22 Excellent Health Benefits of Oranges For Living Longer And Healthier.

Health Benefits of Oranges

Fruits and vegetables are good and healthy choice for living healthy life. Orange is one of the healthy and great citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, Fiber, folate, calcium, copper and potassium. These vitamins and minerals are available in an orange and ensures good health and protect different kinds of health problems and you can get 22 amazing health benefits of oranges like cardiovascular disease, cancer treatment, prevention of ulcer, weight management, great fruit for pregnant woman, bone health, brain development, sperm health and more health benefits of oranges will be discussed here in this article.

Orange Varieties: In different part of the world, there may be different kinds of oranges in color and size as named by common mandarin, blood oranges, mandarin oranges, satsuma, Mediterranean oranges and many more. Blood orange benefits for human health but it is rare and has red flesh color as it grows in hot days and cool nights’ weather. You may think blood orange nutrition in different way but it works same as health benefits of oranges.

Nutritional facts of an orange: For proper maintenance of human health, there is no way but think of nutritional requirement from fruits and vegetables. There is an old saying that “you are what you eat”. It defines you and your health condition is okay and you are not going to meet doctor for medical help as you believe in nutrition from fruits and vegetables. Health benefits of oranges are excellent and amazing and it is one of the great fruit indeed. In nutritional profile, orange fruit vitamins are different from any other fruit because of its high amount of nutrition. Vitamin C, Fiber, Folate, Calcium, Dietary Fiber, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin B1 are available in an orange and these vitamins and antioxidants have excellent and exciting role in maintaining good health. Even orange calories are lower than any other fruit so this fruit means taking lower calories.

Nutritional facts of an orangeVitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants for the human body and also known as ascorbic acid which ward off free radicals. Free radicals may cause different health complications when antioxidants are not defensive. These antioxidants are merely treatment of lots of disease like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many more. So it is a good thing to know that a medium size of orange like 100 grams in weight has 53 mg and a healthy man and woman needs average 80 mg vitamin C. So it is so beneficial for you that if you can take an orange per day, then your requirements of vitamin C is going to be refilled by 80%. So one can get exciting health benefits of oranges by taking enough Vitamin C.

Fiber: Fiber is one of the needed nutrition for human health that has so many health benefits like removing constipation, weight management, digestion and hydration. An orange is also a great source of fiber. American Heart Association says about recommended amount of fiber that a healthy man or woman needs 25 grams of fiber average whereas a medium size orange will provide you 2.5 grams of fiber. This content may be good enough for your good health. This great fruit in juicy in nature and amazing flavor can be excellent option for your good health.

Folate:  Folate also known as folic acid is one of the most important components for red blood cells. It is also one of the important and needed compounds for teenage girls who lose blood during menstruation and should refill blood by supplying folic acid and pregnant woman for avoiding any kind of neural tube defects to supply enough blood production. Average people need folate requirements of 454 mcg to 652 mcg per day and a medium size of orange which may weigh about 100 grams has 30 mcg folate.

Calcium: Calcium plays very important role in human body. Our bones and teeth are totally made of calcium and they contain 99% calcium. The structure on which we stand should be strong enough and shortage of calcium does have bad effects like different bone disease. Even blood, muscle and other important need calcium. Even calcium is very important for pregnant woman because of the baby’s growth in the fetus. However, 40mg calcium is available from a medium size of orange where an adult needs 1000-1200 mg calcium per day. So calcium requirement defines overall health performance indeed and everyone should consume this fruit to gain calcium for the body.

Copper: Copper is also very important for human health as it helps collagen to work better and grip iron. This system highly works to produce energy in our human body. Liver, brain, kidney and other parts of the body contain copper. So the role of copper is very significant for energy production. Shortage can be very bad because this shortage may lead to cardiovascular disease, arthritis, colon cancer, immune system and also problem of bone, tissue and organs. However, average adult people need 1.4 to 2.00 mg copper as daily value

Potassium: Potassium makes the human body balanced in different way like fluid balance, nerve signals and different chemical reaction. When you are taking too much sodium rich foods, then you are facing also health risk. Intake of potassium beats effectiveness of sodium that may trigger blood pressure, diabetes and heart related complications. So you need to take foods which can supply enough potassium and orange can be great choice because this fruit provides 181 mg potassium from only a medium size orange weighing 100 grams. The dietary guidelines for Americans recommends to take 4,700 mg potassium for the average adult per day.

Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine which has so many roles in our human health. Thiamine is composed with Vitamin B complex and it is one of the effective treatment for cardiovascular disease, endocrine and proper digestive system. Deficiency of this vitamin may lead to those disease according to different study. However, orange can replenish those requirements by providing enough thiamine. A small size of orange can provide you 0.38 to 0.39 mg thiamine. Average adult people need 1.5 mg thiamine which can be good enough for good health.

However, we are going to discuss some health benefits of oranges and how effective orange for our health can give you a clear view from here:

Prevent cancer: We may be afraid when we hear the name of disease like Cancer because the possibility of death goes up when cancer hits a person. Even Millions of people around the world face early death due to cancer according to World Health Organization.

Orange is citrus fruit that has so many health benefits of oranges according to different health experts and research. To lead a healthy and happy life, there is no way but take fruits and vegetables because they have tremendous disease protective role. So Oranges contains Vitamin C which is one of the important antioxidants which prevents foreign body in the human body like damaging cell which turns into cancer.

Even another compound found in orange like D-Limonene is very effective in beating cancer like skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. This compound is important to make sure prevention of those cancer for those who are suffering from cancer disorder. However, it can be said that daily intake of fruits and vegetables can ensure long term health benefits.

Lower cholesterol: There are different kinds of vitamins in oranges where it is possible for gaining lots of health benefits of oranges. coronary heart disease occurs in case of plaque store in the artery of your heart. This may happen when people have LDL or Bad cholesterol. People who have high cholesterol often take foods that contains high fat or salt and processed with different components which have no health benefits.

When cholesterol gets high, then arteries becomes very hardened and narrowed. This mechanism highly leads to shortest blood flow to your heart and may cause ultimately death. So it is so important to keep cholesterol level fit for better and longer living.

Oranges are going to be your health partner to lower LDL cholesterol. It contains important compounds like hesperidin and pectin as flavonoids which protects fat from absorbing in the body and carries it out. If body absorbs fat, then it increases the risk of clogged arteries which hinder blood flow. In this way, by taking oranges on daily basis, there is no risk of high cholesterol.

Lower high blood pressure: High blood pressure is also common human health disorder. This disorder may occur when choice on lower health benefits containing foods like salty and fatty foods. High blood pressure also causes early death which is not expected by anyone.

Orange may be one of the helpful treatment to lower high blood pressure. it contains lots of important properties which effectively play an important role in maintaining blood pressure at right level. A cup of orange juice has potassium, folate and citrus vitamins which play important role in metabolism.

Even there is another important compound that is called phytonutrients like hesperidin that can lower blood pressure according to different study and research. So if you have already high blood pressure, you should eat this fruit on regular basis and can get longer health benefits of oranges.

health benefits of oranges

Cardiovascular benefits: Orange can be taken for functioning cardiovascular system in the right way. This system may not run due to lack of dietary fiber, folate and many other important vitamins and minerals. Our human body needs those important compounds and it is possible to get from oranges.

There is another important components which is hesperidin and it works to improve blood vessel function. If the blood vessel channel runs effectively, then there is no risk of facing some crucial health complications like heart attack and stroke.

So the suggestion is if someone eats an orange every day, they are not facing any fall in the cardiovascular system. To gain these health benefits of oranges, everyone should like taking this awesome fruit.

Treat arthritis: Arthritis is common problem like pain, stiffness and it is one kind of pain which is found in muscles and joint bones. This problem is highly found among the old aged people who suffer most and they can’t move freely or move with the help of stick. Study has shown that those who can take antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich fruits and vegetables have lower chance of facing arthritis. Inflammation causes highly arthritis for the old aged people.

Orange is a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which are so effective in getting relief of pain in muscles and joint bones. If you are young and take oranges on daily basis, you are not going to face this problem in future.

Proper brain development: Orange is good for your health because this great fruit contains folate or folic acid which plays important role in the development of brain. Brain is important function through which we make decision and reach a good judgement. Brain also needs nutrition to work smoothly and effectively.

University of Reading has conducted a study on orange juice and they found that orange juice effectively works for the elderly brain development. In the study there were 37 adults up to 67 years of old and they consumed orange juice of 500 ml for eight weeks and study found that their overall cognitive function has been improved massively than any other people who did not consume.

Study also claims that oranges are one of the flavonoid rich fruits which has so many roles in ensuring blood flow in the brain, protecting neurons from oxidative stress which may slow down the functions of brain and increases efficiency of neurons.

The number of old people is increasing massively and it is really a matter to think of effective nutrition for brain. It should be right way to get health benefits of oranges.

Keep sperm healthy: Sperm Count is important because low sperm causes infertility and genetic damage which are the reasons for birth defects. If you have lower amount of sperm, then you need to seek for foods that may be good for you.

Orange is helpful fruits for increasing sperm, making it active and keeping it healthy as it contains folate and folate rich fruits effectively works to enhance the function of human reproduction.

Strengthen immune system: People repeatedly face different kinds of light health complication like fever, cold, headache when their immunity system is not strong enough to fight against foreign body induced by bacteria or virus. These bacteria and virus cause sickness for healthy people.

Strong immunity system keeps anyone far away from different health complications and they can lead a very healthy life. Fruits are examined as one of the good sources of multi vitamins and regular intake of fruits may save them going to doctor.

So Vitamin C is very effective and one of the powerful antioxidant for strengthening immunity system. Orange is the king for availing vitamin C which improves the immune system by stimulating the generation and function of white blood cells.

Prevent kidney stones: Kidney stones is one of the most painful health complication in the world and it is called urological disorder. This stone is formed inside the kidney when calcium salts and uric acid consists as solid crystal. However, it may lead to acute pain, fever and vomiting for someone who is suffering from this health complication.

Regular intake of citrus fruit massively reduces the risk of formation of kidney stones. A study was conducted about 8 healthy people and 3 people with this health disorder. Those eight people stopped and 3 people started orange juice. Then it was seen that formation of uric acid in the kidney has been decreased and it increased for those who did not.

So orange juice can be consumed for longer and better health benefits like reducing the risk of facing kidney stones and those who have this health disorder may start orange juice to reduce the formation kidney stones.

Promotes weight loss: Processed foods, foods in high salt and sodium rich foods are so popular and most of the time people take these foods as fast to fill up hunger. But these foods are so dangerous for weight gain. Even people may also be obese due to lack of physical inactivity or genetic cause.

Orange is one of the good and popular fruits for weight loss because Lower calories rich fruits are helpful in reducing weight as it contains only 65 calories. Orange is also full of fiber and this dietary fiber is so effective in letting you eat less.

Weight gain is one of the big problem and it looks so ugly when someone gains weight. If you want to lose weight, you may keep this fruit on your daily meal because orange is very low in calories.

Maintain a healthy skin: When you are so concerned about your glowing skin, you may use different chemical compounds cosmetics on your skin. But these chemical compounds do have side effects for long term. So natural way of treatment can be most effective for glowing and healthy skin.

There is powerful antioxidant in orange which is Vitamin C and these important antioxidants produces huge amount of collagen which ensures stable and moisture in skin. Orange can detoxify the body and takes away any kind of toxic compounds and provides nutrition for mainly skin.

Even this antioxidants ward off free radical which damage the skin by aging. So regular intake of orange like an orange a day can help you abandon lots of chemical use for your skin. This natural way can benefit you for long term. So health benefits of oranges especially for skin can be so helpful.

Protects against infections: Infection induced disease is so serious because it takes time to keep well. Most of the cases, viral infection like virus or bacteria and parasite are trying to enter in your body as foreign body which damages the growth and function cells, tissue and other important part of the human body. These viral infections may be found in the human body it is because antioxidant is not defensive against free radicals.

Orange is full of flavonoid polyphenols which protect intrusion of infection. It also strengthens immunity system to make sure suppression of infection.

Fruits and vegetables always claim to support antioxidant in powerful way and it makes sure overall good health. So everyday consumption of an orange can be a big difference in your life. You may find your longer and better health benefit after a couple of times.

Relieve constipation: Orange is full of fiber and fiber rich fruits and vegetables are really helpful for digestion and keeping constipation at bay. You may have constipation problem as you like to eat foods which have less fiber like fried, processed and high salt.

An orange a day can fill up your 3.1g of fiber from the requirement of 35g for a man. White content of an orange has more fiber content that you may like from now and health benefits of oranges in treating constipation are also recommended by many study and research.

However, if you have already this problem, you start to eat a medium size of orange every day and you can get your problem resolved. It is one of the natural and homemade remedy for better health that you can get by changing your habit.

Maintain bone and teeth health: You may feel discomfort when you are drinking light cold water or frozen foods. Excess shortage of calcium may lead to this problem. Even there are more problem in your teeth like erosion and pain because you have shortage of calcium. You are going to get health benefits of oranges to maintain healthy bone and teeth.

Orange is a big sources of calcium which can refill needed calcium for teeth and also so effective for preventing tooth erosion. But excess amount of these citrus fruit may not be effective. Consumption in moderation can be helpful for your teeth.

Bone is one of the important function of human being. If bone has problem like fracture or erosion, it may be due to calcium shortage. So calcium is needed to ensure healthy bone.

Prevent ulcers: Due to intake of different unhealthy foods, you may experience stomach discomfort and pain. Ulcer is one of the big stomach disorder that many people suffer. If you eat an orange a day, you are going to solve this health complication without taking medicines. Even some may be surprised to know this fact about how orange can remove ulcer. It is because orange is high in fiber content which is very helpful for smooth function of the stomach.

So you can treat this health complication and live a healthy life by eating this great fruit at least a day. The health benefit in treating ulcer is really excellent.


Eye health and protect vision: Orange is one of the healthy fruit that has varied role for human health. Many research and study is still going on to capture more compounds which are helpful for health. Different study and research also suggest that Orange is very effective for eye health.

Orange is source of carotenoid and this compound is very helpful for eye health. They also improve vision and protects vision from any kind of aging and macular degeneration. Study says that those who eat orange a day have more powerful vision than the person who don’t.

For your kids or your vision at any age, Orange should be in your daily list of fruits and vegetables to make sure your kids or your vision. Old people have no discomfort in eye because they would take oranges on daily basis in ensuring health benefits of oranges.

Treatment of seasonal cold and flu: In winter, seasonal cold and flu was so acute and durable and most of the kids were so sick and they had to take even vaccine to treat this seasonal flu. There is natural treatment with Vitamin C to reduce the acuteness and duration of seasonal cold and flu. Many research has shown that if orange is taken on daily basis, it is going to be big treatment to shorten cold and flu.

Orange contains high amount of vitamin C which is 51 mg from a medium size orange can be a big difference in treating and shortening cold and flu without medicine prescribed by the doctor. Even it is one of the antioxidants which treats viral infection that also leads to cold and flu.

So orange is a very tasty fruit and it is also perfect choice for all ages for its juicy texture and sweet flavor. However, for better and healthy living orange can be taken on daily basis.

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Cleaning waste: Orange contains high amount of vitamin C and it is one of the powerful antioxidants which is needed for human body to work smoothly and protect different kinds of ailments. Even orange juice is also great sources of Vitamin A which is helpful for cleaning waste components from human health.

We take different kinds of foods as part of our daily meals. After digestion, Vitamin’s A role is very effective to detoxify and increase the activities of kidneys.

So if someone takes an orange on daily basis, their kidney will be healthy and can perform better that ensures better and longer health in life.

Prevents hair loss: Some guys may have common problem like hair loss. It is a problem which leads someone to old appearance and bald patches on head in spite of being young. Everybody wants to look them so young and to be young hair must be glowing and youthful.

Orange contains Vitamin C and it is one of the effective components to produce collagen. The main work of collagen is to rejuvenate tissues which ultimately favors hair growth and stops hair falls. Vitamin C is also effective nutrition for hair which increases brightness of skin and hair.

So those who are more careful about hair can consume an orange per day to make sure excellent hair.

Treatment of inflammation: You have lots of choice on your daily foods and you may consume foods like processed foods, salty foods, high fat meals that you like most. These foods are so responsible for inflammation which cause to long term human health problem like diabetes, cardiovascular disease. As part of foods, choice on fruits and vegetables every day is going to make a big difference in your life because their vitamins and minerals are so effective for the proper maintenance of human health.

Citrus fruits are good choice as anti-inflammatory agents and different studies have shown that orange juice is helpful in hindering insulin resistance as it prevents inflammation. Even orange is high in vitamin C which is an important antioxidant. Free radicals may cause to health complication when antioxidants are not defensive. If antioxidants are defensive, then no inflammation or free radicals are prevented from human health and can’t cause to any health complications.

Orange is really healthy fruits and has so many health benefits of oranges. Every day consumption of a medium size orange for at least couple of months does have health benefits that anyone can get by following this healthy habits.

Treating arteriosclerosis: Arteries are very important function and it should be smooth enough to flow blood easily. When arteries are hard and have no elasticity, it may cause serious health complication like heart attack or cardiac failure for human. So it is so important thing to know that best and healthy diet can have natural remedy for the development of arteriosclerosis.

Health benefits of oranges can be so effective for treating this complication as orange is powerhouse of Vitamin C which is favorable for arteries because this vitamin keeps arteries healthy and ensures elasticity for easy blood flow which in turn reduces the possibility of facing heart attack and cardiovascular related health complications.

Better treatment for bronchitis: Your baby is loving to you and it is natural because you are always taking care of your baby’s health. But sometimes, your baby even you may be affected with bronchitis and you may get natural remedy from orange juice from peel. You should add some peel in hot water and drink it for the whole day and you are going to get relief from this problem.

So everyone should keep this fruit at home and use this natural treatment. Natural treatment is one of the most effective treatment because there is no side effect like taking medicines prescribed by doctors.

Natural Remedy for Mouth Odor: Mouth odor is very disgusting and painful health problem that most of the people may suffer from this problem and it is also common among the people because they cannot get any treatment in spite of using different medicines. If you want to solve this disgusting problem, then You may try to use orange peel to remove this problem.

You just chew some orange peel and you can experience that no odor is coming from your mouth. It is one of the most excellent treatment that you may try if you have already this problem.

These are health benefits which can be gained from consumption of oranges and even more scientific research and study is still going on to find out more surprising data. You must keep this mysterious fruit in your daily life to live a better and healthier life. However, we are going to discuss some other side of this fruit like orange peel and you can know how this orange peel benefits in multi way for different purposes especially skin care.

Removing Dark spot: Most of us may have dark spot in our face and it looks so ugly. There is no reason to be worried and you can use orange peel on your face to remove dark spot. The effectiveness of orange peel is so important because Vitamin C content is higher in orange peel which ensures better skin health. To use this orange peel, you need to keep orange peel in the sun light to dry and grind them into powder. Then you should mix this powder with milk and use on your face for sometimes. After a couple of days, you are going to see a big difference like glowing skin and no dark spot. It is really very interesting method that you can apply at your home.

Effective treatment for blackhead: When you are so careful about your face and try to ensure good looking face, blackhead may be little bit problem. So you need to remove this problem and it is so easy to remove. You just need to use orange peel powder with yogurt and use the area where blackheads are visible. You should stay for 30 minutes and after a few days, you can see no visibility of blackheads. So orange peel benefits for glowing skin by removing blackhead

Treatment of Acne: Most of the time, you may experience dust, oil or toxins and bacteria. They are highly responsible for skin acne. Orange face mask can be effective solution for removing skin acne. Orange is high in dietary fiber which ensures reduction of toxins from our skin. Even orange is full of citric acid which protects acne. Even skin oil, pimples are going to be lost when you are using this orange face mask.

White Skin: Orange peel is also used to whiten skin because some people may have blackish lips or any sun burned sign on skin. So if you want to remove blackish color on your lips and get just like pinkish lips, you can scratch orange peel on your lips. After a couple of days, you may find your lips free from blackish color and it is one of the natural way to whitening skin. Even sun burned sign may be removed when orange peel is used on the sun burned part.

Everyone wants to live a life of good health because health complication not only makes someone unhappy and unfortunate but also costs money and time. Practice of taking fruits and vegetables is obviously going to make a big difference in your life. Consumption of orange everyday surely has some amazing health benefits that you may gain by consuming on daily basis. So health benefits of oranges surely are so helpful for human health.