Foods harmful for Brain Health

Some Foods is Harmful For Brain Health

There are hundred and thousands of foods good for brain health, but there are some other foods or types of foods that can hurt the brain, shrink the brain, can cause Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and[...]

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alkaline foods

What is The Benefits of Alkaline Foods  For Human Body

Many of us like to recite a saying by Noble prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg – no disease, including cancer, can be exists in an alkaline environment – is partly true because in a recent[...]

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Foods Help After Quitting Smoking

10 Foods and Drinks That Help You After Quitting Smoking

In each packet of cigarettes, you will find some common words for caution like ‘Smoking is injurious to health,’ ‘Smoking Kills,’ ‘Smoking causes cancer’ – these words rarely help you away from smoking because addiction[...]

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Red meat benefits

Why Red Meat Benefits For Your Health ?

Red meat is not an unmixed blessing and a common diet found in non-vegs’ dinner tables. It is generally found in two forms- processed & unprocessed with some cuts are high in saturated fat and[...]

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food for blood circulation

Food For Blood Circulation Improvement & Reduce Risk Factor

The regular supply of oxygenated blood is the most essential part of the function of the human body. Lack of normal regular supply (poor blood circulation) resulting number of physical disorders such as a weakened[...]

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brain health

Some Common Foods For Brain Health Improvement

Remember the famous Latin philosophical proposition of Rene Descartes – Cogito ergo sum– that simply means ‘I think, therefore I am’ and think what will happen if your brain stops thinking! And it may happen[...]

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Mercury Poisoning

Disadvantage & Mercury Poisoning of Eating Sea Fish

As a dietary choice, Sea fish is a smart choice no doubt as it contains low amount of calories, saturated fat and also contains high amount of healthful omega-3 fatty acid beneficial for health. Scientists,[...]

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Benefits of eating fish

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Fish loving people are so lucky as they consume one of the healthiest foods because not only both fishes from the salt water and from fresh water (sweet water) are loaded with various types of[...]

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Best Foods For Heart Health

To 10 Beneficial Best Foods For Heart Health

Heart diseases become common to the people from all ages and the rate of death causing by heart disease is increasing day by day at an alarming rate. Lack of consciousness or ignorance about healthy[...]

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Best foods for skin

12 Of The Best Foods For Skin Health

With its two layers- the epidermis and the dermis- skin is the largest organ in the surface of the human body, helps functioning the regulation, protection and sensation of the human body and supports all[...]

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