Avoid Some Harmful Foods For Kidney Disease & Save Your Life

Kidney is one of the important organ in the excretory system and there are some harmful foods for kidney which damage our kidney seriously. In the recent years, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is on the rise in the US and about 6, 70, 000 people suffer from kidney complication in this country. This is common disease for the people who are at 60 or older even younger people also may suffer from this health complication. There are two kidneys for the human being which may be damaged and the possibility of death goes high. Kidney is an important function through which they filter extra water to get rid of waste from blood and make urine to go out of waste product. When we have harmful foods for kidney every day, kidney may have damage and don’t filter water according to their function.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, then you are susceptible to kidney disease and there are some harmful foods for kidney which cause high blood pressure and diabetes. These disorders cause to different kidney disease which are kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney cysts or kidney injury anyhow. When someone faces these kinds of problem, they may seek for proper treatment from kidney doctor, transplant and dialysis.

Here are some kidney disorders

Blood in urine: There may have something wrong in your kidney when urine contains blood. But it does not mean any disease and it may lead to serious disease. So when this symptoms come to your view, you need to treat the problem as soon as possible you can. So proper treatment on time may help you prevent chronic kidney disease in future.

Avoid Some Harmful Foods For Kidney Disease & Save Your Life

Protein in Urine: Clinical study may find protein in your urine and if they find accumulation protein in your urine, you are going to face kidney disease. Kidney functions as filtering water and getting out of waste from your blood and supply nutrition that you need. However. Protein may escape from blood to urine due to damage of filters and this is going to be a problem for your kidney.

Kidney Stones: Kidney stone is one of the most familiar disease around the world. When kidney contains stone, then sufferer may feel pain through urinary tract. There are some certain minerals which build up kidney stone. Those people who have this complication may need to transplant or operation to make sure of healthy kidney.

Kidney Infection: Your kidney may face infection when bacteria spread to your kidney. If people have this complication like infection in the kidney, they may suffer from fever or pain, vomiting and some general weakness. Women are more susceptible to kidney infection according to the hormonal function or body growth. So proper treatment or natural treatment is necessary to prevent infection of bacteria.

Hepatitis C: Hepatitis-C is virus related disease which damages the liver. Liver is one of the most important function for human body and it coverts foods into nutrition for the requirement of the body and removes toxins. This Hepatitis-C can damage human kidney. When antioxidant capacity is not defensive, then infection spreads and goes up in the human body. Then the sufferer need to take proper treatment from kidney doctor for gaining healthy kidney.

Foods to avoid for kidney health

However, there are some factors behind this kidney damage or failure and food choice is also one of them. Now we are going to discuss some harmful foods for kidney which are considered as possible kidney damage and kidney failure for human being.

Table Salt: Table salt is one of the urgent part of your daily meal to add extra taste. Even your meal may be so distasteful when you don’t get. Your fluid balance needs required amount of sodium and table salt is one of the processed foods which are full of sodium to add extra taste and flavor. The problem is when you are eating too much table salt then, you are taking too much sodium and it is going to be a problem for your kidney. High intake of sodium leads to high blood pressure and high blood pressure has adverse effect on kidney damage. So you need to try to take little of table salt. Even different research has recommended to avoid table salt at excess amount. So it is one of the harmful foods for kidney.

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Meat: if you want to make a difference for your health, then, Meatless a day in a week will be great health benefits and it is a suggestion by most of the doctors. You want to take taste from meat and on regular basis, you like to eat meat. Meat is one of the sources of animal protein. High intake of protein from animal sources have lots of health disorder and it can damage your kidney heavily.

European Journal of Nutrition recommends that high intake of animal protein triggers stones in the kidney from uric acid whereas people who have habit of taking vegetable based diet do have lower risk of developing stones in the kidney. Clinical study always suggests to test uric acid to identify stones in the kidney because harmful foods for kidney like meat help increase calcium excreted in the urine.

Processed Foods: Processed foods top the list for those who are so busy and don’t have much time to take healthy foods. When you are travelling or outside of home, you gather fast and processed foods to meet hunger. These processed foods are soft drinks, sugar sweetened beverage and more other packaged foods. They contain high amount of processed or refined sugar and soda which trigger high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the common and primary reason for kidney damage. So you need to avoid those harmful foods for kidney for better and healthier kidney.

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High fried Foods: High fried foods are one of the good choice when you are at a restaurant. But high fried foods lose their nutrition and consume high fat from oil. These high fired foods fired chicken, steam, bake, grill are so popular all over the world. So high fatty foods are the reasons for high blood pressure and high blood pressure increases the pressure on your kidney. For better living with healthy kidney, you need to take into consideration from now.

Genetically Modified Foods: With the help of modern science, Farmers are using different kinds of pesticide known as chemical components on the crops to increase productivity of foods. These Foods may be rice, wheat, sugar cane, vegetables etc. These pesticide don’t expire when used on the foods and have adverse effect on kidney when you consume pesticide through foods. However it is so tough to take foods for better health and you must ensure organic facts of food cultivation when you are going to buy foods from the farmers market.   So foods modified with the harmful components can be so harmful foods for kidney as they supply toxicity in the kidney and liver and provide negative effects.

Caffeine: Caffeine is perfect choice for you when you are falling asleep or can’t concentrate on your agenda. Yes, we all drink coffee to get back on track as it stimulates our blood flow as this great drink has caffeine contents. So all the time, stimulating blood flow is not good for health. It increases high blood pressure and creates pressure on kidneys. Even there are lots of study who have recommended to increase the possibility of stone buildup in the kidney. So caffeine may be dangerous for your kidney when you are drinking coffee, caffeine enhanced chocolate over and over again on daily basis. So it is one of the harmful foods for kidney also according to different study.

Drinking Alcohol: Kidney is an organ that filter waste from blood. Drinking alcohol is one kind of habit that may have health benefits for taking in moderation. But this is one of the harmful substances in human health. So kidney has to filter substances of alcohol from blood and it has to work extra hard. Pressure may reduce the activities of kidney and kidney gets weak. Even drinking alcohol on daily basis has also harmful effect on liver function. So you need to take advice from kidney doctor to make sure your healthy kidney if you can drink alcohol in moderation.

Calcium rich Foods: Human body needs required amount of calcium as it makes bone strong and fulfills other minerals requirements. High intake of dairy milk can have adverse effect on kidney as high intake of calcium increases calcium excreted in the urine. So intake of calcium rich foods in moderation or required amount has health benefits. In fact, you may not know which foods are going to be harmful for your health. So you need to take suggestion from your health provider in case of high intake of calcium rich foods.

Fruit Juice: Now, different companies prepare juice from fruits to sell in the market commercially. This juice may be so interesting and popular drinks as you may know that you are eating just fruit. But the fact is sometimes fruit juice may contain different harmful chemical to enhance its taste, texture and flavor. These harmful components like soda, refined sugar may be the reasons for high blood pressure. Blood pressure and kidney damage is connected heavily. So when you are drinking these fruit juice, you just need to read the foods label and organic facts of food processing system.

Taking foods or drinks with used pot or glass: Most of the time, germs travel in the unwashed glass or plate. In the time of business or any occasion, you may use to take those glass or plate. Germs from other infected people may infect you and your liver and kidney may be damaged. Hepatitis B is one of the common health disorder around the world. The prevalence is due to traveling body fluid from infected people to non-infected people. So you need to be highly careful to take foods in ensuring 100% hygiene.

Guidelines for Ensuring healthy kidney

Increase antioxidant: Fruits and vegetables are always good choice for staying healthy. Fruits are great sources of antioxidants. You are more susceptible to many more disease and health complication when you have lack of antioxidant from fruits and vegetables. When your antioxidant capacity is not defensive, then free radicals are going to weaken the all health system of human body. Antioxidants may help protect free radicals or inflammation which will keep your kidney in safer zone. So it will better for you to take fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis for healthier living.

Homemade Foods: Taking foods outside is one of the great choice in life because foods outside are tastier in flavor, texture. So you may like to take outside foods heavily. But you don’t know the cooking process of foods outside which may have harmful effects on our health especially like kidney. So homemade foods are going to make difference always as you are cooking foods to gain nutrition from foods and ensure health benefits.

Constant urine holding: When you are traveling or busy or in a place where there is no chance to go for urinal or commode, then you have to hold urine for long time. Recent research and study has found that constant urine holding has adverse effects on kidney function like buildup of stone in the kidney. So you don’t do it and you need to avoid constant urine holding for long time because it creates pressure on kidney also.

Your lifestyle is going on according to your taste and style. It may include foods taking and unhealthy living condition. Choice on foods will define your health and how long you are going to live because recently news and study are representing different facts and statistics on early death and shorter lifespan. However, Kidney is so important function for human body and as a human being, you should avoid those harmful foods for kidney which may cause kidney damage at the very early of your life. For healthier and better living, you need to follow those foods which have health benefits for kidney.

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