Foods That Help Digestion Process During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman needs more and increased calories, vitamins and minerals, digestion complication may stop a pregnant woman to input nutritious foods during pregnancy. So proper digestion is needed to avoid complication of food intake. There are lots of foods but a pregnant woman can’t take due to indigestion. So to boost digestion process, she should prefer some foods described below.Digestion Process

Water: During pregnancy, blood volume increases by 1-2 liters. So at this time, you not only focus on foods described above but also enough water. Drinking water may vary women to women. But it can’t be limited below 2 liters. Drinking water at optimum level will reduce dehydration, constipation, anxiety, urinary tract infection and tiredness. You also need to be careful to your fetus that needs plenty of drinking water to be dehydrated. Moreover, intake of fiber with plenty of water works better to move and empower digestive process.

Dried fruits: For effective digestive process, you need to opt for dried fruits. As a pregnant to be mother, you are eating and feeding your baby. The slow eating or shortage of taking nutritious foods may affect your baby. Constipation is found among the pregnant woman because hormones change occurs and taking more irons for prenatal foods. American Pregnancy Association recommends taking 25-30grams of fiber from dried fruits. One of the dried fruits is Date that contains high amount of fiber which works faster to prevent digestive complication. It also keeps blood pressure low and controls diabetes.

Dark and leafy green:  Constipation is common problem among most of the pregnant women. It creates awkward moment and prevents to take more nutritional foods. To reduce this problem, you need to take antioxidant that is available in dark leafy green like kale and spinach. It has also fiber, vitamin-A, Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, Iron, Folate and Potassium. It also accelerates immune and digestive system.

In this article we have discussed lots of foods as a well balanced with nutrition value during pregnancy especially during last third trimester about how you are going to shape and gain your baby after birth. You are going to be mother and it’s a great pleasure for you and your family members. The family members are looking at you with deep care and concentration. They may also provide you some foods to be taken on traditional beliefs. But the fact is those traditional foods should also contain nutrients value which will benefit you and your growing babies. Some important notes you need to know taking foods described above during pregnancy:

  1. Know the nutritional value of every food described above.
  2. Know the risk factors due to shortage of foods.
  3. Make sure of Specific food for specific function of your baby.
  4. Avoid foods that create problems like allergy and high blood pressure.
  5. Know the quality and then quantity.
  6. Make a routine of foods on daily or weekly to input essential nutrition for your body.
  7. A food contains different vitamins and minerals. So you can take one food instead of other foods as supplement according to your taste and absorbing capability.

Best of luck for you and your baby to born.