Vitamins in strawberries for maintaining healthy and youthful life.

Strawberries are fruits from the list of berries families. It is widely popular fruits around the world. It is named as fragaria. Strawberry is taken with popularity around the world for its bright red color, juicy texture and sweetness. Different research and study have suggested that strawberry is one of the healthiest fruits from all fruits. It contains many nutrients like vitamin C folate, dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium and many minerals and vitamins which have effective role in our health. Vitamins and minerals from strawberry have exciting health benefits like improvement of brain function, eyesight development, control high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, cardiovascular disease and cancer. So if we don’t have any knowledge on strawberry in spite of eating regularly, from this article, more things can be learnt about Vitamins in strawberries for maintaining healthy and youthful life..Vitamins in strawberries

Improvement of brain function: when people get old, they start to begin losing memory like forgetting what old people do even 5 minutes ago. Free radicals are the reason to slow down the function of brain if someone does not take nutrition rich fruits and vegetables. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C and phytochemicals which protect free radicals. Phytochemicals is plant based chemical which is required for our boy to keep all aging and free radicals down and rejuvenate our brain. Even if you are old, you take this great fruit on regular basis, you can find that your central nervous system is fit and free from any kind of damage.

Even, those children who take strawberry on regular basis have sharp brain and perform well in the class room as strong IQ gained. Another compound that is potassium that helps improve memory and brain function.

Eye sight development: Strawberries are good for your eye health. It contains plenty of vitamin-C a powerful antioxidants which protects free radicals for your eye. Cataracts and macular degeneration are the most risk factors for eye health. At old age, it is often a problem to see in the light dark due to lack of nutrition like Vitamin-C. so for better eyesight development, strawberries like fresh or juice type should be taken.

Prevention of hypertension: Strawberries are kinds of fruits that play effective medicinal role for our health. Hypertension is seen among the people due to different reasons and it is also a reason for early mortality. Strawberries are great fruits which control and lower high blood pressure. Even different health expert suggest that if you have only one cup of strawberries every week, you are not going to face high blood pressure. So strawberries can never be overlooked for your better health.

Immunity booster: All evidence based research, health expert and study will say to take fruits and vegetables to keep healthy always. Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals and antioxidants which play most effective roles in keeping you healthy always. Phytochemicals which means plant based chemicals are needed for your health to prevent all kinds of free radicals and inflammation and many more which are the reasons for your sickness or disease. So strawberries are great fruit that contain those nutritional properties and keep you away any kinds of disease by empowering your immunity system.

Treatment of arthritis: Strawberries have effective role in bone health as it is loaded with vitamin C and this fruit may be great option to fight inflammation for bone disease. When people get old, they suffer different kinds of pain in the joint bone and normal movement gets difficult. If you think this problem and you are young and start to eat this fruit, there will be no possibility of facing those problems. It has folic acid that may be good medication for those who are already suffering bone disorder like joint pain or pain for light fracture.

Prevention of cancer: To beat cancer, if you want a difference, strawberries will bring that difference. Different clinical and research have suggested that strawberries have mysterious role in fighting lung cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer. Even this great fruit may prevent cancer by destroying cell of cancer and get your life back from the clutch of cancer. It has quercetin which is rich in strawberries that strongly fight to reduce the growth of cancer. So if you have already been diagnosed with cancer, there is no reason to be afraid, just you start to take this fruit every day and get risk free from cancer.

Prevention of heart disease: There is excellent evidence of strawberries to fight against heart disease like heart attack. Research and study suggest that if someone takes strawberries 2 or 3 times in week, there is no possibility of facing heart related disease. Even study also found that those who face this health complication like heart disease have less amount of nutrition from strawberries. Even from child to young and old people can eat strawberries and it may be one of the popular fruit for living healthy. Even it is low in sugar so there is no problem for old people.

Weight loss: Strawberries are low in calories. It means if you eat this fruit you are taking only 49 calories in one cup of serving according to Huffington Post. It has some excellent nutrition, vitamins and minerals which lose weight and keep your body fit. Strawberries are loaded with potassium, Vitamin C, Manganese, phenolic antioxidants and dietary fiber. For weight loss there is no alternative but intake of dietary fiber as much as possible. Even this fruit is also effective for digestion process and stimulates your metabolism and helps in losing appetite to take more foods.

Risk factors of Strawberries: Strawberries are high in potassium and high potassium may have adverse effect on those people who have high blood pressure. But it does not mean that you avoid this great fruit but try to take moderate level if you have no health effect. Even when you are buying strawberries, please you check the organic facts of strawberries cultivation to avoid intake of toxic elements for your health.

So strawberries are naturally great fruits and nature’s gift for our health. If you have those health complications described above and take strawberries, you will find fruitful result. Eating fruits and vegetables may not have instant result but fruits and vegetables taking on daily basis does have obviously exciting result for long term health improvement.