10 Foods and Drinks That Help You After Quitting Smoking

In each packet of cigarettes, you will find some common words for caution like ‘Smoking is injurious to health,’ ‘Smoking Kills,’ ‘Smoking causes cancer’ – these words rarely help you away from smoking because addiction to nicotine can’t let you give it up and make you fascinated to smoking again. Nicotine is the reason you cannot kick your smoking habit because after entering your body nicotine releases some feel-good chemical and create buzz. Nicotine is such a harmful compound responsible for blood pressure, damage lung and other organs, keep nerve and muscle cells from its proper functioning. The effects of nicotine last for years, even after quitting smoking.

After giving up smoking, it is necessary to flush out nicotine and tar from your body and improve the conditions of the organs affected by smoking. A good deal of ways you will find to flush out nicotine and far from your body such as exercise, breathing avoiding foods like white sugar, flour, dairy products, some non-alcoholic beverage and in taking foods help clean up nicotine from the human body. Here we suggest some foods that will help you to flush out nicotine from your body, rebuild your damaged organ from the after quitting smoking as well as help you keep away from smoking .

Carrots: Smoking is responsible for the deficiency of vitamin A, K, C, resulting damages in nerve cells, hamper natural circulation and brain functions, skin diseases. Carrot juice contains large amount of vitamin A, K, and C. It is a good source of vitamin C that helps flush out nicotine from your body.

Broccoli: Eating raw broccoli is good for lung. When someone chewing broccoli a chemical called sulforaBroccoli After quitting smokingphane is produced that help restore chemical pathway NRF2 in the lung. Smoking also responsible for the deficiency of vitamin C human in the body and this deficiency caused by smoking can be fully fill by consuming broccoli. It helps eliminate nicotine from your body also.

Spinach: Folic acid is a good fighter to flush out nicotine from our body. Nicotine produced some feel-good chemical in our brain. Quitting smoking stops the supply of nicotine and creates some mental uneasiness temporary. Folic acid helps to remove this mental uneasiness. To get folic acid from natural source spinach can be a very good choice. It also contains a good deal of vitamin-B9 which also help remove the after effect of smoking.

Ginger: Smoking cast bad effects on the respiratory system and makes it weak as well. Ginger can be a good remedy for that because it has been used as an herbal remedy for the respiratory system for about 2500 years in many of the Asian countries. It helps enhance lungs, improve blood circulation in the lung, help flush out phlegm as well as eliminate for nicotine from the respiratory system and helps increase the working capacity of the lungs.

Orange: No doubt, smoking is a disaster for the respiratory system. Vitamin C, carotenoids available in orange juice help regain the loss of your respiratory caused by smoking. Another nutrient, Cryptoxanthin, found in orange helps prevent lung cancer. Consumption of orange helps the lung to circulate oxygen smoothly all over the body.

Lemon: To combat with nicotine and its after effect lemon can be a very potent weapon. If smoking damages your skin health, casts bad effect on skin cells the vitamin C and citric acid from in lemon can help recover it. It also reduces the nicotine level from the blood flow and from the lung quickly.

Corn: A powerful antioxidant, Beta-cryptoxanthin, available in corns is a good fighter against lung cancer. It also contains beta-carotene, which helps fight against heart disease and cancer as well that are caused by cigarette smoking.

Pomegranates: Pomegranates helps produce red blood cells and also improves blood circulation. As a result of smoking, people face irregular heartbeat problems, blood pressure and oxygen deficiency in blood level. Pomegranates helps get rid of these three kinds of disorder.

Chili-peppers: Rich with beta-carotene, chili- peppers is good to fight against lung cancer cells. It also keeps the mucous membrane healthy that is injured for smoking. Various resources, found that people who eat spicy food have lower rates of cancers caused by smoking and by other reasons. No doubt it is a very good food to reduce from harm caused by smoking.

Water: Besides thousands of bad effect cast to your body, smoking also makes it dehydrated. So, take lots of fresh water daily. Water improves the supply of oxygen all over the body and it naturally flushes out toxin from the body as well as nicotine and other harmful elements caused by smoking. It also moisturizes lung and normal and smooth its function.