Avoid Some Foods That Generate High Cholesterol in The Human Body

Cholesterol, a waxy fat-like substance, is an essential element of the human body. There are two types of cholesterol- good and bad. HDL is the good kind and LDL is the bad kind of cholesterol, the first one helps the body to produce hormones, Vitamin D, and some elements helpful to digest food. The Liver is the organ in which HDL can normally produce well enough to function those necessary of the body. But the second, LDL, can harm you because it is a major factor for coronary heart disease, heart attack ,and stroke. It comes cholesterol moving in the blood flowfrom some food that naturally increases the cholesterol levels in the human body. So, try to avoid such kind of foods that can be harmful in this regard. We discuss some food that can generate cholesterol in the human body and put you at the risk of having coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke and other physical complex related to a high cholesterol in all cells in the human body.

Red meat and processed meat:
Meat is not a good choice when it is taken in an excess amount and take it with visible fat. Red meat and processed meats contain a huge amount of cholesterol in it though that are a good source of some nutrients that are not found enough in the veggie sources. The benefits of red meats depend on its cut, if it is of lean cut, it contains little amount of visible fat and harmful cholesterol, but other than that it is not good for healthy heart or cholesterol level. Processed meat is also of that type depends on its cut and how much fat adds to it during its processing and packaging. Omega-3 fatty acids in red meat are good for the heart for the common people, but not for the people who already have had heart disease and should avoid beef, goat meat, lamb, and duck.

Deep fried chicken
Chicken is a good source of protein and good animal fat better than red meats because of its low-fat meat option, but the way of cooking can make the difference whether is good for the health of a source of cholesterol. One large piece of a chicken with skin deeply fried in even vegetable oil can increase the fat factor and cholesterol much bigger than that of a hamburger or of a cup of ice cream. Chicken soup or curry with low using of oil can be a better choice for the people who have the cholesterol level high, over weight, and problems in the heart.

The organ liver is the factory and store house of Cholesterol in the human body produces the necessary amount of cholesterol and distributes all over the body through the blood as it is a necessary element for the body. But liver from grass-fed animal or poultry on the dish is also a source of the highest concentrated level of Cholesterol. As a one serves of 100 grams of liver on the dish at your dinner table contains 564mg of cholesterol as found in a survey conducted by American Heart Association, where as not over 300mg of cholesterol is good enough for the health of an adult man or women. Much consumption of animal liver can increase the level of bad cholesterol resulting in harm for your health.

Egg Yolks
Consumption of eggs in the daily diet, especially in the breakfast is good for health, but not an unmixed blessing for those who have already high cholesterol in their blood and heart disease as an egg is a good source of cholesterol. A single egg as a whole contains 212mg of cholesterol where its yolk contains 210 mg of cholesterol. As a one serving of 100gm eggs can provide 1234 mg of cholesterol that is bigger than most other foods. So take your egg without any yolk if you are already a heart patient or you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood. If you are a person without that complexity, take eggs not more than four a week Otherwise, it can enhance the risk of getting a heart disease.

You will find the use of butter frequently in most of your foods, you take every now and then like breads, pancakes, cuisines, popcorn, toast, mashed potatoes, and others. Butter can make your foods delicious and you should keep your mind on the cholesterol factor in these types of foods, especially when you are a heart disease patient of you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood. Butter contains a huge amount of cholesterol, 100 grams of butter may provide 215 mg of cholesterol in the body. To keep the cholesterol level low, use vegetable oil instead of butter to cook the mentioned foods, or other types of food you like to have in your everyday life while you are a heart disease patient or you have high levels of cholesterol or not.

Ice Cream
Frozen, made of milk, good in taste, all these can hide the cholesterol- increase fact hidden in ice cream. People with high cholesterol should cut off it from their diet as soon as possible because the alarming news for them that a cup of ice cream can have more fat than that of a hamburger and more cholesterol than that of as much as ten glazed doughnuts as EverydayHealth.com said.

Hamburgers and Cheeseburger
In big cities, people are needed quick launch and gradually are becoming dependable on fast food every day. Among the fast foods, hamburger is becoming the favorite choice all over the world. With onion, cheese, and bacon, it is good in taste but it is bad for health if people who have problems with their heart and already have high cholesterol in their blood. One Big Mac contains 85 mg of cholesterol and no good news for the Cheeseburger, as a big one contains 175 mg of cholesterol. To avoid this complex take a plain burger instead of those.

Cream Cheese
Cheese is a veggie source of protein and calcium that is used frequently to increase the taste and flavor of different types of foods such as cake, pizza, and burger but it is high in cholesterol. A serving of 100 grams of cheese can provide 123mg of cholesterol and frequent consumption of cheese oriented foods can be harmful to the heart health and other complexity for the overall human health.

Shrimp and Shellfish
Shrimp is a very popular dietary choice but it should not be taken as a daily diet for the common people of for the people with high cholesterol or with heart disease or with high blood pressure because a serving of 100 grams of shrimps can contain 195 mg of bad cholesterol. Sea foods are no doubt a good dietary choice but fried one is bad for health for the cholesterol factor. Shellfish are the worst dietary choice for those with heart disease or high cholesterol.

Fast foods
We discussed the hamburger and the cheeseburger with their cholesterol factor before. Like those, other fast foods also have the cholesterol factor in them because most of the fast foods available in the store are made of egg, butter, cheese and deep fried in nature. All these factors and ingredients can increase the cholesterol level high of those foods, thus after consumption of those foods can increase the level of bad cholesterol in the human body and make things difficult to lead a normal life with sound health.

Besides the above-mentioned foods, some other popular foods like  French Fries, Microwave Popcorn, Commercial Baked Goods,  Muffins, and Margarine such kinds of foods contain a good deal of bad cholesterol that can do harm for your heart and liver as well as overall health.