Know Some Harmful Effects & Health Risks of Table Salt

Table salt is one of the most important part in every meal for those who like to eat salty foods. Their meals may be incomplete due to lack of table salt or they may feel to have meals as so distasteful without table salt. Salt is needed for human body for good health but intake of salt should be required but not should not be enough than requirement. Our human body needs minerals balance and minerals balance may be perfect when required amount of salt is taken. Bone density, keeping blood sugar level at fit level need nutrition from salt. But there are also some health risks of table salt which will be discussed here in this article.

Components of Table Salt: Iodized salt is important for human health and has lots of health benefits. When you are in the grocery market, you may find different kinds of iodized salt which are used as table salt. But this table salt may contain different kinds of unhealthy components which trigger different kinds of health complications. These chemical composition of salt are sodium bicarbonate, fluoride and aluminum properties. Processed salt may be so tasty but this salt loses the required amount of iodine for over processing. Even unrefined salt is sold in the market and we may consume it without knowing the true facts of organic sea salt processing.

Health risks of table saltHealth risks of table salt: If you have already a habit of taking table salt, you should avoid it as soon as possible. it has lots of health complications like blood pressure, heart stroke, obesity, kidney stones and many more health complications. Whereas natural sea salt is natural and pure and it is not processed to cut the minerals elements.

Blood pressure: Blood pressure is one of the increasing health disorder all over the world and leads to early death. Obviously there are some human bad habits and wrong choice on diets which cause to blood pressure. High blood pressure causes cardio failure and instant death may occur. Lack of physical exercise and diets like processed foods are the reason behind blood pressure. Table salt highly increases the risk of blood pressure. However, you have already high blood pressure, then you need to avoid it as it contains high sodium.

There are also risks of type 2 diabetes for excess intake of table salt. Table salt has increasing risk of type 2 diabetes and it also creates block in the artery to hinder normal blood flow which causes stroke and heart disease.

Salt and heart disease is correlated as the most probable reason behind heart disease is high intake of table salt which increase high blood pressure. It also creates walls in the artery and blood vessel may be thin where it may be so difficult to move and circulate blood properly. Table salt also reduces the function of heart and poor function of heart can’t pump blood. Most of the people have these kinds of heart problem and doctors say that there was always high intake of table salt. So you need to know this health risks of table salt to avoid heart disease.

Cancer of stomach: Ulcer is common health complication among most of the people and they suffer from this health complication. Inflammation in stomach may be found due to helicobacter pylori bacterium. It is one kind of bacteria which contains in table salt. This bacteria triggers inflammation which has been found as major reason for stomach cancer. These bacteria also slow down the function of stomach and damages major lining of the stomach. So table salt is one of the helpful component for bacteria growth and these bacteria is the reasons for discomfort in the stomach.

Table Salt and Obesity: Recent News in US is American are highly eating sodium from different sources of foods and FDA raised this fact as one of the increasing reasons for health complications like Obesity. According to an Article “High Salt Intake” published in, high intake of salt is associated with increased risk of weight gain. Study of the article also showed that high intake of salt is linked with higher body fat mass in both children like early obesity and adult. For better life with healthy fitness, table salt is not good food at all. It is a great source of sodium which has adverse effect on health like obesity. So health risks of table salt in relation to obesity should be main concern to those who really are worried about their weight gain.

Kidney Disease: Kidney needs enough and needed water to function its activities effectively. Over consuming table salt is harmful for the activities of kidney as high intake of table salt causes high blood pressure by pressurizing the walls of blood vessels. Sodium highly works to consume water from body to bloodstream and kidney has less water to evacuate as urine. So due to lack of enough water, kidney cannot clean other toxic elements and it may also lead to kidney stones. Even high intake of table salt and associated blood pressure are the reasons of calcium to be evacuated by the kidney and this calcium build up is also reasons for kidney stones.

Osteoporosis: Health risks of table salt is linked with osteoporosis. Bone weak or vulnerable to breaking, joint pain and chronic pain has been common among the people who are aged even if among the young. These complications may occur when there is shortage of calcium because calcium is the major component for bone health. High intake of table salt can cause loss of calcium from the body and hip and spine bone mass density may be lowered and this is correlated with high sodium intake. So table salt is going to weaken your healthy movement and you need to avoid it at too much level.

Table salt and Dementia: Your cognitive function like judgement, thinking or memory loss are not working as your need. At this moment are you taking too much table salt with your meal? If so avoid it because table salt cause to blocked blood vessel which slows down the performance of the brain and if it happens we can’t remember even if an incident 5 minutes ago. Sometimes it turns into an addiction. Meals are so salty but you are habituated of taking tables salt and this addiction leads to more health complications. However, when you have addiction disorder, then you are suffering from dementia also. So Table salt is not helpful for your health at all.

Erosion of Minerals: Our human body needs many more required amount of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium. But table salt adds sodium in our human body which depletes calcium, potassium and magnesium. Their shortage is also linked with cardiovascular disease. So table salt is really dangerous for human health. So health risks of table salt need to be taken into consideration for the better living.

Meniere’s Disease: Meniere’s is a rare disease and it is a disease which is known as hearing loss. It is hearing complication which may be fluctuating at primary level but ultimately it leads to permanent hearing loss. Table salt has been found as causes of this rare disease as it has fluid retention properties which increases the pressure in the inner ear and worsens the ear functions.

Everyday meal, table salt is one of the important part and sometimes meals are so distasteful without the presence of this great foods. But this great is the culprit of many health complications described above. However, required amount of sodium may have health benefits but excess amount of taking table salt to satisfy our taste does have many more health risks. If you have already this habit, you need to avoid it for better and healthier living.