Know Why Ice Cream is Harmful & Health Risks of Eating Ice Cream

In hot summer season, everyone has a passion to eat ice cream to satisfy thirst. When one is consumed, there is need to consume one more. But the risk factor of eating ice cream does have for human health. Ice cream contains high fat, calories, sodium, sugar and dairy components which have adverse effect on health on when it is consumed too much. These components in turn lead to many health risk like overweight, cardiovascular disease, addiction, sluggishness, bloating and many more. So let’s have a clear view on how eating ice cream affects human health.

Types of ice cream: There are generally three types of ice cream which can be discussed below:

Soft-Serve Ice cream: Soft serve ice cream is typically soft in nature and has less fat because there is much more air in soft serve ice cream. Soft serve ice cream may have -6 degree Celsius.

Frozen Custard: Custard frozen ice cream is so tasty for its diverse components because it contains egg yolk and it looks like creamy in nature. This ice cream is thicker than any other regular ice cream because It has less air.

Frozen Yogurt: Frozen Yogurt is getting much popularity among the people in modern age. Frozen yogurt is considered as healthy treat because it may contain less fat in spite of being mixed added sugar. It may be healthy ice cream that you may take in moderation.

Ingredients of ice cream: When it is so tasty in consuming ice cream, it is so important to know ingredients of ice cream. There may be some ingredients which generally cause human health problem.

Fat and Sugar content: Ice cream is high in fat and sugar content and fat especially from milk content is much more. Cholesterol like saturated fat is found highly in dairy product like milk. So It may not be good for eating ice cream for the people who have high blood pressure already. It is going to be a big health concern when this cholesterol is storing in arteries and hardening arteries which in turn cause high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Low fat low sugar ice cream can be taken in moderation for those people.

Different research institute have recommended that excess sugar intake from processed foods have long term effect on weight gain, addiction and many more. However, eating ice cream which have lower fat and sugar contents does have no harmful effect on health and can be taken in moderation.

Dairy content: Dairy content is one of the most important ingredient for ice cream because most of the people have cavities for ice cream with dairy texture. Dairy product especially cow’s milk has allergic reaction which may cause irritation in eyes, bloating, indigestion and sluggishness. So if you have already a problem with allergy, it will be better to keep you away from eating ice cream. In addition, you may take in moderation when you don’t experience any complication.

Is ice cream good for you? The answer may be we are going to discuss some health problems on how ice cream can cause health problems which may make aware of you.

Health risks of eating ice creamWeight gain: Overweight is a really big problem for those who are already overweight. When someone gains weight, it becomes so hard to lose weight. Ice cream may be a possible reason for weight gain because it has high fat which ultimately deposits fat in the human body. You may be so keen in taking this food whenever you are feeling thirsty. But this habit like over and over again lead to a life of full of physical complexity. So it can be good suggestion to avoid ice cream which are creamy, sweet, cold and sugary for continuous basis. Low calorie ice cream may be better option if you are so fond of ice cream.

Diabetes: The people know the extremity of diabetes those who are already suffering this problem. You are young but you don’t have this problem. But there is no guarantee to be affected with diabetes. Regularly eating of ice cream has scientific explanation to fall in diabetes as ice cream is produced with artificial sweeteners which cause diabetes. High fructose corn syrup which is the most important ingredient of making ice cream is dangerously linked to diabetes. So you should eat moderate level but excess eating of ice cream does have effects on triggering diabetes problem.  

Heart attack: When you are taking ice cream continuously, it is generating the risk of facing heart attack also. Ice cream is full of saturated fat which is available in frozen meals. This fat is not healthy for your health especially for blood because it increases blood lipids or fat in the blood. Eventually, high cholesterol can be your big enemy for facing heart attack early. Heart attack is a health problem that is faced by not only old people but also young and it is getting worse than bad. So it is smart decision for eating ice cream less not more to lead a healthy life.

Bloating: In the age of tasty food, we are more interested to take much foods which don’t have health benefits but we eat just for tasty texture. These foods horribly cause different problems like bloating which is storing gas in the stomach. Ice cream is just a food which cause problem to healthy stomach and produces gas in the stomach. Ice cream needs a while time to digest for most of the people and they feel swollen in the stomach. So it is really feeling like discomfort when you can’t digest foods taken like ice cream. Lower consumption of ice cream may not lead to bloating but excess consumption can cause this health problem.

Indigestion: There are lots of issues that after consumption of ice cream it is not fully digested or processed in the intestinal tract. So most of the time stomach discomfort is felt and nothing can be better when this problem is found in the human health. There are synthetic sugars in ice cream which block the smooth function of the digestion process. Most of the people after consuming ice cream feel uneasy and don’t take more foods for indigestion. However, ice cream gets mixed with different chemical compounds which cause different problems in the stomach. So for better health especially for stomach, it is better for not going to ice cream.  

Fat in the belly: Most of the guys have good physical fitness but size of belly is abnormally larger than body structure. If you may discard ice cream which may be an essential list of your daily activities, you are going to take benefits of avoiding this food. The explanation of why belly is fat after consuming ice cream is taking high level of carbohydrate for your body. So this can be a good plan for your belly to reduce the level of fat when you are going to eat less than your regular consumption.

Kidney problem: It may be ridiculous to learn that ice cream causes problem in the kidney. Kidney is so important function of human body and this kidney may be at fault when you are eating ice cream continuously. The ingredients of ice cream are dairy milk and sugar mostly. Dairy milk may not be produced in organic way because most of the farms may use injection to produce milk production heavily. So when milk modified genetically is not safe for health. So it is deep thought that this way your kidney may have failure in kidney that you have no awareness.  

Cancer: It also may be so funny to hear how ice cream can cause to cancer. Most of the brands who are not taking health into consideration may use different harmful chemical for eye catching or tasty texture. People do have attraction to buy those eye catching foods and eating heavily for its tasty texture which in turn causes cancer induced by different chemical. When you are going to buy ice cream to eat at moderate level for you or your kids, you need to make sure organic facts or manufacturing process or accreditation of standardization authority.

Irritation of eyes: Homemade ice cream may be healthy and tasty for your whole family members as you are preparing with healthy components. But ice cream made from any company who has no permission or a company may use different flammable liquid like butraldehyde which enhances enticing flavor of ice cream. These kinds of ice cream do harm for eyes and causes irritation in the long run. When you are eating ice cream outside, you need to make sure the company name and ingredients used for the production of ice cream.

Sore throat: Ice cream is your regular and favorite food and you can’t pass a single moment when you didn’t eat ice cream any day. Ice cream is frozen in nature and it is not well-matched with throat. When you are susceptible to frail immunity and eat ice cream, it may cause sore in throat. Sore throat induced by eating ice cream make people suffer in the long run and it takes time to recover from this illness. So you need to find out the time if eating ice cream may be threat to your health.

Allergic Reaction: Ice cream is made of fully dairy components but these dairy products are not suitable for those who have allergic problem. Even someone may feel chest pain when they are eating ice cream because chest pain may cause due to dairy product like ice cream which trigger allergic reaction. So healthy chest is ensuring easy breathing whereas chest pain is going to cause difficulties in breathing which in turn induce swelling in throat. However, there is no way but avoid ice cream at excess level if you are so fond of eating ice cream.

Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease: It is a common health problem and when someone is diagnosed with this health problem, your health provider will bring many more lists of changing your life styles. However, the health provider strictly prohibits eating cold foods and ice cream is considered as one of the cold foods and cold cuts are so helpful for those people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This eating ice cream also accumulates water in the lung. However, better treatment of any disease is changing lifestyles like eating foods that have no health benefits. So betterment is possible for this patient with COPD if he/she keeps far away from cold foods.

Addiction: Most of the kids are so fond of eating ice cream and they may not cease after one consumption. After eating an ice cream, they feel like eating ice cream one more. It is because ice creams are made with synthetic additives and preservatives compounds which trigger addiction to ice cream. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that people who are fond of ice cream eat frequently as they like to take taste it. Even, they also say that sometimes Ice creams are filled with cocaine which cause addiction to ice cream. So carefulness should be taken into consideration sternly why people are so fond of ice cream instead of healthier foods.  

Sluggishness:  those kids are fond of eating ice cream and eat much more are more sluggish than the children who don’t take ice cream. When ice cream is consumed, then it takes time to digest and makes people sluggish like making people stay on bed. It is because ice cream is full of fat and this fat makes people lazy and stops people to be energetic. So if you want to be energetic in your works, you must avoid foods that contain high fat.

However, the foods that cause health problems should be avoided for better and healthier life. In spite of knowing this fact, we crave those foods which have spicy, sugary and tasty feature and these ingredients work as addiction to take more and more foods. eating Ice cream can be one of them and it does have lots of health problem because of its high fat, sugar and dairy issue. So homemade ice cream may be best healthy ice cream or ice cream with low fat, sugar can be taken in moderation if you have already those health problems discussed above.