Some Helpful And Healthy Foods For Smokers Lung

Lung is the important function in human organ and it may be damaged by smoking. Smoking causes cancer and one of the cancer induced by smoking is lung cancer. Smoking tobacco in the United States of America causes about 4,80,00 premature death every year. 36% of them are from cancer. Smoking cigarrete harms smokers lung heavily. So quitting smoking is good plan for better living. Even study has found that the immunity system of the smokers has to work extra hard to function everything in the human body.

If you are young and a smoker, the benefit of leaving smoking will be great for your health according to National Cancer Institute. Quitting is really tough because it is a long journey for those who are chain smokers. Smoking is highly addictive and this addiction stops all steps of the smokers to quit it. The fact that is behind addiction is using nicotine pushing into the body. Bloodstream absorbs nicotine and travels in the lungs to brain. So smokers lung can be very risky to cancer.

Health benefits of quitting smoking

Health benefits of quitting smokingIf you are already a chain smoker, you need to quit as soon as possible. Different awareness program in the US encourage to avoid it if you want to live longer and healthier.

Blood Pressure: Smoking triggers high blood pressure and your blood pressure will be normal after quitting your smoking cigar rete.

Rise of blood functions: For continuous smoking, blood gets carbon monoxide and blood begins to lose it and carry oxygen smoothly even if after quitting smoking a few hours later.

Prevention of long day’s cough: Long term cough leads to a man to the world of discomfort. When smokers leave, then they find improvement of cough complication as they don’t produce phlegm any more.

Improvement of lung function: Smoking causes to Damaged lung function and it has to work extra hard. When smokers quit smoking, then lung gets back on healthy track.

Lower risk of some disease: There are some disease like cancer, heart disease and chronic ailments. Smokers who can get fewer risk of facing those diseases. They may be at the risk of facing those diseases and after smoking, there is no possibility to be diagnosed with those health complications.

U.S National Health recommends that those who quit smoking before 40 age can have a chance to lead a life without smoking related health complications. Two third premature death can be reduced if smokers can quit smoking at the age of 45-54.

When you quit smoking, you are luck to lead a better life and chance of living longer is 90%. After quitting smoking, you may need to take some amazing foods to enjoy amazing life. Because strength is one of the most part of your immunity system. You might have less energy and to get back your life as better and stronger, your choice of foods may be like this. Eating health foods will clean your lung and evidence says that those who have taken these foods are stronger and healthier than they expected and free from smoking diseases .

Some foods good for smokers lung who quit it

smokers lung

Here are some helpful foods to clean smokers lung. They are effective for lung cleanse foods by different research.

Garlic: The old saying is garlic is effective and natural medicine that history and tradition show. Most of the old people even now will say that intake of garlic plays magical role in reducing your health complication.

Even modern health science is also saying that Garlic is one of the magical and mysterious foods for our health. It has so many health benefits and every day intake of garlic leads you to reduced risk of facing many life killing disease like cancer. Garlic contains Allicin and they safeguard your lungs by killing respiratory infections. Many study also say that who are chain smokers and already quit it can take garlic to cleanse lungs from pollution and your lung will be back on healthy position after taking garlic. So it may be best way to clean lungs for ex-smokers to know the health benefits of garlic and they need to take for better and longer living.

Ginger: Ginger is also traditional and herbal foods that has lots of health benefits like seasonal cold and flu, infection. Ginger also reduces the activities of inflammation which are the reasons for many more disease. It plays one of the key role to act as anti-inflammation.

For smokers who have already given it up can have amazing health benefit of ginger. If they also have concern about their lung, then ginger is going to be best foods. Ginger is called one of the cleaning foods and it can clean lungs after smoking that may contain different toxics induced by smoking. It has been considered as protection of cells of the lungs from damage by smoking.

It is also miracle food to prevent any respiratory infection as it blocks the inflammation process in the lung. So it will be wise plan for ex-smokers to take this food as raw or with tea every day. Smokers lung can be healthy by following and eating this great food.

Turmeric: Cleaning foods are best to clean smokers lung just for those who were smoker but also for those who have been prone to pollutant components. When you travel, then there is possibility of taking some pollutant components through breathing.

Turmeric is same as ginger and it plays important role like ginger. So some harmful components may contain in lung and intake of turmeric has great role in cleaning smoker’s lung. So it prevents the possibility of facing different cancers like lung. It also works to prevent chronic pulmonary disease, asthma and respiratory function boosters. To make smokers lung more effective after quitting smoking, turmeric may be best choice. So smokers need to take to keep smokers lung healthy in spite of damage by smoking.

Drinking Green tea: To get back smokers lung as healthy, green tea is going to be great. Green tea is full of antioxidants which prevent cell damaged by smoking. Smoking has dangerous effect to turn cells of smokers lung as damaged. Harmful components of smoking cigar rates induce damage and dysfunction cell of the lung. Extract of green tea has effective role in repairing smokers damaged cells.

Green tea has been showed as one of the cancer treatment like lung, breast etc. Even it has also roles in reducing cardio vascular disease.  The best work of this great food is to prevent cancer and protects infections caused by harmful foods and pollutant components.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are helpful for smokers lung as it has powerful antioxidants to get rid of different toxins in the lung. The green leafy vegetables are cabbage, kale, broccoli and cauliflower are exciting foods as green leafy vegetables.

To maintain smoker’s healthy lung, they have powerful role in cleaning toxins and toxins induced by smoking. Regular intake of those foods have been examined as reduced risk of cancer in relation to lung.  They have also important role in cleaning smokers blood to make sure smokers are not going to face heart related disease. So every day you need to take these foods for better living and healthier life.

Oily and Sea Fish: Oily Fish like salmon and mackerel are best for lung health. Respiratory disease will be reduced by 90% if smokers are going to take oily fish. They contain omega 3 fatty acid and this nutrition is helpful for smokers lung. A journal of American College of Nutrition says that omega 3 fatty acid and respiratory function has a clear link for better health. To maintain smokers lung effectively, intake of fish to take omega 3 fatty acid will be good option. They have very effective role to prevent inflammation and infection related to respiratory function.

Addiction is common for smokers and it leads to dementia which means loss of memory function. Smokers’ brain function will be boosting when smokers are going to take omega 3 fatty acid. It improves also cognitive function. So smokers who already avoided smoking may have impaired brain function and this supplement may work excellent to boost smoker’s memory function.

Citrus Fruit: Vitamin C is full in Citrus fruit like oranges, lemon, strawberries, pineapples, kiwifruit, red capsicum. They are great sources of antioxidants to make our health better. They are good foods for not only smokers lung but also they have exciting role in cleaning toxins from lung.

Vitamin C is considered as one of the important need for our health to detoxify lungs as it defends free radicals when there is lack of antioxidants capacity. So they develop smokers lung if it has any damage by free radicals. Even different study has recommended that those who eat vitamin C can have better health by protecting lung cancer. So to ensure better lung for better health, there is no way but taking citrus fruit to gain many more health benefits.

Almonds:  Almonds are great sources of magnesium and magnesium is needed by smokers if anyone was a smoker. Foods high in magnesium are almonds and it is good for ex-smokers. Lung is damaged by smoking cigerrate and almonds are helpful in cleaning lungs.

Moreover, Almonds are healthy foods which have role in treating asthmatic complications. Even damage of cells of lungs is also susceptible to cancer. Those who have taken foods which are full of magnesium have better lung conditions.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is one of the excellent foods which will be helpful for smokers lung. Flavonoids have therapeutic role in boosting health. It helps prevention of different cancers.

Lung need to be healthy and free from any kind of toxins if you were smokers. So supplements from grapefruit will be wonderful. Clinical study recommends that grapefruit is perfect foods for lung as it has lung supporting minerals and vitamins. It is going to be best choice on foods and smokers should keep this food on list.

Apple: Apple is one of the nutritional powerhouse and if you eat this fruit every day, you will get rid of going to doctor. Apple has so many disease protective role like cancer. So if your case is lung complication. Then this fruit is one of the best fruit. It is also a fruit as known as cleaning toxic elements from our different organs. There is an important element in apple that is flavonoid and flavonoid works better for lung to clean lungs induced by smoking.

Vitamin D supplement: Vitamin D can be helpful for your lung. Lung function is so important for controlling more other function. If it is damaged by anyhow, then proper treatment is urgent. So treatment may be intake of vitamin D supplement. Milk is great source of vitamin C.

A healthy man needs Vitamin D on regular basis but it the function is about lung, it is going to be more effective. Milk especially cow’s milk can repair your lung after finding any kind of complications. Even this supplement can prevent any kind of chronic lung complications. Respiratory boosting, reduction of phlegm and removing cough can be treated when you have proper vitamin D supplement. So one glass of cow’s milk is great choice for improvement of lung function also work for better health.

Carrots: Carotenoid rich food is carrot. Intake of carotenoid has reduced risk of lung cancer. Even if the case is about smoking induced cancer like lung tumor, then carotenoid supplement is essential for smokers. Epidemiological studies have found out that association of beta carotene plasma level or intake has lower risk of lung cancer.

Carrot is very popular fruit as health benefits and intake of this foods to gain carotenoid can beat lung cancer even if you are far away from the habit of smoking. Even carrot is also good treatment of many more cancer because it works better as nutritional supplement and can repair cell damage and keep cell in touch.

Tomato: Most of the smokers face different health related problem like aging and free radical. Tomato contains coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid these important components fight against carcinogens which is generated from smoking cigarette. So smokers may be happy to find out this information to keep well from the clutch of nicotine. Even tomato is one of the cleaning foods ant it is helpful for especially lung. If lung has any problem like damage of cells, intake of tomato can repair damaged cells.

Water: Lung cancer claims highest death from any other cancer. In the US 40% of all death in relation to cancer, lung cancer tops the list. The authentic reason behind lung cancer lies in smoking cigerrate.

Water has significant role in repairing your lung because as much as you are drinking water, as good as you are cleaning your lung from toxic elements in your lung. Drinking enough water means you are hydrating your body perfectly and it regulates your lung to function effectively. It is one of the natural way as treatment of smokers lung because every organ in your body needs proper hydration.

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General Guidelines for those who are still now smokers

General Guidelines for those who are still now smokersAvoid smoking: If you are young, it is best time to stop this bad habit for better and longer living. The rate of death in the USA is very high in relation to smoking. Smoking fills your lung up with so many toxic elements which are the reasons for so many health complications.

Indirect Smoking: You are not a smoker but your dear one or family may have this health complication. Indirect smoking also affects your lung and induces many cancer and heart disease. So you need to make them aware of health sides of smoking.

Avoid to breath pollutant elements:

You are not a smoker but air pollution may damage your lung by breathing pollutant elements. When you are travelling in the area where there are so many dust or dust associated with chemicals may make your lung damage. Even it may lead to cancer also. So personal protective equipment is the solution here. Whenever you are out of home, you try to wear mask to protect dust which leads to complication in relation to lung.

It is so important to know after quitting smoking how to clean lungs. A person can beat disease with his intention by 90% according to different research and study. So lifestyle is the main fact to lead either a healthy life or a life susceptible to different disease. Smoking is really bad habit and it kills you slowly. Today you are smoking but you can’t feel any health complication and think that it is okay to smoke but its danger level is long term.

Lung cancer is one of the alarming matter to take into consideration from very now. Smoking causes 80% damage of lung like impairment and displacement of cells which lead to lung cancer. Everybody can’t expect early death. So it is right time to quit smoking and after smoking, you can follow and eat those foods which can benefit you to recover your health very fast.