Risk Factor of Artificially Processed Fruit Juice For Human Body

Fruits are always in the top list as important and so many vitamins and minerals providers for human health. Doctors and health expert also suggest to take fruits as much as possible as better treatment for all kinds of health complications. Fruit juice is one of the important drinks now for, older, young as well as kids. Fruit juice from natural way like homemade does have health benefits as one can take it as raw. Any form of raw foods is so important for the human health and it helps our health improve in stronger and longer way.

risk factor of artificially processed fruit juice for human bodyAt present there are lots of juice produced by different company in the market to feed the people in the name of healthy fruit juice. People are also buying those fruit juice and taking subconsciously by knowing health benefits. You can’t imagine those fruit juice being tasty like sugary texture and juicy can be a big reason for diabetes cancer and arthritis. Considering these facts, different countries have started to ban those fruit juice added with different chemical compounds which are killing human slowly. Now we need to know the ingredients that the fruit juice company are using and we as well as our kids are eating the ingredients which work to sustain fruit juice for long time.

How artificial fruit juice can affect the human health: There are lots of disease induced by highly fruit juice like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney and many more complicated diseases that our kids are now facing.

Sugar: Added sugar is very harmful for human health. Every American take sugar more than 22 teaspoons and it shows they are taking more sugar than need. Human health obviously balance the load of taking sugar because a small part of food should be processed in the human body and excess consumption of sugar is not healthy. Sugar consumption is so tasty and everyone does not have any problem sugar enhanced foods and this trend leads to many more human health complication.

Early obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, migraines, miscarriage for the pregnant woman and cancer are increasing massively as people are so changed today in the form of taking foods. People are so fond of taking foods that have excess amount of sugar and salt. Human health is not designed to adapting with high artificial sugar which displaces the normal function of human health.

Fructose: Fructose is one of the important ingredient in fruit juice and this fructose helps juice be sugary texture which in turn makes juice so sweetie. There are some harmful effects on health when fructose is taken massively. Fructose rich fruits juice is not safe as it creates pressure on liver and this artificial fructose gets into fat most of the time.

Different health experts have suggested that excess consumption of fructose may be a big reason for metabolic disorder. Liver is so important function and clinical study has found that those who have taken excess fructose rich fruit juice have higher risk of facing liver damage. Even fructose is also leading causes of obesity, heart disease and cancer also.

Phosphoric Acid: Fruit is natural way to gain essential nutrition for human health. Fresh fruit and juice from fresh fruit do have health benefits. Fresh means you are eating as raw and fruits in raw nature should be taken to keep better health. However, to sustain foods for long time as commercial purposes, Foods are prepared in the form of being sustainable for long time. Different kinds of phosphoric acid can be used in fruit juice as preservative. You may be habituated of eating fruit in spite of being used by the fruit juice produces as you are not experiencing any change in the health. But they have long term effect on health. Phosphoric acid destroys the growth of teeth and erodes slowly and this can be so dangerous for bone development. Phosphoric acid has been shown as bigger threat to kidney disease also.

Sodium Benzoate: Most of the company are producing their products in the guise of human eyes. They may have permission or they may follow hidden process of producing food related products. You don’t know the production process but you have to depend on the foods from the market. So what you are eating or drinking is main concern as they may use different kinds of preservative to make sure long term stay in the market.

Sodium Benzoate is one of the most harmful preservative that may be used in the fruit juice. This preservative leads to lots of human health complication like asthma, high blood pressure, kidney disease and most of the children suffer from allergic reaction from early age and it is because of taking this sodium benzoate massively.

Monosodium Glutamate: Today’s consumption of harmful foods may not have any reaction and you may think that nothing can happen. But the fact is you have to face unexpected condition in life if you don’t be aware of the foods that you are buying from market and their harmful layers in the foods.

Monosodium Glutamate is one of the preservative also in the foods that enhances flavor in the juice. But it does have some health concern like most of the people are now suffering from migraines, brain damage, and depression which are seen as common among the people. The reason may by sleep deprivation but the actual reason is using this kind of preservative to be used in the fruit juice that we are eating as our everyday meals.

Aspartame: Fruit has natural sugar and this natural sugar is not harmful for health. When people are drinking fruit juice, they may taste high sweetener. You must be careful about artificial sweeteners in the fruits juice.

Aspartame is one kind of preservative which adds sweet flavor and texture in the fruit juice. Even there are also lots human health issues like heart attack, anxiety, nausea and depression. This kinds of hidden compounds added in the foods are killing human slowly.

These are ingredients that may be generally added to fruit juice when juice is produced commercially. A business may have policy on profit maximization as well as considering the risk of the human health. But some business may have ill motif to do harm for the people in order to increasing profit. There are different platforms to check the foods according to its health concern. To make fruit juice, different companies are pursuing different ways to make sure they are not harmful for health. However, we are going to discuss some health issues if fruit juice added with the above ingredients is taken.

Obesity: Obesity is common problem in the USA and most of the people are so worried when they are obese. This is a problem that needs huge time even lifetime to get back fit body. Fit especially physically according to weight is the sign to lead healthy life.  When some foods are getting so popular, then those foods are also main causes to obesity. Added sugar, sodium and different kinds of preservative work to form fat in the human body. Fruit juice may be responsible for obesity and your kids are obese which is called early obesity. If they are so fond of fruit juice from the outside market, you need to check what they are drinking in the name of fruit juice.

Kidney Disease: Kidney is important organ in the excretory function and this important function may be damaged only wrong choice on foods. Fruit juice may also have reasons for the failure of kidney. Kidney needs fresh water to flush away waste compounds in the human body. The ingredients added with fruit juice may displace the proper function of the kidney and kidney disease is often seen due to consumption of foods like high in sugar, sodium or chemical compounds.  So someone needs to check the fact of fruit juice when they are so fond of this drinks and health facts need to be taken into consideration for living healthier and longer.

Heart Disease: It is one of the leading causes of death and foods high in sugar, sodium and many chemicals are highly responsible for heart disease. If fruit juice is high in sugar, sodium and many other chemicals compounds which are not healthy for human health, this may be big concern for heart disease. Even younger are also more susceptible to heart disease and they are facing heart disease only for wrong choice on foods. So you need to check the juice if it is full of artificial sugar and sodium. So you should avoid this kind of fruit juice in which there is possibility to face heart disease. This kind of artificial sugar increases bad cholesterol and fat in the human health which triggers heart attack and stroke. You may take Excess consumption of any food or long term fondness to any food like fruit juice but this can be a clear reason for facing heart disease. It is the time to check the juice if they are healthy or not.

Cancer: Unlike other whole fruit, fruit juice may be the reason of cancer. Cancer is one of the horrible reason for death. Millions of people die every year only for cancer which has been regarded that people’s lifestyle or choice on foods are responsible for cancer and early death. In spite of having no specific evidence of cancer, fruit juice is produced with high sugar, sodium and fructose which displaces the cell and turns into cancer. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer have taken high artificial sugar, sodium and different kinds of preservative related compounds. So what you are drinking as fruit juice that may have exorbitant level of sodium in the market may be the reason of early death.

Liver damage: Liver is one of the important function of human health. This liver can be damaged due to wrong choice on foods like fruit juice. Fruit juice may contain high amount of fructose which can pressurize the function of liver. This fructose is used to add sweeteners of fruit juice which in turn damage liver. When harmful compounds are used in the foods, they are not supposed to be metabolized and work to displace some important function like liver. So Fruit is obviously good diet which will guide your health to healthier and longer living but juice with other components are harmful for health.

How to take fruit as juice: The best suggestion for fruit juice is going with natural way and taking it as whole. In the market, you may see lots of fruit juice packaged with exciting papers. You don’t know how this juice has been prepared. This kind of fruit juice may be available in the market which is unauthorized by the government body or not certified by any health organization. Here are some notes that can be taken into consideration:

Check the approval: when you are in the market to buy fruit juice, you need to check the approval by the government or certification by any health organization. At present, the production process is changing and most of the companies are trying to ensure natural way of producing juice. So you can check this to make sure you are safe from those kind of health risks.

Taking fruit as whole: Juice type fruit have less fiber which is so important nutrients for human health. Most of the health experts suggest that if you take fruit as whole, you are going to get needed and enough fiber for your health. So it is better to take fruit as whole.

However, fruit juice may be so popular and interesting drinks for you and some fruit juice may be so risky for your health if they have some kinds of components which trigger some kinds of health problems. So everyone should be very careful in this case when you are in the supermarket to buy fruit juice for you and your kids.