Best Vitamin C For Kids : Common Source & Treat Colds

Best Vitamin C For KidsKids are more susceptible to suffer from seasonal cold especially in the winter season. Kids suffer from cold when their immunity is not healthy. Not every parent want to see their kids suffer from this seasonal cold. Parents may prevent cold by discussing with the health provider, taking the vaccination. Vaccination for seasonal flu is most common in the United States of America. Consuming some foods that may provide with a high amount of vitamin C. So people may know some ideas on common source of best vitamin c for kids and some ways to treat cold in this winter.

Why Vitamin C to treat Cold: Cold or seasonal flu is an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract. Cold is common in winter season and flu is more dangerous than common cold according to Centre for Disease Control. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful agent for the body that boosts immunity and keeps cold at bay. According to study, High amount of Vitamin C consumption on daily basis can inhibit the duration, severity, frequency of cold. So parents should know which vitamins are most important for their kids in different season most commonly in winter season.

Take Vitamin C for daily basis:  According to study, Kids are more susceptible to suffer cold eight to twelve time a year. It is because of their immunity not healthy due to deficiency of important vitamin like C. Centre for Disease Control always publish an update on seasonal flu and cold ( 2018-2019 Flu Season: Flu Activity Elevated Nationally ) . It is also getting very serious illness which also leads to death. When consumption of vitamin is less than required level, infection may be common which in turn causes to pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infection and ear infection. Additionally, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin c and echinacea are inter-related to boost immunity function in the human health.

If you as parents are in the market, you need to buy five or six types of fruits and vegetables for your kids. Health expert also suggest that these five to six types of fruits and vegetables are important to gain vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals as well. But you don’t depend only vitamin C except other foods. You kids may also develop nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and other light complication which may be reason for excess vitamin C intake. So you may discuss with your health advisor if you may see this type of complication.

How much vitamin C for Kids  need: There are different foods which contain a high amount of vitamin C for your kids. But people may have a common question like how much vitamin c megadose needs for a kid. If your kids are from 1 to 3 years, health expert recommend 15 mg is enough. If your kids are from 4 to 8 years, then 25 mg daily is essential for meeting growing level of vitamins for their body.

The required level of vitamin C may go up if kids are victim of second hand smoking. Smoking weakens the immunity system and immunity has to work with extra effort. In this case, vitamin C intake should be going up. Additionally, your kids may not be willing to eat vitamin C rich foods even though you insist. They may have nausea or vomiting complication. It may better to discuss with health provider to increase the level of vitamin C rich foods.

Common Source of Best Vitamin C For Kids

There are some vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables that you may keep at daily serving for your kids. These foods are-

Orange Juice: Every parent always wants to see their kids healthy and strong. They need to make a practice of taking health foods for them. To consume vitamin C, Orange is a big source. You may keep this great fruit for your kids at home & not to be worried anymore about vitamin C intake. One-fourth of every serving cup contains 82.5 mg which is much more in amount.

Papaya:  Papaya is another source of vitamin C . One-fourth of every serving cup of papaya is giving about 50 mg of vitamin. This great fruit has effective role in boosting immunity which may be good health benefits for your kids.

Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is really nutrient fruits which may be wonderful choice for your kids. The health benefits of cantaloupe are significant especially for your kid’s health. These health benefits include immunity booster, eye health, stamina and many more. One fourth of every serving cup is 17 mg.

Guava: Guava is also a good fruit which provides high amount of vitamin C for your kids. One fourth of every serving cup can provide 82 mg vitamin C. Every kid need to consume guava just to take high amount of vitamin C.

Strawberries: Strawberries are brightly colored fruit which is dense in multivitamins. Vitamin C is also one of the vitamins for kids cold. Kids may eat strawberries two to three medium size and this amount will provide 21mg of vitamin C. Additionally, health benefits of strawberries also include weight loss, stamina, and eye.

Different foods provide a different level of vitamins. Kids eating habit from now not only prevents present health complication but also contribute to the lifespan. There are more fruits and vegetables which may same above in relation to vitamin c intake. These foods are banana, raw tomato, grapefruit, broccoli and spinach.

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Some habits will always keep your kids safe

In spite of taking vitamin, Kids also need to make a good practice to live healthily. Healthy habit of living means leading a healthy life indeed. Kids are ignorant of this fact and parents should observe their living style.

Hand Washing: Germs are everywhere and this germ may infect your kids also. When your kids are returning from outside, parents need to make sure their hand washing effectively. For any time of washing hand, soup which may washes away germ or toxins can be effective when your kids are taking 20 seconds for washing. This healthy habit makes sure overall health for your kids as this habit prevents illness of your kids.

Clean the touching area: Your house may have lots of things on which your kids are touching over and over again. You may use any toxin cleaner frequently to prevent germs or toxins from those areas. This may help your family member stay healthy and disease free.

Get Vaccination every year: Vaccination prevents all types of infection caused by virus, protozoa, and bacteria. This infection lasts for a long time and makes kids fall into sickness. According to CDC, Vaccination is really effective for flu virus infection for your kids. Every year, you should get vaccination for your kids and it will work to ward off the flu virus.


In conclusion, when kids suffer from infection, it is because of deficiency of vitamins in their body. Maintain an exact level of vitamins and healthy living habits, you can stay safe from seasonal cold and flu every year. 

The vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables available in the farmers market. Parents should buy them as organic. Organic fruits and vegetables have high contribution to ensuring good health of kids. There are also non-organic foods which may cause to more health complication. So parents should buy fruits and vegetables as fresh in the farmers market to make sure their kids are getting safe foods and vitamins for building their health for the whole lifespan.