8 Banana Fruit Benefits Have Surprising Effects on Our Health.

Banana is one of the popular fruits and it is taken by 107 countries around the world. Some may eat to meet up hunger or some may eat this fruit as daily part of diet. But there is lot to know about banana nutrition and how nutrition from banana plays effective role in maintaining a healthy life. Obviously banana is one of the nature’s precious gift for human health and you can know some surprising banana fruit benefits in producing energy, acceleration of digestion, cure for ulcer complication, your skin guide, cancer fighter and many more.

Potassium and its relation with health: Banana is full of potassium. It is one of the essential minerals which isbanana fruit benefits required by human body. It regulates your blood pressure and your risk of facing heart attack or stroke will be reduced by 20% if you eat this amazing fruit daily. Banana fruit benefits are also it keeps your kidney in same mode in reducing the risk of kidney stones with its minerals components potassium. Different studies have found that banana nutrition has the effective role in maintaining good health.

Even this potassium is so important for pregnant woman because this potassium can prevent gestational diabetes which is caused by insomnia suffered by a pregnant woman. If a pregnant woman can take this great fruit, she may also have the possibility of having healthy and baby boy.

Energy booster: Banana contains different kinds of natural sugars like maltose, sucrose, fructose which are needed for bio available energy and it has effect on quick metabolism to produce energy resources. In the breakfast list, banana may be excess food but if you don’t want to take it at breakfast time, you should go for another time. But at the start of the day, if you take banana before second half it will work to boost your productivity. As It is enriched with glucose, this glucose can remove feeling tiredness while playing in the field or working at any time. Those who are sports professional need increased energy and can take banana at the break of games to get back in full energy.

Medicinal role for ulcer: Banana has been defined as one of the fruits that contain high amount of dietary fiber. A diet consisting with dietary fiber has the efficient role in producing satiety signal by enhancing food retention time in the stomach and reduces the risk of development of gastric ulcers. So banana fruit benefits may be described as most helpful role in ensuring healthy body as it also helps eliminations of waste from stomach and prevents constipation.

Immunity booster: recurrent illness is not expected by all. If immunity is feeble, it is sure to face illness frequently. Banana has amino acid and this amino acid reduces the stress or free radicals in human body. Different research has found that critical illness occurs due to shortage of low amount of intake of amino acid. WHO and FAO have recommended to increase the cultivation of banana to supply nutritional value of dietary protein for the people of the world to be a strong part of disease protective role. Even it also has amazing benefits to keep you healthier and happier.

Digestion and weight loss: Overweight has many adverse effects on health. If its major concern for human health, it is so important to control weight for healthier life. Banana has scientific evidence to lose weight as it is full of dietary fiber and easy to digest. One banana can fulfill 10 percent of fiber required by your health. It is also one kind of fruits that may remove appetite and keep you stop taking more foods. As much as fiber you are taking, you are going to lose your weight. It also protects type 2 diabetes if you take it on daily basis and protect you take sugar sweetened foods as it contains natural sugar.

Cancer protection role: Some studies have found that those have been diagnosed with kidney cancer took less nutrition from banana fruits. So general instruction to protect any kind of cancer, there is no way to avoid fruits and vegetables. Banana is a kind of fruits that can reduce the risk of facing kidney cancer by 40 percent. This is one of the banana fruit benefit and understanding this fact, everyone should take fruits and vegetables as much as possible and banana has the effective role in reducing this type of cancer.

For skin care: Everyone expects a glowing and youthful skin and they may take or use different kinds of chemical mixed oily component to make sure skin is oily, youthful and glowing. But banana nutrition has effective role in skin care as it contains potassium and this potassium will hydrate and moisturizes skin. It is also full of phytochemicals and antioxidants which protects your skin from acne, aging and free radicals. Banana is also full of amino acid and study have found that this amino acid nourishes your skin and strengthen tissue and improve skin elasticity.

Development of vision: there is evidence of development of vision from banana nutrition. As banana contains antioxidant properties, so it prevents macular degeneration that hampers central vision. It also improves and preserves the membranes for your eyes and everything is clear in the light dark. So banana fruit benefits may be outstanding for eyesight development.

Risk Factors of Banana: there is no evidence of risk of taking banana. But too many intake of banana may be risky for muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and irregular heartbeat when intake of banana becomes 10-12 bananas at a time. The standard level of banana intake may be 1 to 3 per day and it will benefit your health as above.

So this great fruit should be taken on daily basis not to meet up hunger but to maintain our health. We may face different kinds of health complications and don’t know why this happens. Health complication may happen due shortage of nutrition from fruits and vegetables. You want to live longer and healthier, you need to take 75 percent fruits and vegetables per day. So banana fruit benefit may be significant part of your daily diet.