Natural Ways To Boost Your Sleep And Follow Foods That Help You Sleep

Sound sleep may be so expecting thing on bed for most of the people as they don’t get it in spite of moving from one side to another. Sound sleep is a significant medication for overall health according to different study and research. It ensures overall health and meets up all the requirement to work as fuel for the whole day. Demands of work and internet access to our smart phone has reduced our sleep massively. Insufficient sleep is sole responsible to break through of brain, mood and cognitive function.  If you don’t have enough sleep, surely you are going to face some health complications. Luckily, you have options like foods that help you sleep.

Foods That Help You SleepSleep: There is scientific explanation about sleep and we all try to take sleep better but someone may get sound that satisfy their health and someone may not have and suffer different health problems. Nerve signaling chemicals known as neurotransmitters take control when we go to fall asleep. But a chemical named as adenosine makes up in our blood and causes drowsiness according to sleep

How long do you need sleep? There is no rules to take sleep for every human body. It depends on many factors and age. An infant needs about 16 hours a day, a teenage boy or girl requires about 9 hours sound and deep sleep but most of the adult may need 7-8 hours as best amount of sleep. However there is a very interesting fact about how much sleep a person needs. Your body will say to take required amount of sleep. Additionally, many of us may raise question if they are taking too much sleep than requirement. Yes, there are some limits but beyond this limit, one should consult with doctor if they have many more health complications.

However, sleep is very important for human body and can be considered as one of the effective treatment for many more health complications. But if someone does not have required level of sleep or suffer from insomnia, they need to find insomnia cures.

There may be some health complications which are discussed below if you have sleep deprivation.

Diabetes: Research has shown that if you don’t have minimum 8 hours sleep but this may vary on different person, you are prone to facing type 2 diabetes. The fact is insufficient sleep cannot process glucose effectively which in turn may cause diabetes.Additionally, some people may gain weight for insufficient sleep. Overweight and diabetes are linked according to different research.

Healing wound: Better and deep sleep can heal wound and a study was conducted for some rats. The wound rats deprived of deep sleep got lots of problems in healing wound and had to take much more time to heal wound. But those rat that got sound and deep sleep took less time to heal wound. So every mammals who are wound for some reasons are supposed to get deep and sufficient sleep for quick recovery of wound.

The brain health: Shortage of sleep may affect the brain and brain is so important through which we think, judge and make decision. Brain may not work as brain needs better and deeper sleep as fuel to energize every cell of brain. Prefrontal cortex is an area which is so important to make decision or make judgment, critical thinking and reasoning. This area performs well if sleep is taken according to need. Additionally, most of the people suffer a lot in sleep deprivation and have to compensate for wrong decision and it may be involved merely for sleep deprivation.

Overall growth for human body: Growth may be halted due to insomnia as human body needs needed sleep. Every organ or cells need Vitamins and Minerals to work for growth. In the same way, sleep helps grow every cell and organ and they get energy to function properly if sleep is taken on proper way. For example, immune system may not work if brain does not work effectively. Sleep deprivation may reduce cortisol secretion that inhibits growth of hormone. Immune system will work effectively when you are getting sufficient sleep in 24 hours.

Memory and Cognitive Function: Even if you are younger, your memory may be very slow. Most of the students don’t concentrate on study and can’t keep basic information acquired through reading. They are found that they sleep less and their memory can’t perform well. Research on sleep has found that these kinds of people suffer from sleep complication. To boost memory and cognitive up, sufficient sleep is required to perform well in every area.

Besides these health complication, sleep deprivation may hamper overall health condition that last for the last phase of life. If you have this problem, early detection and medication is strongly needed. You may consult with doctor as soon as possible you can to solve this problem and you may also follow some natural ways to beat for leading a healthy life by getting sound sleep. Here are some components which can be gained from diet and work to boost sleep condition. These foods that help you sleep are available in the market and you may follow dietary guidelines.

Tryptophan: First of all your brain should be healthy and work in healthy way. If brain is fit so everything is okay and you can have no complication in getting sound sleep. Most of the cases, brain can’t work at its best due to shortage of some vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and Minerals are essentially important for growth factor and smooth functioning of every cells and organs. Brain cell also works best when it gets required nutrition.

Tryptophan is one kind of amino acid which synthesize vitamins for brain and is so important to produce chemical serotonin. Serotonin is also neuro-transmitter that helps brain function effectively. This always is ready to help brain for sending signaling purposes. Fortunately it is good for the health of brain. It is also important for cardiovascular system and controls central nervous system which in turns protects against depression and influence our mood. Ultimately, we can get sleep easily when this important components are taken through diet. There is another fact that is serotonin is useless if tryptophan is absent in the foods.

Melatonin: Different research and study has suggested that melatonin is essential medication for treating insomnia. Most of the people suffer from insomnia and find ways on how to go to sleep fast and they consider as one of the health complication. It reduces stamina and strength and overall productivity. Melatonin is formed in the human body with the help of consuming some foods that generate melatonin. Additionally, Melatoninhas been used as medicine made in the laboratory.

Melatonin is also a component available in animals and plants. In animals, melatonin is a kind of hormone that aid in boosting sleep. At present, melatonin has been consumed as drugs and supplement from diet or foods that help you sleep.  The main work of melatonin is to produce some important human hormones like paracrine and endocrine. Melatonin is not only confined to improve sleep condition, for some reason, it helps in reducing the risk of cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Anyway, if you opt for taking melatonin as drugs to treat insomnia or sleep deprivation, you must consult with your health provider. There are foods that help you sleep and aid in forming melatonin in the human body.

Magnesium: If you have sleep deprivation for long time, you may have shortage of magnesium intake. Magnesium is very important minerals for improving sleep condition. Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrient for the well-being of all kinds of cells and organisms. Every cell and organism needs required level of magnesium and a human body needs 265 to 350mg magnesium for dietary sources to help brain, muscle and central nervous system by regulating neurotransmitters that works to send signals between nervous system and brain very effectively.

Additionally, over 300 enzymes need magnesium and this magnesium is associated with formation of DNA and RNA that produce and improve genetic hormones in healthy way for human body. Medical science has revealed that lower intake of magnesium from dietary sources may be the reason of anxiety and migraine pain. These are also highly related for sleep deprivation. Luckily, you can boost your sleep condition by taking foods that help you sleep.

Even, different study has shown that those who have shortage of this important minerals have more chances to face sleep trouble and insomnia. Some people especially who are suffering from diabetes, are getting old, have habit of alcohol consumption and digestive disease have high shortage of magnesium and they face critical sleep problem.

Calcium: In the USA, people have a big problem like deprivation of sleep. Even if after passing a hard works ‘day, most of the people don’t get deep and sound sleep and they take different pill.  There is no way to take calcium if you want to go with natural way. Calcium is also one of the important minerals that is required by the human body very importantly. Calcium has varied role in ensuring good health. It helps nerve system, many enzymes, heart and muscle.

Calcium is very helpful for brain health as it works as amino acid and it forms vitamins for brain to function effectively. Required level of consuming calcium can beat sleep deprivation as it induces sleep naturally.

However, most of the people who are suffering from sleep deprivation and have been found that they are supposed to take lower amount of calcium. Additionally, you may seek ways on how to fall asleep instantly and calcium with magnesium is very effective to boost sleep condition according to James Penland at the Human Nutrition Research Center in North Dakota. These components can be best ways to help you sleep.

How food can play a vital role in enhancing your sleep condition will be discussed here and you can know some wonderful information about foods that help you sleep.

foods that help you sleepMilk: Drinking a glass of warm milk can be very effective when you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Milk is a great source of tryptophan which is amino acid that works to produce serotonin. This serotonin equally pacifies and boosts neurotransmitter and this process is needed to ensure sound sleep. In other way, milk has a powerful role in regulating melatonin which also significantly works for boosting sleep condition. A glass of warm milk before going to bed can make a difference that you may try from now. It is one of the good habit to drink milk for overall health. Even Buffalo milk has been considered as best treatment of inducing sleep. It can be effective ways to fall asleep.

Yogurt: when you are suffering from chronic insomnia, you should look for insomnia cures and you may seek for help from health provider. They may recommend different pills and if you are habituated of taking pills for long time, it may hamper your health in many ways. So going with natural ways is the best treatment for any health complication even if sleep disorder.

Yogurt may be one of the good foods that make you sleep. Yogurt and milk both are high in tryptophan that beats insomnia and induces sleep. Additionally, it contains calcium that’s important minerals and it helps reduce anxiety and depression and keeps brain fresh and healthy. Anyway, before going to bed taking yogurt can be very effective for your sleep condition.

Honey: Honey is one of the herbal drinks and can be good foods that help you sleep. Honey even has been used as herbs for years to beat different kinds of health complication. It does have important role in boosting sleep condition. Honey contains a kind of glucose that lowers orexin. Orexin is one of the neurotransmitter in the brain function and alerts brain cells. Luckily, this component like glucose works to convert orexin into inactive component and induces sleep.

Additionally, Chinese people use honey as traditional herbs before going to bed as they believe that it calms brain and boosts sleep condition. So honey can be one of the foods that help you sleep from now.

Banana: Banana is one of the healthy foods that help you sleep. Banana is a great source of lots of vitamins and minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium and tryptophan. These compound are so significant for boosting sleep. Magnesium works to reduce stress and anxiety and pacify brain which in turn one can get sound sleep. Another so important component is tryptophan that works as amino acid and it converts into serotonin which transfers into melatonin. This process is very important for boosting sleep. Different study and research have suggested that banana as an important food for sleep can be natural way to treat if you already suffer sleep deprivation.

Almonds: Almond is one of the healthy foods that help you sleep. Almonds are great source of different kinds of vitamins and minerals. When you are going to bed, almonds juice or milk can be good recipe for boosting your sleep condition. Additionally, Almonds are great source of tryptophan and magnesium. They both equally work to induce sleep for human body as these components performs well for brain health. Instead of sleep inducing pills, you may go with natural ways like taking almonds that may be good for overall health. So this is going to be a big difference when you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Tart Cherry: Tart cherry is a great way to gain melatonin. Melatonin is one of the most important hormone that controls overall sleep cycle and induce sleep. Tart cherry juice can also work better to ensure good health of brain and controls central nervous system. Different study has found that those who don’t get enough sleep or suffer from insomnia can drink tart cherry juice before 1 hour of going to bed. So if you want to get natural remedy for insomnia, then tart cherry juice can be one of the important foods that help you sleep. Researchers from Louisiana state university have found that tart cherry juice for two weeks dramatically induced sleep condition.

Fish: Omega 3 fatty acid is available in fish and health benefits of eating fish can be wonderful especially for sleep condition. Omega 3 fatty acid is believed as one of the important nutrient for brain as well as cognitive function. If brain is healthy, people surely can get a good sleep. Additionally, fish contains vitamin B6 that helps induce melatonin in the body. So you may have good practice of eating fish especially salmon or tuna before going to bed. This practice can give you a great experience in gaining instant sleep in the night. This is going to be your natural treatment and one of the good foods that help you sleep.

Poultry: Chicken or turkey is also wonderful source of tryptophan and tryptophan is very significant to improve sleep condition. Tryptophan makes serotonin one of the relaxing hormone and finally it produces melatonin that induces sleep condition for human body. Even, poultry may be your regular part of your daily meal that you may not know. So this food has mechanism to help you sleep better. If you eat this food especially in the night, you are going to have a sound sleep. This is a natural tips on how to go to sleep fast.

Eggs: Eggs are great source of different kinds of vitamin and minerals and this food has varied role for human body. If you have sleep disorder, you may opt for eggs that may induce your sleep condition. Egg contain tryptophan and it is one of the key components for boosting sleep. When you are eating eggs in the morning, you may feel drowsy and fall asleep. Additionally, if you keep this food at your supper, this can boost your sleep condition. Some people may have high blood pressure and they should consume it as required level. Over consumption may induce health risk for the people who have already high blood pressure.

Whole grains: Whole grains can be great option to boost your sleep condition. Whole grains contain magnesium and this important minerals has exciting role in boosting sleep condition. Additionally, whole grains influence insulin production that triggers tryptophan activities in the brain. This process is very important for increasing sleep condition. So this is one of the good foods that help you sleep and this can make a difference for you before going to bed when you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Leafy green vegetables: Dark leafy greens are healthy foods and it has lots of health benefits. If you have sleep disorder, you may need to add this food in your daily list. Dark leafy greens are great source of tryptophan and this component is known as sleep enhancing. So Swiss chard, spinach, kale and many more can be effective good foods that help you sleep. Another fact that is to be considered, they are good source of magnesium and calcium. These two component both induce sleep condition in the human body.

Nuts: A handful of nuts before going to bed is surely going to ensure your good sleep. Nuts like walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds are good source of magnesium and tryptophan. If you get magnesium and tryptophan equally from this dietary source, you are going to improve your sleep condition. Nuts are nutrient for sleep that need help sleeping.

Some drinks: At night, some drinks can be effective to improve your sleep condition. These drinks are warm milk, almond milk, tart cherry juice, peppermint tea and fruit juice are known as sleep boosting drinks. So you can try to drink as per your needs and can enhance your sleep condition. Surly I also try to get things to help me sleep from these drinks.

In conclusion, these are foods that are scientifically proved as sleep booster. But there may be a question how much you need to consume. The answer is you may consume how much your body can support. Additionally, some people may face reactions or side effects after consuming foods discussed above. If you have any problem in taking foods, then you need to discuss with your health provider. But it is better to look for natural ways to help you sleep and to boost sleep condition that will ensure your overall good health.

Finally, when you are so habituated of taking pills to boost sleep but not getting any solution, then you may go for natural ways like consuming these foods which are natural remedy to boost sleep condition.  These foods that help you sleep contain some components that work to induce sleep in the human body.