Know The Temperature of Cooked Meat And Some Health Risks

Temperature of Cooked MeatYou are beside any restaurant and smelling very tasty flavor from the steam of cooking meat and those foods are being processed to make sure taste and flavor. These type of foods are taking a strong place around the world.  In the US, there are some popular foods processed with meat and people are massively eating those foods to fulfill their hunger. Additionally, these foods are packaged and marketed to feed the people. Commonly these types of foods are steak, grilled meat, barbecued and pork. The temperature of cooked meat has been a big concern to the health expert as they are saying what people are eating in the name of consuming tasty foods like meat. Now we are going to discuss these foods which are popular around the world.

Now we have to know what may happen in meat as well as our health if overcooked meat is taken. There are lots of matters to be taken into consideration for overcooking any foods.

  1. Every food contain contains vitamins and nutrition which is helpful for human body. But this nutrition is lost if food is over cooked with high temperature. Different vitamins like B, C, A, E and K are lost from food due to high temperature of heat.
  2. Meat is a great source of protein and this protein plays significant role in maintaining good health like muscle building and strong metabolism. This protein is depleted if meat is overcooked and study says that about 50% protein can be lost for taking taste from foods that are processed with high temperature.
  3. In the intestinal function, overcooked meat causes problems and body odor can be a possible reason. Intestinal tract can’t perform well when foods especially meat is overcooked or heartburn. Following the guidelines of heating meat can be good option and it means that you are going to take needed vitamins and minerals from meat.
  4. Digestion is a very important factor to maintain a good health. Healthy foods help digestion for human body very significantly and after digestion, vitamins and nutrition supply energy to every organ. On the other hand, overcooked foods do have negative effect on digestion process and foods cooked with high temperature needs long time to digest and can’t support human health with required level of nutrition.
  5. At present, people are suffering from acidity and this complication is on the rise. It is just for taking foods outside. Foods prepared outside are mixed with fatty oil and high temperature to make sure taste and flavor so that people have dependency on foods outside. So foods especially meat with high temperature or overcooked can be a big reason for acidity.
  6. Enzymatic factor plays vital role in the health of human body when health foods are consumed. Overcooked meat or meat cooked with high temperature depletes all nutrition and foods with no nutrition creates enzyme dead foods. So metabolic action in the body can be effective if foods especially meat is taken according to its standard. Additionally, it has been found that high heat for cooking meat has been considered as processed foods and these foods kill some very important enzymes in the human body.
  7. Kidney stone has been one of the common health risk in the world. This kidney stones are highly responsible for taking foods with high temperature or overcooked. According to study and research, people are getting much popularity on foods cooked overly and facing high risk of serious health complication.
  8. Increase of white blood cell is responsible when foods heated with high temperature. White blood cells should be in a minimum level but this level goes up when foods are cooked overly. If white blood cells increase, then inflammation is also on the rise. Increase of White blood cells can be a big reason for lots of disease for human body.
  9. The pancreas can be big in size which is not a good sign for leading a healthy life. Most of the cases, foods especially meat can be a big reason for pancreatic disorder when it is taken as black color. Eventually, this kind of food can harm some important enzymes in the human body. This should be taken into consideration.
  10. The rate of High cholesterol and heart disease related death is increasing day by day. It is mostly because of change of food habit as we are depending fast and processed foods. Meat with high temperate is one of the popular processed foods around the world. There is a very high risk of facing high cholesterol and heart disease for taking foods especially meat cooked overly. Study finds that foods which are cooked according to its required level have less risk of heart disease. But high temperature can be so harmful for meat as well as human health. Additionally, health expert suggest that meat cooked with shorter and lower temperature can be good for health.

We the people are getting so much habituated of taking foods outside. This taking foods can be regular for some people and those people are regular on outside foods are facing long term health problems. Breast cancer is one of the common health risks around the world and this health complication is highly responsible for processed foods like foods cooked overly especially meat. Some common compounds may be generated when meat is overly cooked and these compounds have higher health risks. So you need to know these compounds from overcooked meat.

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AGEs: There is a very interesting equation that is fat and protein can be harmful if food source is cooked for long time. High heat can turn protein toxins named as glycation and it is called AGEs. This is a dangerous toxin that work to imbalance the function of antioxidants and induce inflammation. This process may lead to cardiovascular and diabetes for the people who are regularly eating those type foods especially meat.

PAHs: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is a type of chemicals that is generated from smoke which is used to grill meat from brown to black color. This type of chemicals is called carcinogens and is highly linked to cancer like lung and bladder cancer.

HCAs: It is called Heterocyclic amines are also carcinogenic chemicals which are generated from meat type foods like beef, pork and steak temperature. These chemicals are generated when meat is heated with 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If this temperature is used, carcinogenic foods are available with this temperature. Pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer from adult people are common long term disease which are caused by these type chemicals.

Complication in metabolism and digestion: Healthy food accelerates metabolism that explains overall good health. At present, we are getting habituated of fast foods or consuming foods outside. Researcher find that over dependency on foods outside can be major health concern. Part of this food, over cooked meat is also getting so popular in the fast and forwarding life. Human body has a very significant biochemical compound of blood and this blood function may be hamper when we are going to take foods outside.

Study has found that blood cell concentration is highly important for human body and overcooked food especially meat can enhance a danger of blood concentration like increasing white blood cells. Enhancement of white blood cells cause to infection and inflammation that stop keeping well for human body. There is another interesting fact that is if you take high temperature to process food like meat, this food stays in your gut for long time and takes time to consume nutrition at the cellular level. So higher you are going to take taste, the longer you are going to suffer from health problem.

Risk of cancer: Does meat cause cancer? It is a common question from common people. According to study, It has been found that food especially meat by high temperature has long term harmful effects on our health. This type of overcooked meat causes cancer and it is highly associated with high risk of cancer. The fact is overcooked food reassess different chemicals which are heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are highly known as carcinogenic compounds. These compounds are generated by smoke and smoke is responsible for carcinogenic compounds.

Clinical study has found that those compounds have higher risks of developing different tumors in the skin, breast, prostate and liver. So it is clear about meat and cancer that skin cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer can be caused if someone is so habituated of consuming overcooked or grilled meat.

Health experts have warned about the trending foods like meat cooked by on an open flame or smoke or high temperature can be your long term health problem like development of horrible disease cancer. Meat cooked with high temperature also causes to develop carcinogenic compound known as acrylamide and this compound is generated when meat is cooked for long time. It has also been found that acrylamide can be generated if temperature crosses over 120 degree Celsius and it is about 248 degree Fahrenheit. So you can consume so much acrylamide when you are heating your meat for long time and this should be taken into consideration if you want to lead a life of cancer free.

Loss of Nutrition: Meat is a great source of protein, zinc and some important vitamins which play vital role for maintaining good health. These vitamins and minerals are lost when meat is overcooked and heated high. At present food habit is being changed massively. In the fast-food shop, flavor of fired meat is common when you are in those shop. Additionally, people love to consume overcooked meat but nutrition is depleted from this type of food when meat is processed with high temperature and fried with fatty oil.

Health Risks of overcooked meatThe common fact is human body needs required level of nutrition. Meat is also a great source of nutrition but overcooked meat has less or no nutrition. Finally, it can be seen that people are eating this type of foods and getting sick due to less nutrition. So the most important suggestion is that people should be veggie lover and this veggie can be a great source of vitamins if this is taken as raw. So meat should also be consumed according to its standard in case of cooking matter.

Chronic Ailments: To add taste in meat, it is common to see that this food is cooked with high temperature or overcooked. These types of foods are fried, grill and barbecued which are getting much popularity now. When you are going to take this kind of taste, you are getting more prone to health risk. According to many health expert, overcooked foods have higher risks of chronic ailment in the human body. This food increases gastrointestinal irritation and causes also intestinal fungus which can hamper the digestive function. Most of the cases it is seen that stomach pain or upset is common and clinical study finds that this kind of complication is due to heartburn foods.

Kidney Stones: Kidney stones is epidemic around the world and this is one of the common disease for the people and the world’s health organization is alarmed to see the rate of increasing risk of kidney stones. Most of the study and research have found that kidney stones occur due to totally food habit. So if you have a habit of consuming foods outside, this risk is more for you. Overcooked meat is one of the harmful food for kidney as it depletes diuretics from kidney. Additionally, if you are prone to uric acid sticks in our kidney, it is essential to avoid those foods.

Anyway, natural and foods as raw type like vegetables can be good way to make sure good health and it is suggested by health provider. In the same way, meat is heated according to its requirement. If meat is heated over or cooked over to make tasty texture, it can be a health risk and cause to chronic health ailments also. So you need to be careful about what you are consuming in the name of consuming taste from foods like meat.

What should be guidelines for the temperature of cooked meat?

There is a normal guidelines on how to cook meat with temperature or beef temperature. It is so important to learn cooking meat according to its color, juiciness and its internal temperature. Especially beef converted to steak and roasts.  Some important matters should be taken into consideration when cooking meat. The United States Department of Agriculture has the recommendation of temperature like 145 Fahrenheit for cuts of beef, veal and lamb to make sure people are not going to face foodborne illness. Whereas, ground meat or tenderized by cutting is considered to cook with 160 Fahrenheit.

Color: People meat cook according to its color and like to turn color deeper to make sure it is going to be tasty. This color turns into red to pink to gray to brown to black. The color black is generated when meat is burnt and other juices are lost from this meat.

Drying: In addition to being brown, there may be less juice in meat. Drying makes meat brown and it is also tasty in texture.

In modern age, people seek for fast foods to meet up hunger and going outside for consuming foods is getting more common than before. This tendency should be rare but not regular. When people are regular on taking outside foods, some health risks are also on the rise. Overcooked meat or high temperature of cooked meat is a kind of food that has so many health risks. But meat is also a healthy foods that has lots of health benefits if it is taken on right way.