Know 10 wonderful apple health benefits for living longer and healthier.

The most important advice to lead a healthy life is to increase intake of fruits and vegetables which are full of phytochemicals and antioxidants. Apple is one of he most popular fruits around the world and it has effective and various health benefits with its high antioxidants properties. At present, the world population have bigger risks of cancer, diabetes, weight management, bone health, pulmonary function and gastrointestinal protection and apple health benefits may be effective treatment for those health complications.

Apple health benefits can’t be discussed in a word as it is also called one of the miracle food and nutritional powerhouse. Even we have mostly learned from different doctors and online health portal that everyday an apple will keep you away from doctors. It means that this fruit works in multiway to safeguard you and your health.

Apple contains high antioxidants, vitamin c, fiber, polyphenols and it is low in calories. Apple health benefits are also to protect the effects of asthma and Alzheimer’s’ disease. So if you already don’t know apple health benefits, you can know some surprising apple health benefits.Apple health benefits, risk factors and recipe

Moreover, there may be some risk factors and many of the study have said that apple has no side effects. In spite of this fact, we will discuss apple risk factors and how to store apple in your freeze and how to eat or take as your recipe.

Apple and Cancer: It can be said that one third of all cancer can be protected by fresh fruits and vegetables. Those who have been diagnosed with different cancer are found to have taken low amount of fruits and vegetables. Different health study and research have supported this exciting insights over increasing risk of cancer for intake of low amount of fruits and vegetables. Of fruits and vegetables, apple is nutritional powerhouse. The great apple health benefit is to lower the risk of cancer with its higher antioxidants from other fruits and vegetables. So you are recommended to take an apple a day to be safe from the risk of different types of cancer like lung, colon and breast cancer. Taking apple may keep you away from those cancers.

Apple and cardiovascular disease: In modern age, we are getting different varied foods from different culture, country and according to our taste. Sometimes we take these foods subconsciously and these foods may contain high salt or these may be high sugar sweetened which leads to the risk of cardio vascular disease like hypertension heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease through increasing bad cholesterol in our blood. So from young to old are high risk at cardio vascular risk.

If you want to be cardio protective so you need to eat apple to make a strong wall which is to prevent oxidative damage and lipid metabolism. The most protective effect of apple health benefit is to increase antioxidants enzymes and overall antioxidant potential in plasma and reduce oxidation. It is highly helpful for human being to take apple every day.

Weight Loss: Everybody expects slim body fitness and overweight has been problem for easy movement and also increases the risk of high blood pressure that may be reason for death due to cardio respiratory failure. So the surprising thing to know apple health benefit is it loses weight as it contains healthy fiber and healthy fiber takes time to digest food. It is not any risk factor it will rather help you take fewer foods that may contain fewer calories. So eating an apple is also like treatment of obesity if you have this problem right now.

Apple to beat osteoporosis: osteoporosis is one of the global problem and 10 million American over 50 years have this problem. This is a kind of joint fracture in the joint bone through which it becomes impossible to move freely. Even this risk is also growing around the world due to fewer intake of fruits and vegetables. Different study and research have examined that Apple health benefit is so important and have positive result to prevent this problem. Apple contains Vitamin-C potassium, magnesium and vitamin k in addition to producing alkaline metabolites which improves significantly bone health and in old age this problem was not found among those who had intake of needed amount of apple.

Diabetes and apple: The incidence of diabetes especially type 2 diabetes is increasing continuously. It is so important to control blood sugar for those who have diabetes. Apple contains polyphenols that reduces the fluctuation of blood sugar levels and checks diabetes. Controlling glucose level is one of the big and difficult task for those who have diabetes problem. It is so interesting that apple is related to glucose control in diabetes. Apple health benefits can be regarded that it is full of flavonoid and intake of flavonoid from apple fruit can be resistance to insulin and inflammation which are the reasons for diabetes.

Apple’s role in gastrointestinal protection: A human gastric tubular is exposed to oxidative stress. Apple has effective antioxidant capacity to protects gastrointestinal damage. This antioxidant also is regarded as powerful protection for acidic condition. Apple protects the gastric, intestinal, and colonic mucosa from oxidative stress by preventing increased malondialdehyde concentrations and decreasing the GSH/GSSG ratio.

There is also supportive and very interesting apple health benefits which is prevention of side effect for the medicines or drugs taken for the treatment. It has peel polyphenols which prevent this side effects.

Apple for Asthma and pulmonary function: Pulmonary disorders especially asthma is on the rise across the world due to change of weather and lifestyle factors as well as reduced intake of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Research have found that consumption of apple has great effect to reduce the risk of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Even different study has found that those who have been diagnosed with asthma are found to have intake of comparatively lower amount of apple than who have not diagnosed with asthma.

Prevention of neurological disease: Apple is one of the surprising fruit for reducing the risk of neurological disease. It is one of the impressive benefit that shows a positive impact on this disease. Apple contains phytonutrient compounds that reduce Alzheimer’s disease. Free radical is one the reason to brain degeneration. So intake of apple is going to keep human neuron healthy as phytochemical protects and prevents free radical. Even Apple is useful for damaged brain tissue. Animal study has shown that a mice damaged with brain tissue received an apple daily and started to improve damaged brain tissue.

Improvement of Cognitive function: Memory loss and concentration to the works are most important fact to be successful. Impaired cognitive function makes human lose important things in life. There is also animal study about apple for improvement of cognitive function. The people started to lose common facts for the impairment of memory when they get older. Different study has found that those who had intake of higher amount of apple in their early life have strong cognitive function. In spite of being old, their memory works like young people. So this is one of the apple health benefit for cognitive function improvement.

Apple and skin health: Everybody wants to get glowing skin and healthy skin also. Apple may be one of the surprising fruit to treat your skin problem. Skin may have skin complication and apple may be one of the big solution. Even Apple is one of the popular fruit among the women. Apple contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin c that protect skin from UV rays and build healthy tissue. Eating apple also removes skin related disease and protects free radical damage to the exposure from sun exposure.

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Health Risk

No study has supported that apple may have side effects. But there is a word that excess of anything is very bad. Apple health benefit has been discussed in a longer way. But it does not mean that eating apple at excess may solve all health related problems. Eating apple in excess may have side effects:

Acidic problem: those who have acidic problem and takes much time to digest foods may face acidic problem while eating apple. Apple also needs time to digest that’s why it is better to eat fewer apple than excess.

Tooth Enamel: Sometimes eating apple may damage our tooth enamel and a study related to Dentistry found that eating 3 or 4 apple a day may have so adverse effects on your tooth. Acid and sugar from apple can damage teeth if it is taken and not washed mouth water for its acid and sugar.

How to store apple: It is better to eat fresh fruits bought from market. As you are not going to market every day, you may buy one more apple and store in refrigerator with paper bag. Even you want to store slice of half apple, you can store it in the same way. But you need to be careful to make sure it is fresh. If you find it as soft, then cut the soft area away and then try to take fresh.

How to eat apple:

The most common way to eat apple is to take as whole. Obviously there are more ways on how to eat apple, you can slice it into many parts and eat them.

Apple sauce. Wash apples and cut apples into many parts. Add some water and cook it over low heat. You may add some brown sugar for natural sugar for taste. It is one of the most popular apple sauces.

Apple juice: Apple cider is also popular drink around the world. Cut apple into many parts and add little water and some brown on blender machine. It will be so tasty juice.

However, Apple health benefits can’t be discussed in word. It is one of the great fruit and precious gift from nature. It is popular and favorite fruit around the world. So for our health benefit, we should eat apple on regular basis to be healthy in our lifetime.