Some Bone Disease And Food For Healthy Bones

Millions of Americans have a common health complication like bone disease. There are different forms of bone diseases like Paget disease of bone, osteoporosis, arthritis and bone tumor. There are lots of symptoms like joint pain, stiffing and swelling when bone is affected with those diseases. Bone is important function for our human body because our physical structure stands on bone and we should be focused on why food for healthy bones are so important to know.  So here we will discuss some food for healthy bones & common bone disease in brief.

Paget disease of bone: Bone is one of the important organ of our body. This bone may be affected in line with pelvis, spine and legs. The most risk of bone disease increases when people get aged. The most common symptom of bone is pain. Pain is felt in pelvis, spine and leg mostly. It is felt in joints and leads to weakness. Pain causes severe weakness even a patient can’t move freely.

Osteoporosis: when people get old, this bone complication is found. Osteoporosis may be found when bone lose density. Losing density of bone makes bone fragile and leads to fracture. Osteoporosis may not trigger symptoms but when osteoporosis may have symptoms when a fracture is formed in the bone.

Bone tumor: the most common danger of bone is osteosarcoma. It is one kind of cancer. This affects mainly children, and young adults. Pain and tenderness are common symptoms for bone tumor. When cancer spreads, it also infects lung, breast and colon cancer. Cancer cell may spread and affect health cells of bone if proper treatment is not taken.

Osteonecrosis: Bone tissue is one of the essential part of bone. Loss of tissue may lead to osteonecrosis when blood supply comes to a halt. The common area affected by this bone complication are knee, wrist and ankle where pain is felt. Hip fracture is also common due to osteonecrosis.

How to make bones strong

Calcium is one of the abundant and important minerals for body structure with which we stand on the ground. It not only works for teeth and bone development but also has diverse purposes.  According to WHO report, 99% of our bones and teeth are made of calcium and 1 % is for intracellular. So different study and research always recommend that calcium rich foods and physical activity ensure good health and form a strong bone.

food for healthy bones

Milk: Milk is one of the great sources of calcium. Calcium stops the deterioration of bone and nourishes healthy bone. Even those who take milk on daily basis have no bone related complication as it fills the nutrition of bone. For better and stronger bone, milk is needed to drink on everyday basis.

Hard Cheese: Hard cheese is made of cow’s milk and milk of cow has significant impact on supplying needed nutrition for bone. Hard cheese is safe and great sources of calcium. So Hard cheese has significant result on healthier bone. It is a foods that have a lot of calcium.

If you don’t like to eat hard cheese or drink milk, you may choose some fruits for bone health which have also significant result in ensuring healthy bone. These foods that build strong bones are discussed below:

Avocados:  Osteoarthritis is one kind of arthritis that can be found due to aging, inflammation, any injury and obesity. It is also found among the aged people as they become old. It also occurs in the joint bone that has destruction in the cartilage tissue. Pain, joint inflammation, stiffness and swelling in the joint bone are found due to osteoarthritis. The major antioxidants compound to protect aging, pain in the joint bone, inflammation contain in avocados. So avocados should be best choice in making a healthy body and be healthy in spite of being old.

Strawberries: Strawberries have effective role in bone health as it is loaded with vitamin C and this fruit may be great option to fight inflammation for bone diseases. When people get old, they suffer different kinds of pain in the joint bone and normal movement gets difficult. If you think this problem and you are young and start to eat this fruit, there will be no possibility of facing those problems. It has folic acid that may be good medication for those who are already suffering bone disorder like joint pain or pain for light fracture.

Apple: osteoporosis is one of the global problem and 10 million American over 50 years have this problem. This is a kind of joint fracture in the joint bone through which it becomes impossible to move freely. Even this risk is also growing around the world due to fewer intake of fruits and vegetables. Different study and research have examined that Apple health benefit is so important and have positive result to prevent this problem. Apple contains Vitamin-C potassium, magnesium and vitamin k in addition to producing alkaline metabolites which improves significantly bone health and in old age this problem was not found among those who had intake of needed amount of apple.

Papaya: Inflammation causes different bone complication like joint pain or immaturity of bone. For this, acute pain is felt by the sufferer. Walnuts are so helpful for bone health. It contains anti-inflammatory nutrition for ensuring bone health and removes joint pain from joint bone function. Evidence based study has found that intake of walnuts has a proper indication for better bone stability with its minerals components.

Bread: One slice of bread contains 73 mg calcium. White bread looks like so mild and soft and it can be craving foods as it’s easy to chew. It not only contains calcium but also folic acid, iron, Vitamin-B etc. it is one kind of whole grains that has lots of nutrients value in our body. There are also high calcium snacks which form healthy bone that can be taken in the morning snacks.

Ginger: When age goes up, different problems are found among the old age people. They can’t stand straight for osteoarthritis. Even they may feel pain in the joint bone due to inflammation in the health. Clinical study has found that those who have intake of ginger daily basis have less adverse effect on their health like osteoarthritis. So Ginger may play medicinal role for this problem if you take this food on daily basis.

Some elderly people walk without any help as they have healthy bone and disease of bone is rare to them. It is because they took needed nutrition from food for healthy bones. In the same way, some elderly people take help of sticks to walk as they have pains in different part of the body. It is because they took less needed nutrition. Deterioration of bone density leads to different bone disease and some foods from early life may be helpful to promote bone density. For this, Foods discussed above are really helpful for healthy bone.