Here Are 16 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Time.

After the birth of a baby, it is often seen that the baby is not matured, has lots of birth defects or has critical health problems due to taking avoiding foods or be alive for some days and then die. According to WHO report about 3.3 million new born babies die in the first four weeks and A child’s risk of death in the first four weeks of life is nearly 15 times greater than any other time before his or her first birthday”. The parents of the baby rush to different doctors for better treatment even don’t think of a single moment for money but anyhow want the baby to recover from the risk of deaths. But why is this rush? It is because a pregnant woman was not careful in taking needed nutrition and might have thirst to foods that has adverse effect on a baby to born. So it is so important to know the foods that are killing your baby or baby’s health and which foods to avoid during pregnancy time.

Mercury Fish: Fish is cultivated in cold and fresh water and polluted water. For the growth of industry, chemical mixed water is being disposed in the river and sea. Fish takes water as its foods that may contain this chemical substance. So fish cultivated in industrial polluted is highly risky for your growing baby. As a pregnant you like to eat fish in the rivers and sea, your baby to born will face risks of complications in kidney, immune system and nervous system. Mercury contains high level of toxic organic components and neurotoxin that damages brain and hinders your baby’s healthy development. So you need to opt for fish cultivated in cold and fresh water and take fish like salmon, cod, canned light tuna containing lower mercury.

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Raw or half cooked egg: Regular Food poisoning, severe vomiting, headache, high temperature and diearhoe may be seen when you are pregnant. These problems are indicating that your immune system is being affected and your baby is going to face a risk of premature birth. It happens due to taking raw or not fully boiled egg. Raw egg contains harmful bacteria which is salmonella that contributes to happen above problems for the pregnant woman. The infection of this bacteria also causes premature birth, intellectual disability, paralysis, seizures, impairment of kidney, heart etc.

Raw meat or poultry: Raw meat or poultry may be in red or bloody after cooking and they have adverse effect on you and your baby. Toxoplasmosis is one kind of infection that is caused by taking slightly cooked meat. These infections may lead to fetal death and abortion. So you may have habit to take foods outside restaurant but don’t see the process of cooking. They may take less time to prepare your delicious foods which may be dangerous for you and your baby. You need to avoid this kind meat cooked outside and take meat cooked properly to make sure there is no harmful substance. Raw meat or poultry cooking standard and safe form should be 165 (Fernheight) with heated steam to make sure there is not any kind of bacteria.

Raw milk: You may think that drinking raw milk is a benefit. But it is not safe at all. Bacteria’s living place is in the watery area. Raw milk contains bacteria just as salmonella and cryptosporidium. Food poisining and Diarrheal disease can be explored during pregnancy which leads to shortage of water and your baby may be at risk. So when you are going to drink milk, you need to make sure boiling milk properly with heated steam. Even soft cheese is harmful for pregnant period due to having bacteria.

Excess caffeine: During pregnancy, you must avoid taking excess caffeine in spite of having habit every day. Low birth rate, miscarriage, and premature birth are the reasons of taking caffeine. Caffeine absorb s water from the body and this water taking keeps fluids at a risk. For ensuring safety for you and your baby, you need to avoid this taking caffeine during pregnancy.

Sugar added foods: Candy, biscuits, ice cream, cake, chocolates and sugar sweetened beverages are added with sugar when they are made and are not safe during at all. These foods contain high amount of sugar. Sugar added in the foods like those is highly responsible for high blood pressure and causes premature birth, weight gain, vomiting, and nausea and constipation complications. These foods also increase the risk of preeclampsia that is a pregnancy complication. This complication affects the organ system of the body like kidney and liver. At last, the metabolic process of the baby gets weak. If you want to seek for sugar related foods, then you need to seek from natural sources like grapefruits, apricots, dates and peas and they are highly nutrients and can meet up your sugar requirements.

Papaya: There are lots of debates to take papaya during pregnancy. Most of the experts have given opinion to take papaya and some of the expert have given opinion to avoid it. The truth is unripe or semi ripe papaya is not safe for pregnant woman. This kinds of papaya contains latex that affects uterine contraction and allergic complications. It may also cause miscarriage, early labor. According to Food science, they term papaya, in spite of having lots of health benefit, containing latex and toxic to lead allergy. During pregnancy, you need to avoid such types of latex and toxicity intake to be safe.

Pineapple: Most of the pregnant woman have question about the safety issue of taking pineapple during pregnancy.  The researchers have opined that pineapple may not be good for you if you are pregnant because Pineapple contains bromelain. It is kind of mixture of enzymes available from pineapple juices and excess amount of this bromelain intake leads to the problem of uterine contraction. The uterine contraction helps miscarriage for the pregnant woman. It also softens you cervix that is the lower part of the uterus that connects the vagina which causes miscarriage. Taking little amount of pineapple may not be risky. If you have craving to pineapple, you need to consult with doctors.

Grapes: Grapes are good fruits but you are on last trimester so you need to avoid it. Grapes are fruits that enhance temperature in the body. The woman who have imbalanced hormones need to avoid eating grapes as it contains resveratrol, a toxic compound that generates heat in the body. Grapes are sour so taking it at excess level may cause vomiting, neausa and digestive imbalance. During last trimester, the recurrences of these problems affect the baby’s immune process.

Eggplants: Eggplants is one of the vegetables that is rich in lots of vitamins. But it has also bad sides which are presence of phytohormones that leads to premenstrual. This phytohormones inspires menstruation and Premenstrual is so risky for this stage that develops risk of spontaneous abortion for the pregnant woman. Acidity may happen due to taking excess amount of eggplants.

Honey: There may be traditional belief that honey is good for pregnant woman. But that’s not true. Honey contains dangerous bacteria like botulinam that causes from botulism for your baby. Botulism is rare in appearance but very fatal diseases. This disease is termed as blurred vision, trouble in speaking, feeling tired, and weakness of the baby after birth which may develop. Sometimes the baby can’t cry strongly due to weakness, he is unable to move or open eyes and ultimately leads to death due to respiratory failure. Even most of the kids are found they can’t speak fluently in spite of taking much time, they can’t run and get tired after short run. It is better to avoid honey during pregnancy not to face the possible risks of your baby after birth.

Unwashed fruits and vegetables: Most of the cases, farm uses different chemicals for productivity and you must be careful when you are going to take these kinds of fruits and vegetables. Obviously the farms should have organic processes to cultivate fruits and vegetables to make sure there is no harmful substance that may cause trouble for pregnant woman. When you are going to prepare your dishes with vegetable and fruits, you should wash upper dirt water properly and strongly so that there is no bacteria. Even you must cut away the damaged or soft area of the fruits and vegetables where there is possibility of staying bacteria. Toxoplasma is one kind of bacteria that lives in the upper part of unwashed fruits and vegetables. Blindness, hearing loss, intellectual disability may be developed to your baby from early age due to toxoplasma infection.

Refrigerated Foods: A pregnant woman who is busy with her profession has not much time to cook foods due to limited time after maintaining required time for the office. It is much better to cook and take foods at a time but she has to depend on cooked foods bought from outside in the refrigerator due to limited hours. Listeria is one kind of bacteria that may be infected and do harm on your unborn baby if you don’t store your foods in the refrigerator proper way and reheat cooked foods before eating. If you buy cooked foods from outside, you should follow the instruction to reheat on your oven according to standing time to make sure it is heated properly.

Debate for allergic foods: Most of the nutrients foods like cow’s milk, eggs, fish, spinach, soy, wheat, peanuts may have allergic effects on a pregnant woman. Most of the researches have opined to take foods that may cause allergy. Fish is required to take but if it causes allergy and avoid it, you are losing very important portion of nutrition for your baby’s brain development. Even you may think that I am not allergic to the foods that may cause allergy for my baby if those allergic foods are taken during pregnancy period. A baby is more likely to develop allergies of any kind (including food allergies, hay fever, asthma or eczema) if either parent has them, says Ananth Thyagarajan, M.D., attending physician at the Virginia Adult and Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Practice in Richmond. But if this is the case, there’s no evidence that avoiding allergenic foods (other than those you’re allergic to yourself) while you’re pregnant or nursing will help your baby. Even you are allergic but need to take those highly nutrition during pregnancy, you must consult with your doctor.

Tobacco/Smoking: Those husbands who are conscious about the new guest in the family are more careful in taking foods that can cause defects of the baby. those conscious husband also give up different bad habits to expect a healthy baby. Taking tobacco is very dangerous during pregnancy for both husband and wife. Indirect intake of tobacco kills the baby and many researchers have opined. Orofacial cleft, it is defect of mouth and lip may be developed to the baby if a pregnant woman smokes and takes tobacco. Other more problems like infection, bronchitis asthma are generated for the baby if other people smoke that is indirect smoking. Even after birth, sudden and unexpected death happens due to smoking during pregnant period.

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Alcohol: Drinking alcohol means alcohol’s movement in the bloodstream. It moves on different stages like placenta and touches your baby. There is dangerous effect on your baby when you are drinking alcohol because your baby may be at risk in the area of learning, speech, concentration and still birth. A study has shown that a pregnant woman’s girl may be abnormal if she drinks alcohol. Even alcohol drinker’s baby may be aggressive in behavior that will lead to uncontrolled life leading of your growing kids in well mannered and lifespan. Nerve problem, poor growth of the human, ugly outlook may be found after birth due to drinking alcohol when you are pregnant.

However in addition to the above discussed foods, you may take more foods and feel complications in your body and from your baby, you need to avoid those foods. You also need to discuss with your midwife and doctors about your problem for taking foods to ensure you and your baby’s safety.