Some Foods That Help You Quit Smoking Naturally

Let’s see what Mark Twain said on the smoking issue, ‘Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times’. What Mark Twain said it easy, it is the most difficult task to get rid of smoking because of Nicotine in it. People who have an addiction tor Nicotine but want to kick smoking habit undergo a lot of process to get rid of it. Sometimes the process becomes very complex because two factors work here- feeling love with the taste of cigarettes and the other is craving for nicotine. If you are a smoker and eagerly want to kick smoking off, you should consume some foods that help you quit smoking & helpful to belittle the taste of cigarettes and should avoid such foods those increase the craving for nicotine.

Here we discuss about some foods that make you feel cigarettes taste horrible and some food that may boost the taste of their cigarettes:

Foods that help you quit smoking and make the taste of cigarettes disgusting:

Milk: Before taking a cigarette take a cup of milk, and it will bring all the difference making the taste of your cigarettes disgusting. Just remember the taste. Whenever you crave for taking a cigarette, you just think the taste you got from a cigarettes you take just after having a cup of milk. If you feel that terrible feeling, it will help you give up smoking

Vegetables: It is interesting that some vegetables can also help you to give up smoking cigarettes. Vegetables like eggplant, carrot, celery, tomato make the taste of cigarettes disgusting if you take them just before smoking. Avoid sweet vegetables when you are in the process of giving up smoking because that can boost up the craving for cigarettes. The habit of consuming a good deal of green vegetables every day also helps diminish the dependency on nicotine.

Non carbonated drinks: Intake fresh water as much as you need. Don’t choose other drinks as an alternative for fresh water. Beside this, take non-carbonated beverage with low sugar found your nearby store- especially fruit juice with vitamins-C made from citrus fruit like orange, lemon et cetera. Sometimes the deficiency of vitamins-c of a smoker is fulfilled by nicotine and that makes the smoker more dependable on cigarettes. If you take a lot of fresh citrus fruit drinks, it will fulfill the demand of vitamin C and decrease the demand of nicotine as well as make your cigarettes boring.

Fruits: When you are in tension, or in anxiety, you may carve for cigarettes because nicotine sometimes makes you feel good. In such situation, you take should one or two bananas or a piece of apple instead of cigarettes. Some elements found in these two fruits will balance your chemical imbalance happened in your brain fore tension and stress and make you cheer up and reduce the craving for nicotine. These fruits also make the taste of cigarettes horrible.

Food you should avoid: If you are in the process of giving up smoking cigarettes, besides taking above mentioned foods you should avoid fruits with much glucose such as peas, corn, drinks like coffee with the high concentration level of sugar, alcoholic beverages, red meat and other food made of meats because these types of foods beverages and drinks enhance the demand of taking cigarettes and increase the taste of cigarettes and feel you enjoy your cigarettes.

Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

Here we discuss about some foods helpful to overcome from the craving for nicotine:

Orange: To kick smoking, overcome from craving for nicotine is another factor. Usually, smokers feel the demand of nicotine between three to five minutes. In this case, orange can help you overcome the craving for nicotine if you make habit to take some orange at the time craving hits you or you used to take cigarettes each time.

Oat: Another food, very some helpful to overcome craving for nicotine is oats. Various researchers from Duke University, India and Japan have found scientific proof about it. To get effective results follow the process to make the preparation: take a tablespoonful of oat (not oatmeal) and add it into two cups of boiling water. Keep it about 12 hours and then blend it finely. Take this drink a few hours after each meal.

Tomato: Lycopene, found in the tomato can help overcome the nicotine addiction. So, try to add tomato with your daily diet. You can easily add it to your salad or to your vegetable mix. With tons of other good benefit for your health, the tomato will help you keep away from smoking.

As we said at the very beginning of this article that kick smoking is very difficult and its process is very complex. Food habit may be one the parts of this process besides taking these foods and avoid some foods that increase the addiction to smoke cigarettes try to follow all the process helpful to give up your smoking habit. Give up smoking may be very difficult for someone, but not impossible. When you crave for cigarettes just think what American Actress Loni Anderson said on this issue, ‘You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late.’

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