Foods That Give You Energy And Increase Stamina

You may feel so tired in the first half in spite of taking a sound sleep in the night. When your boss is at the meeting and explaining important agenda of the meeting, you are thinking when the meeting will end and you will go back home. It is not because you don’t have passion on the works. It may be you need energy to be more productive to complete your work in harder and stronger way. We may eat different kinds of foods that are responsible for sluggishness. But those who are so busy in personal, commercial and professional life and have to use brain power in complicated situation and work relentlessly need energy and stamina. So there are some foods that give you energy and increase stamina :

Fish: Fish is really one of the favorite foods and it should be in regular cereals. Inflammation may be found but you foods that give you energycan’t understand which means getting aside more diseases. It has one of the most important component omega-3 fatty acid which safeguards inflammation not to face any heart disease.

Egg: you are taking breakfast before you are going to office. It is so important to know what foods to be listed in the menu of  breakfast. Your taking breakfast will show how productive you will be for the whole day. Egg is one of the important components of breakfast. It contains vitamin-B and choline which boost your productivity. Choline is macronutrients and works for liver function, supports to store energy in the muscle and contributes to overall brain development.

Banana: in the breakfast list, banana may be excess food but if you don’t want to take it at breakfast time, you should go for another time. But at the start of the day, if you take banana before second half it will work to boost your productivity. It is enriched with glucose and this glucose can remove feeling tiredness.

Brown rice: Brown rice plays significant role in boosting productivity. It contains all important elements to function our body effectively. It develops our cognitive process that enriches and energizes our mental and intellectual acceleration and boost productivity.

Dark Chocolate: it is small kind of foods that you may take any at any short break or time. It has many benefits to work fast. It has caffeine that can stimulate and boost your energy and perform without tiredness. If you have high blood pressure you should avoid large portion of dark chocolate.

Nuts: in the working place, there are lots of onboard employees who can’t take load of works with new environment. They may eat nuts on regular basis because it is full of protein and vitamin-E and amino acid which someone may eat nuts and perform well and get appreciated by all. If you experience allergic problem while eating nuts, you need to eat less and take advice from the doctors.

Lemon Water: Feeling drowsiness or feeling asleep over and over again may make you do mistakes but you are trying your best to get back on track with your attentiveness. In this state, you need to drink a glass of lemon water if you can. It may refresh your brain and memory. But over drinking of lemon water may cause frequent urination.

While break in the works, you may take different foods according to your taste. Are these foods working to boost your productivity? If less productivity, you are guilty, ready to hear lots of words from your boss . So try to take all the above foods that give you energy and increase stamina to be productive through sharpening your brain as long as you are staying in the office.