, fiber content in lemon water is also so effective for lowering cholesterol level in blood. Ultimately, your heart will get good health benefits of drinking lemon water and ensure longer living.

In conclusion, there are different kinds of citrus fruit like lemons, limes, oranges and so on. These citrus fruit is powerhouse of vitamin C. lemon water is also a citrus which is excellent source of vitamin c and this vitamin is very important for human body. Human body obviously needs required level of vitamin c to function every organ smoothly. Due to lack of vitamin C, human being may face different kinds of health complications discussed above. Lemon water is one of the great way to treat and beat those health complications. Health benefits of drinking lemon water can be so significant for living longer and healthier.