Know Some Surprising Health Benefits of Watermelon

Water melon is considered as one of the healthy fruits which contains 90 percent water. But this fruit named as also watermelone is nutritional powerhouse and health benefits of watermelon are wonderful. Intake of this great is linked with reduced risk of facing disease like kidney disorder, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, heart stroke, weight loss and macular degeneration in human life. High level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants are so amazing and watermelon calories are lower. It is so surprising to know that water melon is a great source of lycopene and 4-5 milligrams lycopene is available from 100 grams of water melon serving. Whereas the great fruit tomato in spite of red in color contain only 3-4 milligrams in 100 grams. It is clear that this carotenoid like lycopene has significant role in preventing oxidation and inflammation. So vitamins in watermelon are significant for maintenance and care of good health.Health Benefits of Watermelon

Nutritional facts of water melon: Water melon is unique fruit to support nutrition for human health as it contains higher amount of Vitamin C, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, choline, fiber, protein, phosphorous and significant amount of potassium. It also contains niacin, riboflavin, selenium, different carotenoid and lycopene. This fruit is great as water melon calories are lower and even one cup of water melon is going to give you only 43 calories which is lower than any other foods, zero gram of fat, 2-3 milligrams of sodium and 11 grams of carbohydrates. In the view of vitamins, water melon must best of all foods as 17 percent of vitamin A is possible to gain from water melon and 21 percent of vitamin C. they also provide you 2 percent of iron and 1 percent of calcium.

Origin: Water melon has long history about its inception. But history and science says that water melon was first found in Africa. This fruit is also available in not only Egypt, china, Africa but also in 44 states of America. It is a summer fruit and most of the people in the USA flock in the market to buy water melon in soothing summer thirstiness. So if you think that water melon only meets summer thirstiness, you are going wrong as it has varied role in our human health and you just take a view of health benefits of watermelon from this article.

People may often be at hesitation about which color of water melon is more beneficial for human health. There are different flesh color of water melon like red, pink, yellow and orange. Research and study always recommend to take colorful fruits and vegetables because different color has different role in nutrition pattern. From fruits, red color is more nutrients than any other color. There is also different size of water melon like bowl or round and mini watermelon .

Treating kidney disorder: Kidney is important part of excretory organs and this important part may be damaged or immature due to different unhealthy foods intake. Water melon has antioxidants which safeguard kidney from any kind of damaging or complications. When toxic properties are stored in kidney, then regular intake of water melon will clean those toxic properties because this fruit is full of potassium and potassium is strongly needed to clean any kind of toxic properties and keep kidney healthy.

This fruit also reduces the uric acid in the blood and saves kidney from damaging. Even this fruit is full of water and healthy sugar so there is no complication in urination and normalize urination process to remove toxic properties from kidney. So health benefits of watermelon are more significant for especially treating kidney disorder.

Treatment of Cancer: Cancer is the leading cause of death and millions of people around the world are losing life for cancer according to WHO. Water melon may be so helpful in reducing the risk of cancer as this fruit contains higher amount of lycopene a kind of carotenoid which has significant role in cancer treatment. Recent study and research are giving surprising facts on health benefits of watermelon to beat cancer. They have found that people diagnosed with cancer have fewer amount of lycopene nutrition. So this fruit is surprisingly helpful in relation to major kinds of cancer like prostate, breast, colon and lung cancer. If you are not already susceptible to the risk of cancer, you need to take this great fruit to avoid risk related to cancer.

Heart health: Cardiac function is essential part of all organs in human life. The rate of death in relation to cardiac failure is high in the USA. when blocks are created in the artery, you are going to face heart attack or stroke. Water melon is heart healthy fruit. Lycopene a carotenoid is effective for smooth function of cardiac function and surly going to save your heart from dangerous conditions. Even there is another phytonutrients like Vitamin C and potassium which cleans the artery from creating block and keeps heart healthy. So cardiac health is one of the health benefits of watermelon .

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Best for Eye health: Eye may lose its visionary power when aging is targeting your eyes and day by day you are going to see less even if you are young. Water melon contains Vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein which have effective role in reducing macular degeneration. So the great health benefits of watermelon protects your eyes from different complications like optic nervous and glaucoma. Even most of the old people have this problem as they lack of lack of beta carotene, vitamin C and lutein. So for better visionary power at all age, water melon is going to be best choice on foods for eye health.

Treatment of Diabetes. Diabetes is common problem all over the world and it is a problem that stops the people who have already this complication don’t get enough diet to keep fit. They are recommended to take low fat diet or lower sugar related diet. Water melon is not going to be risky for those people as it contains only water and natural sugar.  This great fruit is full of potassium and magnesium and It also checks the insulin level and lowers the blood sugar level. So if you take this fruit you are not going to take more foods which may be risky for your diabetes disorder.

Normalize blood pressure: when your blood pressure is so high, then you are obviously going to face heart attack or stroke. Intake of water melon is surly helpful in lowering blood pressure. This fruit is full of potassium which regulates pressure of blood in the artery or blood vessel. It also normalizes blood clots and blood pressure to protect the chance of cardio failure risk. There is another important component like carotenoid which prevents blood clots and abnormal inflammation in the vein or vessel. So you may be heart healthy when you are habituated of taking this awesome fruit in the summer season.

Effective for sexual health: In summer, water melon is one of the popular fruit in the market. This fruit has surprising health benefits of sexual health. Water melon contains lower calories and enough phytonutrients which boost libido activities. Even, there are more important significant components like lycopene and beta carotene which also protects complication in the blood vessels and ensures heart healthy. If heart is healthy, it is possible to enjoy a good sexual life.

Best food for athletics: there is recent study why water melon is important for athletics professional. Study has found that its antioxidants capacity is so helpful for endurance athletes. If the athletic professional takes this fruit post exercise, they are going to be filled up with high energy which is needed by the athletic professional for long time exercise. Study also found that those athletic professional didn’t have high energy due to intake of other foods. The antioxidant properties enhance energy even in the bloodstream and removes muscle soreness which is common problem for athletic professional. So it is amazing fact to know that water melon is a great source of energy for those endurance athletic professional.

For skin health: Glowing skin is expected by all but skin may have damage or sickness due to lack of proper nutrition. Water melon is glowing fruit to take care of skin as it contains Vitamin A which nourishes your skin and prevents skin related complications. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are needed essentially to build and maintain collagen that ensures healthy structure of your skin. Water melon also hydrates skin and keeps the skin healthy from dryness. Water melon is also helpful for hair treatment as it moisturizes hair and ensures nutrition for hair.

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Hydrate you: Most of the time in the summer, you may have a feel of huge thirstiness. If you eat water melon in this season you are lucky to hydrate your body. 90 percent of water melon is water and this nutritional water highly hydrates you when you feel dehydration in this season. So watermelon juice can be best serving for your hydration in health.

Effective Digestion: Constipation is common problem among most of us and water melon is a surprising fruit for digestion process. Water melon is full of fiber and lower in calories and fiber is helpful treatment for digestion. Even if you have regularity problem, water melon is going to be best treatment for this treatment. It loses stool and you get you back on regularity. So consumption of water melon must be ensured to maintain healthy digestion and prevents constipation.

Weight management: Obesity is common problem in the USA and it is also on the rise. Most of the child, teenage girl and young have obesity problem and it also leads to many more health complication in the lifespan. So it is so urgent to plan your weight management. Yes, water melon is great fruit for weight management because watermelon calories are lower than any other foods and zero fat. The possibility of weight gain is ridiculous according to food science and nutrition facts on this fruit. It is also full of fiber which has no contribution for weight gain. Even if you eat this fruit, your hunger is met up and you are not going to take more unhealthy foods.

Treatment of Asthma: Study has found that intake of water melon has significant role in treating asthma. Fruits and vegetables are most important food for better living. They are great sources of Vitamin C and other nutrition. Vitamin C helps your immunity make strong and people who consume water melon on daily basis have very lower risk in facing asthma.

Reduction of inflammation: Water Melon has effective role in beating inflammation. Most of the time people may have problem in cognitive function which leads them in learning less and performing bad. Water melon has choline which treats inflammation and accelerates sleep conditions and it is also effective to control and keeps central nervous system healthy. It also removes muscle soreness with its great components like potassium.

Immunity Booster: the journal of nutrition strongly refers water melon as one of the fruit that has lots of health benefits. Higher amount of Vitamin C is available in water melon that one serving equals 21% of your daily needed for a healthy human. So this amount is enough to boost immune system as it independently produces antibodies to protect the inception of your ailments.

One of the helpful chemicals, ctrulline is found in water melon and it converts to arginine a kind of amino acid which is needed for healthy heart and boost immune system.

Another important component is cucurbitacin E as an essential antioxidant which stops the activities of virus and bacteria forever. Most often people do have recurrences of fever, pain, migraine and other ailments. This important antioxidant is effective to protect the growth of virus, bacteria and prevent inflammation. So daily intake of water melon in the summer season may be good option for your healthy life.

However, water melon is a fruit that has diverse and varied role in our health. Most of the research and study recommends water melon as one of the nutritional dense fruit. From heart health to immune system water melon is all in all. However, for better health and living longer and happier, water melon should be essential and important part of your daily diet in spite of the only summer season. To gain better health benefits of watermelon , you need to add this fruit daily even if in the summer.