Most Important Food For Pregnant Women

Every woman’s great experience and joyous event in life is to be mother. From conception to delivery, she has to raise and bear her baby for 40 weeks which is the most significant time for her as well as her baby. So a likely mother is worried to take foods in the pregnancy period because a growing baby is eating what mother is eating. In this stage, different nutrition like iron, healthy fat, fiber, calcium, protein are needed to grow a baby’s health in healthy way. There are lots of myths and superstition that in pregnant period that these foods should not be taken, those foods should be taken. If you are pregnant, you focus on nutrition needed in this time and which foods contain nutritious value. Here is discussed We discussed here most important food for pregnant women.

Important Food For Pregnant Women

Milk: Calcium makes the bones and teeth grow as bones and teeth are formed with calcium. As your baby is growing day by day, this important component is being taken up from your bones to replenish your baby’s structure. So taking more energy as calcium significantly helps form your baby a healthy and rigid form. Milk is a rich source of taking calcium because a liter of cow’s milk contains 1200 mg calcium.

Eggs: Fetus for the cell development is made of protein. Fetus development needs high protein. So Eggs Food for pregnant womencontain high level of protein and will be helpful if you are pregnant. Take 1 or two eggs everyday if your blood cholesterol level is normal to balance saturated fat in the body. Avoid taking egg yolk if you have already high blood pressure. Be careful of white and solid yolk when you are boiling egg to kill bacteria for safe intake.

Lean Meat: For your baby’s muscle, brain development, Intake of iron, zinc, vitamin-12 and omega 3 fatty acid are so important. So lean meat can be good option for taking this nutrition. Most of the zinc is in the skeleton. Your baby’s skeleton will be rigid if there is plenty of zinc. It also develops tissue such as skin and hair. Lean meat is safe because it has lower fat. But farmers use antibiotic for faster production. So while choosing lean meat in the market, justify organic values of the farm.

Sweet potatoes: Food like sweet potatoes during pregnancy period is so effective because of its high nutritional value. Vitamin-A is rich in sweet potatoes and you need to intake 700 micrograms potatoes per day where a cup of cooked sweet potatoes with skin has 1922 micrograms vitamin A according to US pregnancy association. Dietary fiber is important to accelerate digestive process. If you consume 22/28 gram potatoes per day, you don’t have face any problem in digestion and A1 cup of sweet potatoes contains 6.6 gram dietary fiber.

Salmon: Fish in the contaminated water is dangerous for eating during pregnant period. But salmon is exception because it is an oily fish which has omega 3 fatty acid. This nutritional value develops your baby’s visual and neurological process. It also prevents premature delivery. It also has protein and Vitamin B which safeguards your baby’s growth and development. Another fact is mercury and you need to keep aloof from eating mercury rich fish that has light metal and it causes your baby’s brain damage and destroys hearing and vision capability. You also need to be careful to take it as raw. You would rather bake, poach and fry with bran oil.

Broccoli, dark and leafy green: Constipation is common problem among most of the pregnant women. It creates awkward moment and prevents to take more nutritional foods. To reduce this problem, you need to take antioxidant that is available in dark leafy green like kale and spinach. It has also fiber, vitamin-A, Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, Iron, Folate and Potassium. Taking this nutrition in balanced way will reduce the risk of low weight of baby. It also accelerates immune and digestive system.

Berries: For your baby’s immune development and skin problem reduction, berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries play a vital role. This nutrition contains high vitamin-C, folic acid, potassium and antioxidants which are significant for pregnant women. You may take 1-2 cup of these fresh and raw fruits to develop your healthy baby.

Whole grains: Whole grains like brown rice, wheat bread are full of folic acid, iron and fiber. As your baby is growing, you need to plan oatmeal for breakfast and a sandwich with wheat bread at lunch and brown rice for dinner. The nutritional value of this food works to supply energy for every part of your baby and help placenta grow.

Dried fruits: It is an excellent decision to take dried foods during pregnancy period. All the foods are not good for you and your baby. Dried fruits are date, apple and banana, nuts and almonds which are source of plenty of fiber, iron, vitamin-A and Vitamin. These nutritional values prevent constipation, produce blood volume for your baby, and develop immune system and vitamin E especially prevents asthma growing from your baby.

Water: During pregnancy, blood volume increases by 1-2 liters. So at this time, you not only focus on foods described above but also component water. Drinking water may vary women to women. But it can’t be limited below 2 liters. Drinking water at optimum level will reduce dehydration, constipation, anxiety, urinary tract infection and tiredness. You also need to be careful to your fetus that needs plenty of drinking water to be dehydrated.

These foods are highly rich in vitamins and minerals. But at the start of pregnancy period, you may not have any taste or feel nauseas, feel sick and on vomiting process. But according to your taste, quantity and consumption and absorption, you should put importance on these foods, think nutritional value on every food and take little by little. If you have cravings foods that are not discussed here, you had better avoid as soon as possible you can because a belief on nothing will happen if this food is taken may affect your baby that you can’t understand right now due to carelessness.