Best Foods For Men & Women Preventing Urinary Incontinence

Living healthy is one of the human expectation at any cost and living healthy totally depends on how you lead your life like takings foods, life styles. Environment factors are also responsible for bad health. The most important thing to know that there are some foods which trigger different health complication and in the same way fruits and vegetables protect the risk associated with different disease. In ancient time, Foods were sole medicine to treat all health disorder even in this modern age, foods are still medicine. Modern science has brought bigger change in reducing unexpected deaths but the risk of facing disease has gone up also. However, normal urinary frequency can be good sign that you are healthy and if you already have this problem, you should know ways by consuming some foods on regular basis for preventing urinary incontinence.

Logically, you are not going to spend money medicines or meeting doctor if you live with fruits and vegetables and change some habits that cause disease. In this critical environment and age, we see lots of unknown and new disease and most of the study and research have said that these are because of lack of taking different vitamins and minerals from plant based foods. Urinary incontinence in woman may be common who suffer a lot secretly.

Urinary incontinence: It is a condition of overactive bladder which is loss of bladder control and pressurizes frequent need to urinate and sometimes it may be leaking, sudden or visible in incontinence underwear.

Some common symptoms of urination incontinence: There are some common symptoms of urination that you may not be aware and think that it is any health problem. But if you experience these symptoms then, you are suffering from urination incontinence.

Best Foods For Men & Women Preventing Urinary IncontinenceSudden leakage: Most of the time, you may not control your urination and urination may be leaked when pressure is felt. If it is found subsequently, there may be something wrong in the urination function. So you need to be careful in consultation with your medical provider.

Complexity during urination: When you have problems with urination incontinence, you may feel complexity when you are going to start urination. This problem makes someone so unhappy and feel discomfort. This complexity is the sign of urination incontinence.

Incomplete urination: When you urinate but feel that discomfort like no satisfaction of clearing bladder, there is obviously problem of urination incontinence. Feeling filled in your bladder in spite of urination can slow down you as you are not feeling comfort. So it is so important to meet with doctor about your problem.

Discomfort sensation when urination: When you urinate, there may be some discomfort feelings like burning or cutting. There may be some foreign elements in the urination process that makes someone feels discomfort. So it is also one of the signs that you have urination incontinence.

Deep night’s pressure: In spite of passing urination before going to bed, you may get up in the night two or three times which may hamper your sound sleep but you are not feeling empty. Every night two or three-time urination pressure may trigger urination incontinence. If that happens, you need to be sure that you might have urination disorder.

These are some common types of urinary incontinence and these are also some common symptoms but there may be more symptoms for urination incontinence. The first thing that need to be done is to meet doctor as soon as possible for better solution. But there are also natural ways to treat this complication. Even research and study also have recommended that diets can reduce the risk of facing this health complication. Especially magnesium and Vitamin D from fruits and vegetables are most effective protection against the generation of urination incontinence. Even if you have already this problem, you may start to consume the foods described below

Banana: About 1 in three woman has urinary incontinence and this problem can be treated easily by consuming foods that beat incontinence. Banana is good foods that may help you reduce the acuteness of incontinence. Banana is full of magnesium and this magnesium is very effective treatment of urinary incontinence. Magnesium is possible to gain from banana and you may get 8 percent of magnesium out of 100 percent. So Every day a medium size banana can be helpful for your better and healthy life. You may get more information about health benefits of banana in this link 8 banana fruit benefits have surprising effects on our health

Almonds: Urinary incontinence is not so big health problem but it makes someone so discomfort due to abnormal urination. When you have this health complication, you may seek help from doctors. But there are also natural ways to treat this health complication. According study and research, consumption of almonds can make a difference in treating urinary incontinence. Where magnesium is very important to reduce the sufferings of the people who are already suffering this health problem. About 75 milligrams magnesium can refill 19 percent of daily value which is really helpful for treating urinary incontinence.

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Best Foods For Men & Women Preventing Urinary IncontinenceSpinach: Spinach has powerful role in treating urinary incontinence because it is high in magnesium. When you have urinary incontinence, magnesium is so important to ward off this incontinence. 1 cup of cooked spinach has 157 milligrams magnesium which can be great alternative for this problem as you are getting 39 percent of your daily value.

Natural treatment is one of the best for human health as there is no side effect. In addition, it helps health so healthy. Spinach is one of the healthy vegetables which has so many health benefits and for better living, there is no way to live with fruits and vegetables.

Avocado: Urinary incontinence is not a big health concern but it is so important for preventing urinary incontinence. The most important thing to take into consideration when you have this health problem is you must take foods that can supply much magnesium. Many health experts have opined and suggested that magnesium rich foods have wonderful role in treating urinary incontinence. Magnesium helps to empty bladder clearly and prevents different problems during urination. It is one of the significant minerals to help proper muscle and controlling nerve function. A medium size avocado has 58 milligrams magnesium which will provide you 15 percent daily value according to food and drug administration (FDA). So daily consumption of this great fruit can be so helpful for your urinary incontinence treatment.

Even, there are also lots of health benefits of this miracle fruit which should be taken for maintaining good health. If you want to know more health benefits of this fruit, you may visit this link  Why Avocado Benefits For Health & How Vitamins To Gain ?  to get exciting health benefits of taking avocados.

Dried Figs: Dried figs have much health benefits because it is full of magnesium. If you have urinary incontinence which is common among especially women, you need to take dried figs to prevent this health complication. 1 to 2 cup of dried figs can be very exciting to provide 50 milligrams magnesium to make your health better like preventing urinary incontinence. Even it supports 13 percent daily value of 100 percent magnesium. So Health expert’s recommendation to prevent urinary incontinence in natural way is to take foods that benefit your normal urination.

Swiss chard: Leafy green vegetables are so important to ensure benefit of health. Swiss chard is a kind of leafy green vegetables that has so many health benefits like absorption of calcium and reduces urination excretion of calcium. Even 1 cup of cooked Swiss chard has 150 milligrams of magnesium which means high in magnesium. It can support to provide 38 percent of magnesium as daily value. So every day intake of Swiss chard can be so helpful for better benefits to treat urination incontinence and reduces the possibility of facing urination related problem.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is magnesium dense foods that helps to treat urination incontinence. Dark chocolate can be best choice to support magnesium intake when you have urination incontinence. 100 grams of dark chocolate contain 220 milligrams magnesium which is really good choice. But this food may contain moderate level of saturated fat which may be reason for affecting blood lipid levels. So intake at moderate level can be good health benefits in treating urination incontinence because additionally you are going to get 24 percent of daily value of magnesium.

Vitamin D rich foods: Different study has suggested that magnesium and vitamin D are more effective for urination incontinence. If someone has already this problem, they should be more focused on the foods that can provide enough magnesium and vitamin D. High level of these minerals and vitamins can treat urination incontinence in very effective way. However, we can suggest Vitamin D rich foods as Salmon and Raw milk to gain high Vitamin D.

Salmon: Urination incontinence can be treated natural ways like adding enough vitamin D according to different research. Salmon is one of the great sources of Vitamin D. From 3 ounces 400 IU is possible to get. It can support human health 100 percent as daily value. It means that you take this food and you don’t need to go to other more foods to take vitamin D. However, Salmon consumption can be so helpful for the treatment of the urination incontinence.

Raw Milk: Raw milk is one of the nutrients that provide enough vitamin D. One cup of raw milk can provide 98 IU which is 24% daily value. So if you drink one glass of raw milk, it can be great option or choice to take high amount of vitamin D.  When you are going to drink raw milk, it is safe because raw milk may contain dangerous bacteria which cause salmonella. It will be better to discuss with your health provider if raw milk should be beneficial when you have urination incontinence. According to evidence based study, urination incontinence has been detected due to lack of enough vitamin D rich foods. So you should be focused to these foods.

Fluids: Urinary incontinence is a kind of health problems that need totally self-care. Practice of self-care is so important to beat this problem by knowing some foods that have roles in keeping urination normal. Fluids requirement is strongly needed to reduce the acuteness of incontinence according to clinical study. Most of the cases dehydration makes incontinence bad to worse so as much as possible fluid intake can prevent 90% of the problem.

Simply you don’t have enough time in spite of having thirstiness to drink water as you are so busy but shortage of drinking water can lead to not only urination incontinence but also kidney problem. As part of fluid intake, first one should drink at least 8-10 glass water to keep balance. Even some homemade fruit juice can be better option for increasing fluid intake.

Fiber rich foods: Fiber rich foods can be best option to live healthy and better life. Additionally, fiber rich foods are so important for treating urinary incontinence. Clinical study has examined that those who take fiber rich foods have lower risk of facing urinary incontinence. Fiber has significant role in reducing constipation which is also probable reason for this health complication and hydrating human body whereas hydration is one of the needed factor for not facing urinary incontinence. So you can be fully balanced and can feel comfort by treating urinary incontinence.

Enough fiber rich foods can make a big difference in someone’s life by ensuring better health. There are also so many health benefits of fiber rich foods like weight management and reduction of risk in relation to cardio vascular disease.

Every woman has some secret health problems but they may not share to someone for privacy and humiliation. They suffer in the long run and have no scope to discuss with doctor. Urinary incontinence is one of the secret disease that woman may suffer for long time. There are some foods that may cause this problem like excess caffeine, processed foods, alcohol and high sodium rich foods. However, there are some foods that should be consumed as urinary incontinence treatment for preventing urinary incontinence. The foods described above have significant role in reducing overactive bladder which is really significant for staying healthy.