Baby Birth Defects

Baby Birth Defects And Important Foods To Prevent.

Birth defects are defined by WHO as structural and functional defects of the baby with metabolic disorders. A pregnant woman never wants her baby are born with defects like neural tube defects, shortage of blood, weak visionary power and ultimately these defects leads to mortality. According to WHO report, 15 million babies are born pretermRead More

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Red blood cell count

Increase Red Blood Cell Count During Pregnancy

Red blood cell is so important because it carries oxygen from your heart to other parts of the body. The needed number of blood cells contributes to development of a healthy baby. During pregnancy, you may be anemic that means you have shortage of needed blood. This shortage causes breathing problem, weak, tired, dizzy and irritable that mayRead More

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Protein Rich Food

Protein Rich Food For Pregnant Women

Human body is made of different cells and cells make up tissue and tissue makes up organs. Organs is a kind of system in the human body that plays vital role in different process like digestive process, respiratory system and development process of the body. So for a strong system of the organs and muscles, protein plays aRead More

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calcium rich foods

Take Calcium Rich Foods To Protect The Risk OF Newborn Baby

Calcium is one of the abundant and important minerals for body structure with which we stand on the ground. It not only works for teeth and bone development but also has diverse purposes. According to WHO report, 99% of our bones and teeth are made of calcium and 1 % is for intracellular, cell membrane and extracellular fluids,Read More

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baby brain development

Best Foods to Improve Baby Brain Development During Pregnancy

Tamas Horvath, PHD, Professor of Yale University School of Medicine of USA says that third trimester is very important time in the development of your baby’s metabolism which is connected with brain development. You have crossed 6 months of your pregnancy period. Now you are on 7th month and third trimester. As you have takenRead More

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Pregnant Women

7 Food For 26 Weeks Pregnant Women : What To Eat During Pregnancy

You have completely shaped your baby and you are now to be a Pregnant Women. At this 6th month, your baby is growing so fast and need a supply of more nutrition in your body. Even you may feel hungry here and want to take much more foods. Taking right foods will be the right decisionRead More

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5th Month of Pregnancy ( Physical Development Stages)

Baby Physical Development Stages During The 5th Month of Pregnancy

Your baby has grown up and you may feel physical development stages of your baby or movement of your baby. You also have to make sure of right foods till the end. Here weight management is also important because you should gain weight by 1-2 pounds every week according to American Pregnancy Association and needRead More

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4 months pregnant

4 Months Pregnant Woman Needs High Intake of Iron Rich Foods

You have successfully completed 3 months of your pregnant period as you were more careful in taking right foods. These foods have helped you be confident and risk free. Now you are going to get 4th months and you can see some changes such as you don’t feel weak or you don’t feel nauseous andRead More

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13 Weeks Pregnant Women Food Chart

Most Important Food For 1 to 13 Weeks Pregnant Women

It is joyous that you are going to be pregnant and giving birth to a baby. Every women crave her baby will be strong, healthy and smiley look. In view of these realities, before being pregnant, they plan and list foods for the better development of baby. Even, they seek help from old people whatRead More

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Food for pregnant women

Most Important Food For Pregnant Women

Every woman’s great experience and joyous event in life is to be mother. From conception to delivery, she has to raise and bear her baby for 40 weeks which is the most significant time for her as well as her baby. So a likely mother is worried to take foods in the pregnancy period becauseRead More

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